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Bonaire Nature & Nature Organizations: Impact of hurricane Lenny in 1999 on Bonaire
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I am a geologist and my recent study is on a sediment sequence which hurricane Lenny left at Playa Funchi in 1999.

There is some information on Lenny available in the www. But for my study I need some more information, especially on Lenny┬┤s impact on Bonaire. I hope that someone (an eyewitness?) can help me.

The most important questions are:
1) Is there any record of wind speeds on Bonaire during Lenny? I only got data on the wind speed of the hurricane itself, but not of wind speeds on Bonaire.

2) Are there any records on wave heights around Bonaire during Lenny?

3) and the most important information I need is:
Has there been a storm surge? And if so: what was the height and when (for how many hours) did the surge pile up; when was he peak/highstand; and when/how long did the surge flow back/retreat? What was the height cm or m of the surge? How many meters did it inundate the shorelines?

4)I am also in need of photographs (from the ground and aerial ones) that show Playa Funchi before Lenny hit Bonaire in Nov. 1999.

Thanks to everyone who can contribute to this study!

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