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New BonaireTalk format tomorrow
Don & Deseree
Question about insurance,vraag over inboedel verzekering
Will merchants accept 100.00 bills
Desperate Need for Canon battery charger
Flamingos Bonaire
What's going on along the beach?
Current gas price
Need small package brought
Starbucks to Bonaire
Teach cell phone repair
Mobiel abo.. graag advies
Forum Antilles - April 3rd
Donkey Sanctuary
Business opening on Klein Bonaire
Hash House Harriers
Shop formerly known as Dew Point
Need small package brought
Where are the bats?
Is de criminaliteit al afgenomen in Bonaire sinds 2010?
Bonaire Sailing School Association - please support
Ebay for dummies
E College in Bonaire
Info? Diver died St. Patricks Day 3/17/11- Boston guy @ Divi
Palm Sunday
Drowning Friday on Klein Bonaire
Import tax for digital camera?
Help needed
CUR car rental
Beach Chairs?
Anyone renewed their Cedula this year
Question about telephone and Internet
Some questings about Dutche televison.
Looking for Jan Kloos...
Looking for Helen Dovale Sargent
TDS AGAIN...................
Changes To Flamingo Airport
Cat carrier
Looking for volunteers for football (soccer)
Belnem Dengue
Me again...Green Curry Paste
Need Help...
Forum Antilles - Sunday Jan 9th
Archives - 2008
More Pics of Sailboat Fire
Going to Curacao?
Legal News
Dog kennels
December 15 Announcement
48% increase in Cruise Ship Passengers
Petrol price dropped 40ct per liter
War Games
Weather approaching---
Customs charges
Continental Soup?
BON Service Charge for Departing Passengers Dec 1, 2008
Playing bridge
Dengue Fever
Shopping at Littman's
Weather Update
Safety on Bonaire - recent kidnapping/murder of young woman
Cable tv and internet
Hurricane Paloma forming to the West...
Post Omar Clean-up
Anyone want's a used BC?
Need an electrician
Busco a mi amigo elvis
For those that need a web cam fix
Cruise Ships
Marlies found ...
How is Bonaire holding up today?
Omar Storm Pics
Thanks To Michael Gaynor
Don't Miss This While On Bonaire!
Road construction??
My Opinion
Rainy Season
Don's/ Story -- Sharon's deep secret. 7 parts.
Dutch girl missing?
HELP: lost my cat in area of kaminda Lagun
Ship movements archives and crew list
Used baby clothes
Concerning the Arawacks indians. Be carful now.
Temp / Humidity?
Official Currency change announcement
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble performing on Bonaire
Help with getting in touch with the Maria Hoppner home
Accident Saturday Night/Sunday morning
Sunday's MegaFM Radio show with Comm. Anthony Nicholaas
Is it hot or what?
Sad to see a shop close
Situation on Cayman Brac
Ticks and spraying the yard
Stop Our Sewage Campaign To Save Bonaire’s Reefs!
Looking for a job as builder
No Euro for Bonaire
Palm fronds needed
My WEB bill for May
Baby bed wanted
Telbo doubles DSL Speed?
Need advice on island doctors
Speedy Drivers
Bringing items to the island
Lost compass
MiTV now has American networks
Bonaire Talk Auction
Hopi Awa Manan?
Abolition of slavery
What time do grocery stores close on Saturday
Wicked wind
Anywhere to rent a laptop?
Cheapest way to ship items to the US?
New Video By Sean Paton - The Value Of Coral
Soft Sided Cat Carrier
Flamingo - Cable Modem/Business Line
Southerner looking to put together Crew for Carnival
Anyone with a VHF?
What's going on with Divi Dive?
Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire seeking help
Little League Tournament?
Where is Chat and Brew
Looking for Lutty
New Wall across from the Airport....
Hardest working realtor in Bonaire?
HBO Show Entourage
Important Bonaire Emergency Numbers
Action against dangerous or roaming dogs - Follow-up
Local Customs, or What Every Visitor Should Know
Are there nursing jobs available on Bonaire?
Airport Construction and parking rates
Curoil phone number
FY Chinese antique furniture, Asian antique screen, carving
Drift wood furniture
Hi!!! I have so many questions
Looking for....
Chapman University Executive Masters Program
Bye Bye Flamingo TV
My Hospitality Internship on Bonaire starts soon!
Flower Deliveries
Bachelor's beach
Queen's Birthday and Rincon days---are stores open ??
Shopping for food
Info on diver that died on Eden Pier April 3rd
Mangrove Center ask for visitor help!!
Action against dangerous or roaming dogs more
Drug raid on the cruise ship?
Action against dangerous or roaming dogs
Road Construction
Driver license for scooter
Mega Hits FM (101.1) Bonaire Radio Off Air Sunday?
Wave and Wind Report
More Dangerous Dogs on Bonaire
Current Price of Gasoline and Diesel?
Housekeeper needed
Dangerous dogs and more
Any one loose a dive bag full of equipment
Verizon cell phone working
Shining AC Remote
Memorial Day in Bonaire?
Tandori spices
First Trip Questions
Two views of the same thing, MD-11 Landing in Bonaire
Using tap water
Free New Yorker Magazines
Animal Shelter
Paddle Cactus Spurs
Searching for a Roommate
Funds needed for local foundation
Shopper Beware
CRUISE SHIPS topic on Mega FM Radio 2-17-08 Sunday
Changing over to the Euro
Not another Tax?? PLEASE..
Who can repair a Miele laundry machine
Looking for the Cruise Ship schedule in February
Valentine hearts
Bonaire; the new St Thomas for cruise ships?
Flamingo Cable Modem & calling the US
Buying a beach chair on island?
Looking for PC/Laptop
No Fish Zones Finally Being Implemented
Recommendation for hair salon
Another computer question
Any recommendations for getting a pool built?
Healthy Foods Sources
Hilton Hotel on Bonaire?
Recommendations to watch football?
Bonaire Holidays
Baby articles in stores
Public Storage
Apartment Construction in Hato
Archives 2007
Archives - 2007-07-01 to 2007-12-31
Small pet carrier needed
Looking for Gerr (sp) who was at Bonaire Dive & Adventure...
Queen's Birthday
Christmas celebration
Cat Litter
Pedicure Needed
Cell phone for 90 days
Radio program w/ Minister of Environment Sun 12-16-07
Price of Cheese
Do you have an Epson printer
Cactus Tree
Trying to Contact Old Friends
Help recovering stolen items from recent trip to Bonaire
Big choice for Venezuelan voters this Sunday
Traveler's Checklist
Need update on Dengue Outbreak
Saw a Wild Pig!
Maria hoppner
Cell phones
Looking for a Yoga instructor and or buddy
Dengue Outbreak on Bonaire
Cell phones
Mosquitos on the island
Christmas in Bonaire
Tennis Pro?
Can you get to Bonaire without Passport
Going GREEN on Bonaire
Bonaire Rating on National Geographic Destination Scorecard
Arrests on Bonaire
3rd Annual Haunted House for Charity
Just robbed in Bonaire
Another Donkey Question
Donkey's...Apparently locals don't care.......Or do they?...
Good Supermarket
Glass Recycling
Opening a bank account in Bonaire or Curacao.
NFL Sunday Games
Gotta Ask...
Survey for Repeat Visitors on Cruise Ship Tourism
New Survey for locals and residents on Cruise Ship Tourism
What's this light? (at sea)
Oct 21 Antilles Day (Holiday)
Karpata shortcut
Halloween on Bonaire
Pirate Ship Cruises
Crime on Bonaire
Looking for long term rental
Thank you for all your help
Lion's Club Time Capsule
Sidewalk pictures
Need help
Can you believe this guy?
Need some advise.
Chat N Browse Michael...I need ya!!
How to protect an empty house
Birthday help
Video of Felix on Bonare
Need Pics for Presentation
Best wishes for Bonairians with the hurricane
Crazy weather this morning
Stolen bike
Steve's bar
Heads up Bonaire, Tropical Storm Six on the way
2008 Bonaire holidays
Mangrove Village now officially kaput!
Wanted: Good gardener for a reasonable price
Goat cheese
Any major changes since 7/1/07?
Dental care?
Package Delivery
Email question
Bonaire Day Question??
Bonaire Reporter
Another webcam?
Residency Permit
East Coast Eco Resort...
Karel's dock
Which province will Bonaire join after 12/15/2008?
Dialing from US
New Divi resort dates?
Ordering a Dell Laptop
Laptop Usage in homes
Room Temperature
Visa renewal?
Help: Getting small item to Bonaire
Update rental units
Credit Cards
For users of Slingbox or who know about it
Internet speed
Laptops and electricity
South Asian food and residence permit
Archives - 2007-01-01 to 2007-06-30
Banks part 2
Fire at Hamlet Villa #13
Poker game
Really Excellent News for Bonaire!!
Local Milk and laundry
Search for school friend
Help for bonire kids!
Beef broth or stock?
Bonaire Superstore Warning
Immigration news
Help, once again!
Suggested crafts...
Shells forbidden?
HELP can someone on island call Liz GRI
Internet speed
Tourists who lost their bag...
Car rentals/ airline tickets
Cell Phone Providers
Tv channels..Internet
Glass Recycling Question
Broadband Internet Access - which provider?
Wastewater on Bonaire - What We Can Do To Help
Bonaire Regatta
Tv channels
Health care
Waste Water on Bonaire - it's a BAD situation
Bonaire in the fifties
Bonaire Landfill mini-documentary
Our New Year's Day Party - Cancelled Indefinitely
Flotsam and jetsam on the south shore?
Do they have resolution to the burgalary cases?
Taste of tap water
Flamingo TV losing lots and lots of channels again
Baby food and diaper brands
Storage service for rent???
Election Results?
VGO from Madrid, Spain!
Construction Companies
Mosquito Screens
Sofa Bed needed
Learning Papiamento
Great new service on Bonaire
Cost of electricity? Solar lights in Bonaire
Election Day
NEED A CAR!!!!!!!
Free Books
Flamingo TV What is going on? Lost 3 channels since
Michael call me
Dirnking water question
Shopping over Easter
Phone number for Milton @ Professional Garden Works?
DVD burning
Need a Hi-8 camcorder or playback deck with S-Video output
Recycling Programs?
Water Temps are they available???
Rollerblading in Bonaire
Translation of language on statue
Chelsea FC fans
Driving School
Transportation service
Looking for Bill Crochetiere, lives on Bonaire.
Tourist taxes -- Where do they go?
Cable TV providers
Looking for an a awning for my patio in Bonaire
On the radio today
Credit cards at Warehouse Bonaire
High Telephone-bills in combination with an alarm-system.
Nuevo Estatus de Bonaire - New status of Bonaire
Missing Cat in Belnam South
Futbol, football, soccer
Food in Grocery stores?
Radio Control Airplane Enthusiasts
Departure Tax
Chiropracters/Sports Medicine/Physiotherapists???
Atm locations
Bonaire Reporter
DROB Contacts
News in Amigo
Bonaire Maps on Google
Bonaire Joining Europe
NEW ANTENNA..................
ATM Pin Numbers
WEB Price Decrease
Private telephonenumber taxidrivers
Flamingo TV Changes channels again
Any beekeepers on Bonaire?
Tennis at Sand Dollar
Cruise Ships ??
Anyone See Maskarada on New Years Day? Pics?
Educate Me Please on White Bread
Dive Inn
Mangrove Village definitely off
Need travel remedy for cats
Canon in u/w case lost @ TORI'S REEF today
Shipping to Florida-How??
Harry Richardson I have your credit card
Missing Cat
Use of alternative (renewable) energy
New Years Eve Celebrations
Is tap water safe to drink?
Please help (SOS)!
Archives 2005 - 2006
Archives - 2006-08-06 to 2007-01-01
Flamingo Internet connection
What are your feelings?
Curacao rejects new status, Bonaire future status unknown
Request for Pictures of Sanikolas on Saturday Please:-)...
Bears v. Packers
Need basic English Books
Liquor Store
Historic Buildings on Bonaire : 'Bacuna'
ATM fees
Wanted: musical instruments
Cruise Ship Schedule for December?
More Queen Pics/Commentary
Queen Beatrix at The Windsurfplace
Koningin Beatrix opened the new Johan Cruyff Court
Photos of Koningin/Queen/Reina Beatrix at Rincon Marshé
Karpata's hot dog stand
Classic Soda
Pitfalls in Paradise: Crime in the Tropics
TC from Buddy Dive
Churuhuata overhaul
I need to get some urgent paperwork to the Netherlands
Belnem missing cat alert
Holiday Tomorrow
Total rainfall today?
Lutty's new shop
Missing cat
20 foot container needed!
Stolen car battery from Margate Bay
Break-in at locked home
Building in the Mangroves?
Sept. WEB bill
Workboat Parade Info for Newbie??
Dutch Queen Beatrix visits Bonaire in November
Introduction Bonaire Calendar 2007
Any one know of Blogs by Locals on Bonaire?
Looking for a friend/op zoek naar n vriendin
Help Needed For Local High School Students
New Divi hotel/casino/condos?
Political Status Of Bonaire?
Events during the Regetta
I miss home...
EZone my skymail, another unreliable service
McDonald's?? Yikes!!!!
Best cellphone provider?
Fix-a-flat available?
How is the T V coverage of the N F L
Are you fluent in sign language???
Small storage space needed
Help with housing!!!!
Bonaire Lions Club
Archives - 2006-03-01 to 2006-07-31
KLM in pieces on the runway
Chess players on the island?
Need humming bird feeder
Running in Bonaire
Professional gas specialist wanted
Solar panels on Bonaire
Help get stranded cat to Houston on Continental 22 July 2006
How do you find a box that was sent by USPS
Strays in Bonaire
Problem with Flamingo TV, again?
Small Business on Bonaire
GPRS Service Starts Working on Bonaire
Kresh Bon Kuido for your toddler?
Bonaire not to change Tax Structure until further notice
Alternative Energy
Airport News?
Police to take action against motorcycles and scooters
Sorry to report - our room was broken into......
Elephant and Bear loose on Bonaire
Bonaire Family history
Need transponder key Mitsubishi Monter0
Used scooters?
Sunset beach shell game
Need item, from europe or USA
Is this where the money goes?????
Donkey Sanctuary & Scooter Rental
Bonaire License Plate
New Tourist Tax???
Buying bikes on Bonaire
Papiamento Linguists
Natural insect repellant
Need a small package
Postal or zip code for Kralendijk?
Food: What do you buy fresh on what days and where?
Basil and olive oil
Airport Closed from Ash from Volcano
Animal Shelter Needs ProgramRX for Cats
Traditional hats
WiFi close to town
Looking for someone to sew curtains, etc...
Blocking of website
Mary Cheney was on Bonaire during 9/11...
Trouble calling Island this weekend?
Need JB weld
Motorcycle driverslicense
Does Bonaire really Need a Golf course?
Where do you get air?
Buying used furniture on Bonaire
Where the heck are the Bonaire reporters?
Wedding Plans - Legal Requirements
Coneys and graysbys on the menu at Karpata
STINAPA water use fees redux
Price of bicycles on island
Tax update
A Thank you from Creche Bon Kuido
Email contact for BMP?
Bonaire Population Stats
Regatta week, how busy?
Pedestrianisation of the Boulevard
Dia di Rincon
Any rolling blackouts on the island?
Lost Cat Sabadeco Terrace
UTS HEPA not working
I need real time news
Venezuelan Agression
Leaving Dutch Control
Marina (Donkeys Help) is Looking for Kalyn Ward
Weather Report/Good Friday
Drug Bust
Clothes shopping...
Flamingo TV Internet down
Help the Donkey Sanctuary!! Please!!
Party at Eden Beach
April Fools and FlamingoTV
Venezuela threat?
New Police Chief - Arrests are made
Miller Lite!
Solar Eclipse Today
Police roadblocks
Simadan Festival
Flamingo TV
Unofficial crime statistics
Antilles Government Reorganization
Old parents visit Bonaire
Easter weekend
Bonaire Reporter
Animal Shelter
Police boat and chopper on Sunday March 11
Rice Cakes?
How to find addresses and rules regarding mailing items
School calendar
Archhives - 2005-11-08 to 2006-03-01
Jan and Feb Happenings
Armed robbery
Marijuana Laws
Internet reliability?
Weather in October
Antilles Government Reorganization's new hurdles
Cellphone on Bonaire
How to Renew a US Passport
Animal Shelter Needs Cat Litter
Looking for Piet and Abia
Congratulations Bas!
30km Walk in aid of Special Olympic Team
Satellite TV
Sedula and Work Permit
P2P connection with Telbo
Referendum (3)
Election Results
Looking For a Drop Off Point for Hoppner Donations
Congratualtions to Jack
Local Addresses Needed Please
Sewing machines
Directions to Bonaire Super store
Dog breeders on Bonaire?
Cultimara Question
Toy store?
Anton Veldkamp
Microwave ovens
Shallow discovered north west of spelonk???
MCB Bank Online
Departure Tax to be Increased???
Change over to Euros in 2007
Drug stores
Support for animal shelter
Happy 2006
Bonaire phone home
Kitchen utensils and Dive Inn kitchen supplies
Liquor needs
Need Help With Christmas Gifts
Bringing food items with us?
TV Service
Ferry Curacao
Testing local items
Archives - 2005-07-17 to 2005-11-07
How often do cruise ships stop at Bonaire?
How bad is the crime on Bonaire??
Lac-Cai band
Regatta 2005
Long Term Rentals
Electrical Sockets
Low Sodium V8
Referendum (3)
Can I get this on Bonaire....?
Caribbean Laundry
Quick Maybe Stupid Question
Just one quick question.
Driver license
Question about locals
Re-entry permits
Traffic stops
The Donkey Sanctuary Needs Your Help
Donating eye glasses
Alternatives to AmCar?
Golf course
Water bill from Web
Delish Limes
Any Music Jam sessions??
Condition of shortcut from Karpata?
Rincon Market
Good news about crime on Bonaire
Looking for Ki Ki (sp?)
Question about doctors
Archives - 2005-06-01 to 2005-07-14
Contacting the Bonaire Police Department
Pet carriers at Tropical Flamingo
Lost Cat
Local employment
Tom Cruise
Referendum (2)
Need advice
Need a job in Bonaire for three Weeks
Good produce this week
Is the Natalee Holloway case affecting tourism?
DAN Insurance for Bonaire residents
Bonaire Reporter Survey
Residency Renewal
Looking for free weights (i.e. dumbbells)
Looking for Arthur Stein
Kitty Litter
Getting Hitched in Paradise?
Do you live here, have an Oly 4040 & an Ike housing...
Credit Cards Accepted In Bonaire
US Navy HSV 2 Swift in the area
Is there a piano tuner on Bonaire
Maduro and Curiels Bank Bonaire PWA King of the Caribbean
A few oldies
Looking for two old friends.
Labour Day (May 2)
Household for sale
Curacao & Status Aparte
Wastewater Treatment in Bonaire
Easter shops and dining.
Beach and Culture Week May 15-22
Curacao Talk or Info-Curacao
Judgement posted for crime against the Bianculli's.
Catholic cemetery in Bonaire
CC Fraud
Looking for info on dive accident/diver - 1984
QM2 comes back
Single Travelers Meet in Bonaire
Archives - 2005-01-01 to 2005-03-01
Power Situation on the island ?'s
Captain Morgan Rum!!!
Flamingoes Cause Power Outage in Curacao!!!
WEB Schakelschema's
Expat IRS tax book
Who's the owner of the Samur?
Queen Beatrix visit
Profile of bonaire
What to do when moving to Bonaire?
WEB fire could have been a disaster
RAIN-How much has ther ebeen?
Power problems?
Duplicate Topic - ignore
Sending money
Leaving Bonaire
Shortage of jail cells
Tsunami Fundraiser on Bonaire
Sister Maria Hoppner House
Update on Capt. Don
Animal Shelter Address?
Exit Letters for residents
Art Festival dates
Lac Cai Sunday music
Results Referendum
September 2004 Referendum
What's up with telbo high speed internet?
Archives 2001- 2004
Archives - 2004-07-01 to 2004-12-31
Happy New Year Bonaire
Fuel prices
Special Olympics Bonaire - Get Bracelets to Bonaire
Police radio frequencies
Furnished apartment 6 months for trainees?
Name that Tree
New web site tocheck out
Queen Mary
Work Discussion Thread
Don Stewart's foot
Pool Costs Please...idea
Math Tutor Needed short term please
Duty on items from Aruba?
I miss the donkeys
Aquaspace for sale??
Put out your shoe tonight
Thur. Weather News
Bonaire is tired of waiting 4 justice.
Arrest esparanza attackers
Bonaire flooded
Chamber of Commerce
Izaline Calister
Walk-a-thon for Special Olympics - Jan. 23, 2005
Kooymans ?
Message from the prosecutor
This weeks Bonaire Reporter
A Liitle Bit of Good News
Brutal Attack - Reward Poster 2
Brutal Attack - Police Response
Brutal Attack - Radio Talk Show
Free Sterlization Clinic for Pets going on now
Bonaire Yellow & White Pages on-line
Brutal attack - tell me when they are caught
Brutal Attack - Reward Poster
Brutal Attack 2
In Memoriam to Joey Pawlak died Oct. 5th,2003
New Art Exhibition Opening - October 2nd
Klein Bonaire Clean-Up This Weekend
Electricity and U.S. Video Players
Equipment Rental
Jibe City - Windsurfing
Bonaire med schools
Police Chief's resignation
Land or House for Sale
After Ivan
Telephone over the internet ???
Police on duty
Bonairean Parrots
Bonaire Extra
Positive Steps towards dealing with the crime issue
Logical solution to low level youth oriented crime.
Windy weather lately?
Grocery Stores and Waterfront Market
Archives - 2003-05-01 to 2004-06-30
'old' pictures Bonaire
Medical School/scholarships for locals
Please send in your CRIME reports
Urgent need for us notary
Yoga anyone?
2004 Eurocup: what's the ambience in Playa?
Chiropractor or massage therapy
Books for Bonaire
Soil water from kitchen into garden
Bonaire Reporter's Cover Story
Tank rental
Bankomatiko cards
Neurologist in Curacao?
Art Festival
Sump pump
ATM vs. Traveler Checks.
Anyone want to take a Lear Jet from Bonaire to Miami?
Anyone want to take a Lear Jet from Bonaire to Miami?
photos of bonaire
Any Karoake on the Island?
Info dive festival
Summer events
Containers and Customs
Shops closed for "Easter Saturday"?
Calling card question
US passport renewal
Communications tech help needed
Bonaire licenses plates ???
Bonaire Tax Information
Trade folk tales, fish tales, local legends for beer?
Lost Camera
Reliable dial-up internet provider on Bonaire
Great attitudes make things work!
Bonaire flag
Looking for a Washing Machine
Auto sales
Missing Divers 1/2/03
House sales
Future of Bonaire
"Trade protection" -- Still higher prices ahead?
Supplements & Gnats
Need book
Store Hours During Holidays
Bonaire Art
Hit list - incident reports
Flamingo TV cost
Rincon Market Day
Donkey Sanctuary Calendar
What is Antillean Day?
Need Wedding Music by 6pm Monday, Oct 13
How is Regatta?
Jim Brandon update
BTalkers Adopt A Donkey Part II
Spearfishermen Caught Red Handed
Dive shops for sale
Sunday lac bay area
Sunday grocery stores
Bonaire Reporter
Looking for childhood friends
Bonaire Talk Donkey Adoption
Donkey Safari Park?
Got Juice?
Is there broadband internet in bonaire now?
Golf course at Harbour Village?
Renee and the Woodwind
Kite Contest
Basmati Rice?
Any new developments
Retail Wine Store??
Coral degradation
Where is the cheapest place to buy groceries? Beer?
Looking for artists Steele & Chevallier
Bonaire Rotary
Dia di Arte 2003
Musician Claudius Phillips
New heir to the throne
Private Plane Rental
Cell phone info please
Drinking & driving
Art Exhibit Opening
Any Volleyball on Bonaire?
More on used cars
Any Australians in Bonaire?
Duty Free Liquor
La Prensa
Archives - 2002-10-18 to 2003-04-30
Questions for Americans living on Bon....
New VS Old Currency
Airport departure lounge
Renee and the Woodwind
More medical questions
Internet, phone, cable
Klein appartementencomplexje te koop gezocht
Cute Bonaire Stories
Has any seen ray bird of belnam?
Two images
Nursing in Bonaire
Violence-It's only a matter of time
Artist Seeking Paint
The donkeys
Baseball and/or sofball on Bonaire?
In Need of A Babysitter
Internet Access
Bonaire Dive Festival
Medical ?'s
Jake- bonefishing in the salt flats
Venezuela redux
KLM dutch eagle express
Bonaire Real Estate
Cruise ship season
International sailing regatta
New thread for personal theft
Rotary in Bonaire?
Special Olympics Walkathon - Jan 26th
Police arrest in Bonaire
Chatten met mensen op Bonaire (Deel 2)
Carnival 2003 ?
Where and when can i get a copy of Bonaire Reporter?
New Art Store & Bonaire Art
So how's the Tennis?
Across the Bay -- UNDERWATER
Looking for a Place to Stay!!!
Bari Festival? What is it?
Plan to Kill the Wild Donkeys on Bonaire?
Contacting Jerry Lingon
Sale of Fishing Rights
Park in Playa Pabou
Do hospital/clinc personnel have to buy their own scrubs?
Working and living in bonaire
Archives - 2001-03-08 to 2002-10-17
The Royal Family
What's in a name?
LAST CALL!!!!!!!!
Number of tourists visiting Bonaire
Tropical Storm 10
Need Info About Casinos
Drinking Age?
Can we bring our kites????
Trouble in Paridise?
Place to by fresh fish
Grocery Shopping
Foster Care home email?
City Cafe is looking for pictures
Apostilles and other red tape
Bonaire Drivers
Looking for a person
Cell phones on Bonaire
Want to own a Bonaire Dive Shop?
Arts/Crafts Exhibit
Medical college
Medical school
Royal Visit to Bonaire postponed
Scope line
Carepackage Items for Local
Is there someone for started a new bussines in nature cle...
TIP: art expo of local artist
What's the price of alchohal like??
Departure tax question
What's Open on Christmas and Boxing Day?
Soccer / Futball ?
Get on over!!
Friends of Bill W.
ATM Machines in Bonaire
Flamingo Airport
Can everything be eaten on Bonaire, no health risk?
Price of water on Bonaire
Anyone looking for a video+sound editor?
Local elections
A History Book of Bonaire
Bonaire Reporter
ISP in Bonaire
Christmas Lights on Bonaire 2001
Christmas Eve and Day Church
Santa Tracking 2001
New buildings sprouting up in the south
Day Trip to Curacao on the ferry
Dive businesses for sale???
Wooo Hoooo
Christmas in Bonaire
Not Bonaire but close..the dolphins and Curacao
Weather lately?
Friends of Steffany Ritter
Protecting tourists
Amigoe in English
Sensitive topic: AIDS in BON
Tropical Storm Jerry
Chatten met mensen op Bonaire
Home Furnishings: To Bring...or Not To Bring???
Cool night?
Business Opportunity for U.S. Navy on Bonaire?
Mail to BON
Sint Maarten leaving NA?
What happen to SkyFun Bonaire N.V.?
Happy BON Day
Pvt Schools in BON or jobs in education
Looking for Frank and Rosalie
Living in BON
Looking to move to Bonaire
Tons of COOL tropical weather links
Busines in Bonaire
Any wind?? Anything???What's doing down there...from Chan...
16 more days...where can I buy AWESOME tropical fruit in BON
Weather down there?
Copa Cultimara today!
Insurance on rental behicles
Question about customs allowances
The Movies is Closing
Aan Frits Peereboom
Sebastiaan van Ham
Shiatsu, homeopathie ed.
Black durgon inn
What can I do with my US nursing degree in Bonaire????
Brother C. van der Linden - whereabouts?
Old photographer friend
I'm coming......
Whats the story on the 15th Copa Cultimara at lac bai Cai
Looking for an old Friend
American Eagle announces nonstop service
(Dutch conversation) Nederlands hoekje op dit prikbord ??...
Lawn Mowing...
Bring my car??
German community on Bonaire?
Language school
Well deserved award for Jack Chalk
Starting a private high school/academy
Donations to Bonaire Marine Park
Advice for someone curious on moving to Bonaire
ALM can't get a break
Home for Sale
Skin Diver Magazine
Goat's Milk - Ice Cream & More? (was "Time")...
CURO standards
Montessori School on Bonaire
Jong Bonaire
Archives - 2000-01-06 to 2001-03-07
Looking for Kanaansito
Whats all this talk about lenny
Need Baby Supplies during visit (was "Recommended Reading...
Recommended Reading
Canti Awba
Looking for Jerry Schnabel (was "Bill Gates yacht in Bona...
More about Karpata development
Santa Tracking...
Diver lost at sea.
Christmas in Bonaire
Santa tracking
Missing Idaho man
To the Security companies on Bonaire
HAM radio operators on Island?
Drinking Age
June holidays - ST John's Day and St Peter's Day
Looking for Acquaintance in Bonaire
Dental practice
Would anyone object if I set up a hydrofoil passenger fer...
October 2 Arrival - Can we bring anything?
Getting to Boaire from Baltimore
Oct 7th arrival Can I bring something for you?
PADI Dive Instructor Training course Oct/Nov 2000
Sept. 16th Island wide cleanup (and underwater)
Rotty for stud?
Jobs ?
Consignment shops???
Long term rentals?
Selling my bussiness
Landhuis Karpata / Karpata plantain house
Any Dog Groomers out there?
Captains license?
Prescription Medications
Website (Bonaire)
Crime on Bonaire
Homes for rent
Dive Boat Accident
Curious about Fontein
Cost of Living on Bonaire
Thank you, Bonaire
Buddy's offensive sign
Medical Needs
Duty Free Zone
AA on Bonaire?
Pink Beach
Klein Bonaire Saved
Bonaire success story
New timeshare on Bonaire/ Get ready
Ham Radio Operators on Bonaire
Yacht brokerages on Bonaire??
The Donkey Sanctuary
Banning Jet Skis on Bonaire?
Bonaireian Moment with the dolphins
The New Tax Law
Power outages on Bonaire
Trying to locate family from Bonaire on the internent
Bonaire Culinary Team Contest
Searching for Acquaintance was Moving to Bonaire
Klein Bonaire
Cooking at villa or condo need help where is the fresh fish?
Trying to locate a missing best friend
Service Projects
Flamingos Threatened (was "Dredging Sand in Lac Bay")...
Going back to the "roots"
Dredging Sand in Lac Bay
Problems with mold
Sorrow about Jennifer Celestijn
What will happen when all the seaside land is sold?
Bonaire E-News Extras
1999-05-26: Lt. Governor's Speech at Maritime Congress
First HOMEPAGE-Thief located at BonaireInfo !!!!!
E-mails not working
Model I forms to apply for temp resid. in bonaire to get ...
Archives 2009
Archives 2009-01-01 -2009-06-30
Special Kudos out to
Need to Contact Bette Eitze Today
Mass Times
Want my cake an to eat it as well
EMF Meter
Need distilled water
Is the aquaspace for sale?
Wicked Wind
Bakery for Birthday Cake
House blender
Perhaps a Little Help!!!
Harvest Festival?
BES Commissioner, Henk Kamp, on Forum Antilles Radio 4-5-09
Weather Report
US Notary needed
Lens for Nikon D40
Cruise Ship Fallout
Richard's Restaurant, April 11th!!! Be there!!!
Middle School and Pre-School
AA meetings?
Local crime
Erwin takes his first steps...
Chat & browse location?
Stores in Bonaire
Need translation asistance - Papiamento to English
U.S. minor league franchise based on Bonaire
Woman (diver) missing on Bonaire
Car/Truck Desperately Needed
Erwin & Benny's CUR Birthday Bash!!
TV Channel guide
Used a MagicJack from Bonaire?
Anti-biotics available on Bonaire?
Solar water heating
Windsurf Fundraiser for Erwin
Getting to Klein on Cruise Ship Days
Expressing Gas
Meeting non-Dutch, non-American residents
Maria Hoppner TV
Venezuela Vote on Sunday 15th
Babysitter wanted full time
Looking for a client in Bonaire
Haitian Fund Raiser
Info for Donations to Erwin Muller
Requesting prayers for our friend Erwin Muller
Erwin moved into the Rehab Center today!
UPS or FedEx office/drop locations?
Valentines day. dinner
Fundraising ideas for Erwin Muller
Update on Erwin Muller
Will markets be open Feb. 22 and 23?
What hard to find baby items needed?
Walking guide/buddy for sight impaired person
Car rental Building
When is the Venezuelan Fruit Market in Kralendijk?
Tropical Flamingo
Some Good News
Oral Benadryl available?
WEB Email address
Anybody know?
Looking for granite countertop company or individual
Research on Bonaire Ethnic/Cultural/Social Groups
I need directions to---
Airport parking...............
Dog groomer and vet
DONKEY SANCTUARY IS NOT CLOSED , but is in need of visitors
Buying Beach Chairs
Cultimara's Current Hours
Dolphins of Bonaire
We want to volunteer
Marlies van der Kouwe, part 3.
Archives 07-01-2009 to 12-31-2009
Small Craft Warning
Dresser/wardrobe needed
Elle Lui Hair Salon
Three Cruise Ships at Once?
Public Loos for Cruise Ship Guests
I have a donation for the animal shelter
About Hugo Chavez and Bonaire
Delivery Needed
Divi Divi Recovery
Computer stuff
Drums over Bonaire
Help needed: connecting WIFI access point to telbo router
Another flat tax announcement
Departure tax, pay before or as were leaving?
TV Service
Our Jan trip
Loverly home wanted for 10 / 12 days for Dobbe
Gas stove free to a new home
Telbo or Flamingo Broadband?
1000 steps breakin
Airline approved large doggie kennels needed
Another plane crash
Congratulations Ellen Muller
Kudos to Ramon de Leon
Plane with drugs crashes off coast
Halloween On Bonaire!
All us friends of Erwin
IBusiness Opportunity Spurred By Petty Crime
The Wounded Warriors Receive Their Diving Certifications
Jewerly Store Items
Changes at the Airport
New Traffic Rotaries For Bonaire,
Storage facility
New Entry Permit System For Investors
Insel Air?
Big News on a Little Island
How I spent my weekend - Hint not diving
Friends of Bill W
Need help to find a place to rent for 3 months
Departure Tax
New camera mask
I can't tell by the screens....
Learning Spanish
Vaccination Shot
Name of...please help?!
A bit of weather coming?---
Fresh produce
More changes at airport
Island News English Online Resources
Telbo internet problems
Last night in the Park
3 days of Fun in Bonaire
Book Presentation "Document Bonaire"
Shipping items to USA from Bonaire
Bonaire Surveys on the Cruise Ships
Air to SXM
New roof
Cointact info for Lutty DePalm
Jennifer Klein on Jeopardy
Screen Repairs
Looking for pawn shops?
Looking for a good painting company on Bonaire
Bonaire crime infested...............
Donate your old mobile phone for a good a cause!
Should we talk about Bonaire crime on scubaboard instead?
Archives 2010
Archives 01-01-10 to 06-30-10
Possible Fire
Age Limits for Driving & Riding
Rain? Storms?
Bonoco Gas - Old Lisa Gas
Looking for Lutty DePalm
Warehouse to remain opened
A Second Referendum
US/Dutch Friendship Treaty Upheld!!
Dara's Birthday gathering at Karel's 9pm Thurs June 3...
Food donations
Out of curiosity, I googled
Break Ins Continue
Aluminum/Stainless Welding repair
Meeting the "Official" for "Posting the Bans"...
More For Less
Wetsuit repair
Barbel/Baerbel the Hairdresser
How can I buy Reef Windows stateside?
Free WiFi hotspots?
Administrative Agreement Signed
Water out for saturday
Warehouse Saturday hours
Power outages
Looking for a Piano or Keyboard for local choir
27/3/10 tax news from Holland
Injured flamingo
WEB No water today
Winds of change are blowing
Shops opening times over Easter
Danger at Windsock
October 4 a bad day?
SSI brings "Scuba on Schools" Project to SBO/SGB
Island Council Email?
Friends of bill w
Favor please
Bad name for a company
Missing Cat In Belnem
Boot Fairs
Dive/Ocean lectures and demonstrations
Drive defensively it's getting wild out there
Dutch & US military support presence of Freewinds
Computer question
Laundry Service?
"Official Name of the Slave Huts and Island Drink?????"...
What Would Happen?
Computer repair
Health club/gym
Water Filters
Farmers Market
Bonaire Referendum blocked by Lt. Gov.Thode
Election Results
Internet Cafes
Glass Blown earrings
Forum Antilles guest Sun Jan 17 Jopi Abraham VIP show
Kitchen cabinets
New Money for Bonaire?
Earthquake in Haiti
Searching for Jiu Jitsu practitioners in Bonaire
Police response?
Archives 07-01-10 to 12-31-10
"Children of the Wind" the future without kiteboarding....
Speech Therapy
Sewage Treatment Plant
WANTED! Animators
Help to Solve 1987 Murder of 16 year old girl
TDS TV.............
Local gift delivery?
Coming to Bonair??? Need delivery
Gift baskets
Nanny needed
Beware of Tomas
Consumer Watchdog
Help Bonaire celebrate Christmas
Is there a Bonaire radio station with local news in English?
Yoga on Bonaire?
New immigration rules?
Wanted: Children's Car Seats
Anyone coming in next 10 days
Mailing Information
Bonaire Caribbean Netherlands Tax
Goat taboo
Mosquitos are bad just now
Time share
Tropical Depression forming near Bonaire?
Donkey Milk
FORUM ANTILLES Mega FM this Sunday
HAM Radio Information
Help us save the Donkeys of Bonaire
Impact of BOPEC fire
Gitar somewhere?
Glenn Thode on MegahitFM Today!!
BOPEC Facts?
Bopec on fire
When leaving Bonaire
Bike Week
Children of the Wind
Local Fishing?
Is it really Going to Happen; Water Treatmt Plant??
Any one! would love Crasains...
Cultimara? Hazelnootpasta?
Antillean Honesty
What will this caterpillar become?
World Cup
Booking Jan, trip, need to know shelter wish list
Drink Driving On Bonaire
CDMA phone status in Bonaire, please help with info
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