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Newsgroup Announcements: Expanding the BonaireTalk Moderator Family
Bonaire Talk: Newsgroup Announcements: Expanding the BonaireTalk Moderator Family
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We would like to let you all know that because of how large and popular BonaireTalk has gotten and because of the increased demands on our personal time, we felt it was time to increase the number of moderators we have here on BonaireTalk.

With that, we'd like you to share your congratulations, adulation, and respect with Cynde Lee and Martin de Weger, BonaireTalk's new co-moderators.

Cynde and Martin were chosen because we have known them for a long time, and during that time have found them to be honest, honorable, very technically competent, very active on BonaireTalk, and just generally very nice folks. And we are also happy to be able to regard them as our friends. We are very pleased that they accepted our offer to help moderate BonaireTalk.

As moderators, Cynde and Martin are able to move topics around, assist with user profile problems, and yes, even delete messages and suspend users. So be nice to them, and respect their BonaireTalk-related requests when and if they make them as they do have the ability to enforce any request they make.

At any time, to contact all of us moderators (Jake, Linda, Martin, and Cynde) off-line (i.e. other than by a posting on BonaireTalk), you can send an e-mail to "", and it will get to all of us.

Questions or Comments? Post them in a thread in the Using the Newsgroup Software section of BonaireTalk.

Welcome to the family, Cynde & Martin!

Jake & Linda


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