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Death Flamingo's on the side of the road
Bonaire 2010 Eco Dive
Bonair's Clean up Dive was a big success again!
First unofficial Lionfish Derby 9 April 2011
Clean up dive April 9th 2011
BOPEC update ??
USGS Lionfish Press Release
STINAPA not taking Lionfish sightings
Bonaire's Yellow-shouldered Parrot
Dan Rather Reports on lionfish
Trapping Lionfish
Lionfish update
Battery disposal......................
Lionfish Derby in Florida Keys
New lionfish killing tool
Undercurrent Article on Lionfish: Are They a Threat?
CIEE Service Project to Mark Dive Sites
BOPEC Fire Video by Sean Paton
What's this bird?
Cruiseship Damage
East coast trash
Scientific coral reef survey to be conducted in Bonaire
Rainbow Sensor (LMSP): Correlation Experiment
Tagged a lionfish
NEW FILM Reflection of Tropisch Koninkrijk Bonaire
Harbour Village's answer to critics
Wetlands Destruction 2
Lionfish Migration
Lionfish markers
Grouper now eating Lionfish in Bahamas
How to create a sustainable reef
One more way to kill a reef
Cruise ship to come to Bonaire 12 months a year!
Sewage Solutions
Waste dumping by ships at sea...Amigoe English
Why is spear fishing banned?
Fish on the Menu
Community Clean up Days in April
Cruise Ships
Sustainable Tourism
Coral Protection
2010 Scuba Diving Awards
Solar power?
Do they still sell shark fin soup at the Cultamara?
Value of an additional protected area?
Archives 2008-2009
Saw how to catch octupus yesterday
Movie "The Cove"
Bonaire well known on Sint Maarten...........
Household garbage
The Political situation as it relates to the treatment plant
Bonaire Shock......Latest film on pollution issue on Island
Hammerhead Shark
Please view this video
Petition For A Ban Of Freewinds On Bonaire
Cradle-to-Cradle-prinzip - "Be good, not less bad"
Water Wells article in
Peak Oil - Peak Phosphorus – Climate Change...
Dumping Continues. Test results Part Two
Dumping Continues. Video to watch now...
Sombody wanted historical temperature......
Boycott Grouper Where ever it comes from
No-Fishing Zone?
Information on the reefs needed
Dolphin Academy, Curacao, now sponsored by breathbonaire
New Season for Eel Mortality may have started
On-line survey re Bonaire cruise ships
Damselfish's impact on reefs
Whales reverse roles in this video, must watch
Are the Eels Still Dying?
Pfiesteria risk on Bonaire?
Freewinds has returned & is polluting again
Jerry Ligon on
Big Trouble for Bats from Amigoe today
Clean up at klein September?
Action Now Needed To Stop the Sewage!
Where is the Selibon glass recycling drop off?
Bonaire - First island with sustainable energy
World's Biggest Cruise Ship will be on Bonaire
Fishing on Bonaire
Visting Bonaire - fantastic place, but...
Southern end of the island
Sea life at the poles [link]
Bonaire has become a shell of it's former self
Conversation with a Bonairean Fisherman
Disheartening news: acid oceans
Landfill - Selibon status
Update on Eel Mortality on Bonaire
Bonaire's Reefs are Declining
Coral growth and CO2 levels in the Ocean
Eels update
Green Bonaire Movement
CNN Article about coral Reef Destruction
Major Dissent Over Man Made Global Warming Claims
Questions to the Dutch Minister Mr. Bijleveld
Light and Motion Sensor Program
Capacity building for ecological sanitation
Crappy Situations: Man's arm trapped in toilet ;-)
World's (Bonaire's?) Worst Pollution Problems...
First phase of wind/diesel project on Bonaire
Public Corrections to Bonaire Reporter, issue 10-10-08 -
€20,000,000 are more them enough ...
Energy Autonomy - The Code of Survival
Pauline Keyes on Air today at Mega FM
Emergency Help Needed for Donkey Sanctuary!
How to do at your own place sustainable sanitation?
UNESCO-IHE sustainable sanitation on-line course
Breaking new 10
Eels Dying on our Reefs
Battery disposal now at dive center locations
Visual aids on Sustainable Sanitation (ecosan)...
Attention! Contact Anthony Nicolaas Now!
Mr. A.T.C. NICOLAAS's "Action Plan Waste Water" for Bonai...
Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix
Sewage Bonaire: "old" Internal Position Paper
Freewinds Update
Breaking News 7
Breaking News 6
Bleaching Warning
Breaking news 5
What about the reefs and Human health . . .
Breakingnews no 4
Sean P and Elsmarie B being interviewed
Breaking News 3
Positive example for environmental protection,..
The threat
Habitat facts.
Dutch link: Op zoek naar overlevingskennis voor de 21e eeuw?
Artificial Reefs in New Jersey
SOS Campaign To Save Bonaire's Reefs
Finding the Truth
Don's/ you story BTe's
Lobby Stinapa To Get Snorkel Fishing Banned!
The captains fairytale channel
Waste? Not
Don/a Nu stories for Elaine and Rosie. Speciasl post.
Captain Don's Quarter Deck
The Big Question - Does Bonaire Need Tourism
Put Nature above the Dollar
Good morning Mr.Anthony
Ms. Carol B'b aventure into madness.
Don's/ BT print outs.
Is your hotel green ?
Some sunscreen ingredients kill coral
New Video - Destruction for Construction (Sean Paton)...
Destruction for Construction
Reducing Waste
Calling in the Clan
Kudos to Cap Don's Habitat
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