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Bonaire Nature & Nature Organizations: Accidental oil spill
Bonaire Talk: Bonaire Nature & Nature Organizations: Accidental oil spill
Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Hendrix (BonaireTalker - Post #44) on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 7:55 pm:     Edit PostPrint Post

It's always accidental but it has all to do with competing with the modern world. 
Bonaire has made its choice: expansion, improving and modernizing. With this choice accidents happen and will happen again. 
Read this and look at the new movie from Forumantilles; 
or goggle under the youtube channel 'Bonaire oil spill' 

In the meantime the info from the front page article of Amigo's last Saturday August 21st 2010 edition (duizenden liters olie in Salina) is very general and does not cover all what happened. (Although one of my pictures was used, the text was not mine) 
That nowhere dead animals were found is incorrect. 
It's not just oil: it's used motor oil and officially considered a waste hazard for our environment containing a wide rage of chemical compounds and heavy metals which once released in the environment can have far reaching long term consequences. 
"Light oil that quickly evaporates" simplifies the spill and may suggest that the problem quickly evaporates or that it's like" Light" soft drink. It's not that simple. First of all "light" refers only to the fact that this type of oil is lighter than water and that it floats on water and it is not a "light" version of heavy oil. Used car oil is a mixture of hundreds of components and they don't all "evaporate" (on day 6 and 7 an oil film was still present in the body of water closest to the road and the HV marina affecting birds, fish and invertebrates like fiddler crabs with every tidal movement) 
The statement that the last bits of pollution are being removed at this very moment sound strange to me. 
Oil is still present at this very moment. (I do keep a daily picture file of the affected area) 
Part of the "cleaning activities" in action were witnessed by 2 "kwartiermakers" and myself. Part of the cleaning results were witnessed by Marco (drob), F. Gonzales (Harbor Village), 2 "kwartiermakers" and myself. 
Cleaning activities close to the Salina resulted in partial removal of oil residue mixed with organic material around the high-water mark of the rain, removal of vegetation on both sides of Kaya Amsterdam. The wetland buffer not covered with diabaas on the north side of the Salina fell victim to soil compacting by using heavy equipment and so adding to further degradation of the buffer. On some spots soil was dumped on oil residue. 
Over half of the diabaas strip on the north side of the Salina, diabaas was pushed further into the Salina (.5 to 1 meter further inside the tidal range). Mixing or covering the oil residue/organic matter mix. 

Anyway, How it compares sidewise to the amounts that enter our environment by straight dumping or by being washed of the roads by rain I don't know, but that it happened and that it will effect our environment I do know.


Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Carole B. (Supreme BonaireTalker - Post #7204) on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 8:18 pm:     Edit PostPrint Post

this is very disturbing in that it possibly could have been avoided if the container/tank holding the used oil had been fully covered during the heavy rain strom on 8-13. It's my understanding that several inches of rain poured down in a two hour span of time causing the oil in the tank to overflow, cross the roadway and enter the salina. It's my understanding that the tank has an opening for "deposits" of used oil and tthe opening must have been exposed to the very heavy downpour of rains. The fact that there is construction (destruction) going on right there by the salina (on the salina, actually) did not help the matter at all. Very disturbing.


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