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Renting a Truck
Renting a dive vehicle for a month.
Truck rental insurance
5 People: 1 truck or 1 van?
Locking gas cap
Bait and Switch at Rento-Fun?
Truck purchase questions
Rent a scooter or not? Is it safe?
Need a Bike
Some roads closed?
Bike Rental
Archives 1999 - 2006
Archives - 2006-06-01 to 2006-12-31
Drivers License
Car or truck for 2 divers?
Harley Davidson car rentals
Bonaire road map
Total Truck Rental
Driving Age
Looking for a Mauruti or larger type convertable
Truck rental
To buy a car
Liability Insurance
Butterfly Farm
Question on carentals
Van for family and insurance
Condition of Karpata shortcut
Gasoline vs. Diesel / Gasoil Prices on Bonaire
Will a RAV, Jeep or Suzuki Jimmy Be Ok for Shore Diving?
Recommendations for rental company
Car or pickup?
Moped/Scooter rental?
Fox Car Rental
Netty's car rental
AMEX - no liability...what about AB?
How many allowed in trucks?
A challenge question....
Vehicles at Plaza Resort
Which side of the road?
Jet Blue announce flight to aruba starting September 15
Is 4 wheel drive necessary for the park?
Where is Kaya Maria C. Hellmund - Boom 1 (Kresh Bon Kuido...
Why unlock car?
Taxi service
Car or truck
Extra insurance question..
Netty's where are you - no answer to emails
Archives - 2005-06-01 to 2006-06-01
Everts Car Rental
Most romantic place on the island is...
Car rental choices
No public transportation?
Amex Insurance at Buddy's
5 months stay at Bonaire, which transport?
Taxi service & early morning flight out
Car Seats?
No More Hertz
Bugs and stuff?
Newbie question
Need a vehicle for 6 adults
Hetz Car rental
Reputable Vehicle Rental Place
Won't a car do?
Price of gas on Bonaire?
Lock or not lock the car?
No car; will I travel?
AB Car Rental - New Policy
Entertaining my kid
Telerin - No Response
Where is Eden Beach
BSDME info - better than
Is power steering necessary?
What CAN you leave in your unlocked car?
Rent a car or a truck?
AB Car rental (Insurrance question)
Rental Car?
Alamo Confirmation
AB Carrental
Sorry, I meant Alamo
Avis ?
Cost of taxi
Bonaire from fort lauderdale
Car Rental ? x 2
Transport from Flamingo airport
Netty's E- mail address
Moped Scooter Rental
Insurance questions
I'm 21 and need to rent a car
Not 25
How long does it take - North to South
Who has what cars?
Bike rides around the Island
Netty's car rental
Bicycle only
ANOTHER car rental question
Archives - 2005-05-23 to 2005-06-10
Will a Suzuki Jimmy have enough clearance for the Park?
Major problems at Schipol Airport today
Hertz at the airport?
Gas Station Ripoffs
Taxi-7 Unreliable
Good Service from Telerin Rental
Who takes AMEX?
Land Tour Companies
Scooter for sale???
Plaza to downtown?
Bonaire Interactive Geographical Map
Place to Grab Supplies Upon Arrival?
Beware, bad driver
Bonaire Gas Prices
Explore Bonaire via Google Maps/Satellite
Extra tanks and rental
Airport to a boat on a mooring
Scooter for sale on Bonaire?
Want to rent a boat 2 weeks for getting around -who knows?
Island Car Rental
Amex Car Rental Insurance - I had a claim and they paid!
Archives - 2004-12-31 to 2005-05-17
Cycling to Lac, Cai
Visiting Caves
On Land Activities
Taxi to/from sites?
Car Rental/Alcohol
Scooter for sale, anyone?
Highway transportation rental...DONT!
What if you take a left?
Need some transportation advice
Shuttles to/from Airport
Info on Casinos, sightseeing tours and car rentals
Harley rental in bonaire
Traffic Signs
Do you need a truck/suv on bonaire?
how is Budget rental
Arrive Sunday - Need Rental Car - no luck so far!!
Car rental insurance considerations, Amex deluxe and others
Scooter fees
Driving paperwork
Rento Fun vs. AB Carrental for truck rental. Big savings?
Trike costs??
Netty's car rental
Lock for Spare Tire
AB car rental
Bicycling on Bonaire??
AMEX Car Insurance with Pick-up Trucks
Grassroots GIS maps for Bonaire
Travel in Aug 6th
Used Car
Archives 2004-07-01 to 2004-12-31
Sunday afternoon at Cai-Lac
Highway Car Rental
Status of roads in the park
Local bus/trolley service??
Kingdom Hall
New Service to Bonaire?
Using Credit Cards
Washington Park Roads Closed For Next Week
3 days in Bonaire
Time Above the Surface
Taxi Cab Rates?
We are late with renting a car...
Wireless access
Any ultralight tours of the island?
Compact car or truck from Budget?
AB not responding
Speed Limit
Warning to those heading for and driving on Bonaire
Driving Age
Wrong-Way Roads?
Car rental
One way road north of town
Truck Bed Storage
Condition of Karpata shortcut?
AB car rental
Rental car amenities
Archives - 2002-09-11 to 2004-06-30
Semi Submersible Boat Trip
Any good road maps of Bonaire???
Getting to Venezeula, Curraco, Aruba
Washington park petty thefts
Taxi rates?
Bike rental
Air cond in mid June ?
Share a ride
Everts Car Rental
Theft problem article in "Undercurrent"
Bencho Car Rental
AB Carrental, an issue
Car buying and general info
Car hire and theft
airjamaica new flights
Current gas prices
Declined to decline CDW
Sport bike ("Rice Burner") Rental?
Buy a car, then store it between trips?
Mt bikes, dutch bikes, anybody...
Budget car rental
Help Finding an address
Are prices up on the toasters???
Telerin Rental car
Looking for advice on distances for biking
AB Car Rental
Alamo Car Rental
Childrens Bike rental
Another Rental Car Insurance Thread
Bicycles for sale
Public transportation
Any recent car problems?
Rent a wreck or heap
What are the roads like?
Let's talk rental car insurance (again)
Rento Fun Drive -- feedback
Any real maps of Bonaire?
Springs at Fontein
Child Car Seat
Scooter Question
Highway Transport
Experiences with AVIS?
Netty's or AB Carrental
Total Car Rental Problems
Guides/Taxi vs. Car Rental
Dutch Bikes?
Best pick-up rental?
How's the Fishing?
Motorcycle rentals?
Guide Book?
Truck and A/C necessary?
Need info on renting a Scooter...
CDW Necessary???
Chogogo Tours and Klaus Bakker Nature Tours
Driver For 1 Day
Best way to get from airport to hotel ?
Local Currency or US $$?
Flight School/Aircraft Rental at Bonaire
Getting a hire car at short notice
Venturing into Washington Slagbaai
Highway Car Rental
Cycle hire
Rincon Market Day
Need Feedback on possible scam
KLM landing
Great AMEX insurance for car rental
Turn Over Tax
Cheapest car rental
International drivers license?
Car rental in busy season
Longer term car rental
ATM Usage ...
Car/Moped rental necessary?
4-wheel drive
Car Rentals
Any rollerblading on Bonaire?
Will a moped do the trick?
Best vehicle choices for family of 5 (w/ dive gear for 4)...
Total Car Rental
Buying a car?
Anyone rented cars with
Gaz availability
Bonaire Cab #7 Fareed Need E-mail Address
Getting Around Bonaire for Two Weeks: Not a Problem
Rooi Lamoenchi
Travel from Lighthouse Beach Resort
Mini gets Piggy-Back ride
Leave windows down while shore diving?
Think you know your way around Bonaire?
Need International Driver's License?
Shore Diving with Daewoo Matix?
Netty's Car Rental
Susuki Samurai for Shore Diving?
Archives - 1999-06-07 to 2002-09-10
Need a truck the week of Sept 23rd
Howaout just bikes? (no diving)
Total Car Rental- Reputation??, Experiences???
Lease, Long Term rental or does anyone have a car for sale?
Van or truck?
Flat Tires
Bike rental
Scooter Rentals
Electrical Current?
Car Rental Suggestions
Cheap bike
Lock box for truck bed
Budget Rentals versus Netty's Car Rentals
Transportation out to Klein Bonaire
Taxi Fare Airport -Divi Flamingo
Truck rental
New to Bonaire
Truck Rental
Side trips to Curacao and Venezuela
What do you use to pay for things?
Airport tranfers w/ a bike box?
Groceries on March 29th
To rent or not to rent
Buddy's Truck Fleet
Rental car through internet or wait to rent once there
How do you handle a rental car & early morning flight?
A Resort for Everyone?
Car rental, Visa, and insurance
Budget Car Rental - any feedback?
Car rental
Things to Do except Dive
Bonaire - What to do?
New Guy In Town
Jogging interest
Map wanted
Rent car for the week or by the day?
Spare tires
Budget rent a car
Good "Cars" for Bonaire??
Motorcycle rentals?
CAR RENTAL- When and What Company?
Plaza Resort - Onsite Car Rentals
Bonaire Reporter
Long term auto rental or lease
Zoom,zoom,zoom, Naf,Naf
Suggestions on A/C
Do you NEED a car in Bonaire??
Naf Naf?
CDW - Rental Insurance
Toyota Helux Double Cab Rental
Crime on Bonaire
Gas price/availability
Toyota Ace Light vs Truck
Road biking in Bonaire?
House/Apt. Rental Long Term
Flights from Bonaire to Curacus and Curacao
Staying there with kids
What is there to do at night.......
Budget Car rental
Everts Car rental agency
Please, some advises
Filling up the tank
Hertz Rental. Any comments?
Highway Car Rental Company
Tanks in the car?
Phat Tires in Bonaire?
Road Bike Rental
Handicapped individuals
Looking for Bonaire Road Map
Bill Gates yacht in Bonaire?
Do we need a car?
Email addy for Budget?
Rental car safety?
Where is best and how much does it cost to freight a car ...
AB car rental
Conditions at Pink Beach?
Past discussion of Rental Car Insurance Issues
Avanti Rentals
Info about Washington Park
Information and suggestions about cars
Kudos for Island Rentals
Junk sailing
Looking for atlantis
Automatic truck?
Washington Park
Rental Cars - Avis and Budget only?
Latest Status
Dive computers
Scooter rentals?
Mountain Bike Rental / Horseback Riding on the Island
Gay beaches on Bonaire
Gyms on Bonaire
Car Rentals
Getting stuck in the mud !!!
Is 4-wheel drive necessary for the park?
Any trucks for rental?
Construction (was "Any trucks for rental?")
Four Wheeler Rentals
Beaches of Bonaire
Archives 2007- 2008
Archives - 2007-06-01 to 2008-12-31
Hitch-hiking an option?
Telerin is the best! again!
Driving from the airport to Santa Barbara
Mazda B2200 vs. BT50
Amex and truck rental
Alamo Car Rental
Mugged!! Help!!
Anyone know what this is?
Does State Farm auto Ins. cover international rentals?
Park after Monday (and Tuesday's) Rain?
Boat Rental?
Where to rent motorcycles?
How to rent from Telerin?
Any way to get a bride (in dress) onto Klein Bonaire??...
Anyone been up to Washington Park since Omar?
So, I must rent a truck/car?
Solar cars
Voyager Events Car Rental?
Family of 6 needs minivan
Looking for Salsa dancing - where to go?
Truck from Telerin?
Second Best Rental Company
Buying a car. Registration and insurance??
Only safe way to travel on Bonaire: rent a car at Budget!!
Telerin does a GREAT job
Amex Premium Car Insurance: has anyone filed a claim?
Rental Vehicles
Where to go first after I rent a vehicle...on a Sunday?
Question regarding kayaking
Vehicle Rental: Yes or No?
Truck or jeep for the park?
Why is it so expensive...
Questions Regarding CDW Insurance "fine print"
Taxis and car rentals?
Directions to animal shelter
Is a Compact SUV a viable alternative to a pick-up truck?
Need Help!
Car rental pick up
Riding in back of rental pickup trucks
Is traffic getting heavier?
Can I rent this on Bonaire?
Sights to visit on Bonaire
Did car rentals move?
4 people
Car two weeks?
AMEX CDW Insurance with Dive & Drive Packages?
Bike Rentals
Bonaire Boat Rental?
Condition of Karpata shortcut
Fox car rental is out of business
AmEx coverage and leaving the truck “unsecured”
Warning - Budget Rental has a new fleet
Full Rental insurance or CDW?
JFK to San Juan
Walking with children
Total Car Rental review
Theft while diving
Warning about Budget rental
Internet Booking?
New Car Rental Location
Walking around Bonaire
Telerin Car Rental
Washington Slagbaai Park
Pictures of places, for reference
Scooter Rental
Scooter rental
Car rental with Tropical Holland
Month long car rental
Discount for Divi timeshare owners
Reasonable Rate for Pick-up truck from Sunday to Sunday?
Just booked our air fare
Early Morning Taxi
More Rental Questions
Taxi rates
Motorcycle shop at Bonaire
Car rental
Bonaire Road Map and Guide
Anyone ever used Island Car Rental?
Is the Park a "must see" for short visit?
Where can I rent a minivan ?
Water taxi to Klein Bonaire
Bank Fee to use your card to pay for car rental
Need an affordable vehicle
Pick Up Truck Child Safety
Need vehicle rental advice
AB Car Rental - going down hill fast
Mini van, not toaster to rent ???? HELP
Debating truck vs car
Toaster rental
Scooter rental
Do I need an international drivers license?
Bencho Car rental - leave car at airport on departure?
Road Bike rentals
Private tours
Automatic transmission
The last AJ Flight for us
STREET CLOSINGS when large Cruise Liners are in Port
6 divers--what is the best vehicle
Naf naf Rental
Island hopping
Ferry to Curacao
Looking to buy a scooter
Taxi service to Jibe City
Prepaying for gasoline
Road Conditions with Moped/Scooter
Have you wrecked a car in Bonaire?
Shore diving
Island Car Rental
Amex and Car insurance
Early car rentals
Looking to buy a bicycle
Copy places/ faxes
Car rental questions
Hair cuts
Bencho Car Rental
Telerin car rental/ Poppy
Car Insurance, Registration for buying a car?
Looking for a cheap car or scooter.
Renting from AB Car Rental
Off road dirt bike tours/rentals
Everts Car Rental
Map available online?
WARNING: Bonaire Police enforcing Zero-Tolerance speed limit
Lions Car Rental--anyone used them?
Total Car Rental: Damage waiver
Can't drive manual transmission!!!
21 - where do I rent a pickup?
Car needed for entire week?
CDW deductible
Driving Instruction Options?
Where to buy a MOTORCYCLE
Car to buy
Bonairetours no good?
Car rental prices
Archives - 2007-01-01 to 2007-05-31
AMEX? truck insurance
Getting to Bonaire on a cruise ship
Thanks Credit card car rental damage info saved us
Continental Fare Sale
What are the current fuel prices on Bonaire
Alcohol on the beach?
Trip into South America?
Safety in Bonaire
Taxi ?
Driving on Bonaire
Island Size and Map
Car Rental Ins.
Will a car be ok?
Ground Transportation
Amex Premium Car Rental Protection Plan Available for NYers
Car rental confusion, please help!!!
Getting to Saba from Bonaire
Extended term truck rental
Biking in Bonaire
Time Change and CO flight from EWR
Vehicle Rental
Should I reserve a truck before arrival?
Hertz Bonaire and Newark Airport questions?
Gear bags?
Wheel Chair Van
Melvin at AB Car Rental ROCKS:-)...
AB question about their hours
Car/truck confusion
Car rental for a day
Car rental near cruise ship dock?
Truck reservation made for us
Car rentals at the airport
ATM Machine Usage
Diver sign
Looking for Suzuki Jeep
Total Car Rental still in business?
Need for 4wd
National Car Rental
Need nursery plants
Archives 2009
Moped or bicycle rental
AB Carrental Changes to Group 1
Klein Bonaire Theft
Direct flights from Bonaire to Aruba?
Limited Slip Differentials
Why is rental car insurance so complicated?
Confused about locking truck
Telerin info?
Capital One CDW insurance
Caribe Rental
Insel Air from/to Curacao
Using AMEX for Truck Rental
Avis - Recent Experience?
Help with "beaches" (Nukove?) and "caves"...
What type of vehicle do we need?
Taxi vs. rental on departure day
Voyager Car Rentals
Car Rental Companies
Kontika di amor
Car rentals after the redeye
Comparing roads on Bonaire vs. Western Curacao
Car while diving
Party rentals
Compact SUV for park
Park hiking trails
Cave drawings
Driving directions to seroe largu
Spa recommendations
No Total and No AB - Voyager Yes
Any Taxi
Gasoline/ fuel
Island car rental
Discount on car rental
Trips from Aruba or Curaco.
Car rental
Best car rental agency?
hybrid cars
Car vs. truck?
3 week trip. What to do about truck insurance?
Long term rental/leasing of pick up versus buying used
Airport car rental locations
Topside Pictures
Total or AB?
Jeep Rental
Rental Car Location?
Best currency to bring: CC, Travelers checks, or US$
Extra Car rental insurance
Car rental before we arrive?
Road Bikes
Patrick has a New car rental company
Early AM loitering suggestions for Red-Eye Passengers
Rental Car insurance
Mountain bike
Midweek flights
Try a solar car
Handicap Parking
Mobility Scooter or Adult Trike?
Vehicle Purchase
AB car rental
Archives 2010
Used Mopeds/Scooter
Donkey Drive and Dive Package
Poppy is sold out . . . Budget?
Arrival Procedure and Total Rental Car
Local Car Rental Recommendations
Another plug for Poppy
Bencho Car Rental
Where to hike?
Liabilty insurance on truck and Am Ex coverage
Car insurance-CDW insufficient-pay $19 daily instead!!
Need to make reservations for transportation before arrival?
Car Rental close to Cruise Ship Pier?
Favorite Truck Rental?
Golf buggy type dive mobile
Vehicle Rental for 6 passengers
Minimum age to rent auto in Bonaire
AB car Rental - LANDWIND SUV?????????
Budget car rental
Issues with AB Car Rental
Vehicle speed Limits & Enforment
One day 4x4 rental
Rental car insurance
Chat 'n Browse 1 week account
Jewel of Bonaire Deceptive Sales Practices
Problems with Total Rental Car
Curacao to Bonaire
Be sure to take out the full insurance coverage...
Bonaire map online?
Budgets poor buisness practice
Taxi charges
AB all booked up...who to rent from?
Airport parking
Licence for to drive motorbikes in Bonaire
Sunday Groceries
Car rental restrictions
"Exchange" rate @ pomp mentor
Do you need a 4x4?
CDW vs Full
Another Amex Blue Card Insurance Question
Voyager Car Rental? Has anyone used them?
Departure tax
Question About Liability Auto Insurance on Bonaire
Car Rental Agencies at the Airport
Best Rental Place
What do you do with your car keys while diving?
Van Taxi
Anybody coming on Wednesday?
Best Beaches on Bonaire!
Gas Price
Other options to rental cars while on Bonaire
How to see Flamigos
Telerin Car Rental
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