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Translation help please7  4/14, 9:58 am
Lyrics to Bahia di legria?1  10/19, 11:08 am
Learning Dutch on the island?2  5/1, 8:48 am
Kon ta bai hende dushi?(Hi all cool people?14  7/2, 7:42 am
Learning and investigating papiamentu14  1/19, 4:12 pm
Television programing?4  6/22, 5:07 pm
Ezels7  1/13, 4:16 pm
Need a translation please.........5  12/31, 7:34 am
Papiamentu learning software available at the new bookstore11  6/12, 7:36 am
Archives440  12/27, 9:15 am

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