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New and Improved Bonaire Talk coming Tomorrow
Exito Bakery
Maikey Snack directions
April 30 Dining
Our dining experiences
Fresh fish for cooking
Bravo Restaurant
My restaurant list
Cream of Octopus Soup at It Rains Fishes
American dollars
Credit cards
Just Back
Liquor Store?
Paradise Moon
Lucille's New Restaurant - Bravo
Lions Den To Close
Restaurant Name changes
The deli across from Chat and Browse
La Barca or Unbelievable
La Barca---our new favorite Bonaire restaurant
Breakfast Deliver/Pickup
The Great Key Lime Pie Debate
New Restaurant Lucille is back ;)...
Sea food
Plaza resort
What happened to?
Can someone help me with name of resturant?
Maikey Snack Wow!
? for you
Rose inn
Supermarket suggestions & opinions
Can you buy lactose free milk?
Dining on Sumar
Reataurant dress
Restaurants Within Walking Distance from Belmar
Early breakfast options
Recipe for tu tu
Chibi Chibi and Calabas
Super Bowl Sunday Feb.6
RibsFactory Bonaire
!/8 to 1/22 report
Bonaire Grille
La Guernica rest. still there?
Best for lunch?
Fish tacos
Breakfast at Belmar?
La Barca
Grocery store - what to buy
Lionfish on the menu?
Boudoir still consistently excellent!!
Restaurant menus
Vegan Dining Options
Archives 1999 -2003
Archives - 2002-08-02 to 2003-02-28
Garden Cafe - Moving!
Fresh Produce/Fish Market
't ankertje - Has it re-opened??
The Lost Penguin?
Cooking ingredients
Kid friendly/unfriendly restaurants
Thai anyone?
Rendevous --- My Favorite Restaurant
Inside or outside at Capriccios?
A left coast version of Cabrito Stoba
Where to eat on Valentines?
The BT Dinner at Hullandes Grill
Terrace and Mangoes
Green Parriott, where is it?
To Andrea at Capriccio's
Christmas events 2002 on Bonaire
Vegetarian diet
Where to eat during a short stay?
Old Inn - Swiss Chalet - Antriol Catering mini reviews +
Thanksgiving Dinner on Bonaire
Is there a sushi bar on bonaire
New Restaurants on Bonaire?
New Restaurant: Mangos Bonaire
Dining review Sep 14 to Sep 29
Which restaurants are noisy and guiet?
Spicy food, ice cream, & seafood - where is the best??
Dinning reveiw
My Croccantino & Capriccio Adventures
A week of fun local parties and more
Harbour Village - still around to do the romantic beech t...
Names of the people that own & run capriccios
How much do you tip in Bonaire
Bonaire Dining Guide - printed edition
Dining in September...
Le Wok - New Name?
Partynight at the tipsy seagull !!!!!!
Hullandes Grill in Terra Cora..LOCAL FOOD
Archives - 1999-05-07 to 2002-08-02
Hey all you explorers, how 'bout these?
BT dinner idea and local news
Dining Report June 6-13
Donna and Giorgios
Rose Inn for Happy Hour
Garden Cafe..AMAZING
Cash or Credit Card?
What is the fish source?
Trip Report: June 8-22
Special Diet
Le-Ma-Se in Rincon
Is bringing staples ok with customs?
Chonch Chowder
Exchange Rate
Who has the best fish sandwich on the island?
Sandwich Stop still there?
Who's Got Great Rijstafel?
Where to Eat on Bonaire?
Divi Bonaire-Meal Plan Questions
Sharing meals
Bonair for 3 days
Don't Eat the Barracuda
Mona Lisa and Donna and Giorgio's
Easter trip
Extensive Dining Review - Late Feb 2002
Kanocera Latina need directions
Vegetarian suggestions-will eat eggs,dairy,just no animal...
February in Bonaire
Good Food, No View, Patronized by Locals
Fantastic Ice Cream at Bon Awa
Amstel ??
Help-Need Budget Restaurants- Walking Distance From Divi
Dress Code
Where to go with a group?
Restaurant Recommendations
Restaurant experiences Dec 21 - Jan 5 2001
Restaurant experiences Jan 4-12, 2002
Vegetarian Options
Rip-Off Rant
Best Restaurants
Just back...
For those going for the first time
Just found out about Bonaire! Tell me more!
Lion's Den
Annie's review
Big Hugs for Roli & Sonja of 't Ankertje
Dining options within a walk from HV
Seeking a special, romantic, scenic restaurant
Japanese food in Bonaire???
Where to get Ristaafel
Good Argentine Beef?
Go to Maiky Snack!
City Cafe
Restaurant 't Ankertje is back
Dining suggestions for honeymooners??
Harbour Village....
Fresh food market?
Roadside roasted chicken??
Goes with trip report from Rosemary
Dock of the Bay - at Buddy Dive
Pirate Ship?
The Lions Den
"Blackened" Catch of the Day
When in Rome.....or Bonaire......
Den Laman's "aquarium"
Chibi Chibi Pic
Thai junke still in operation?
BBQ Buffet
Warung ketjil indonesian restaurant
TOP OF THE TOP It Rains Fishes
Can I buy Wine?
Pasa Bon Pizza !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lost camera at Zeezicht
Sand Dollar Restaurant Opens
Mona Lisa - Rotten
New restaurant at Sand Dollar
Local Fish Markets
Hows the beef??
Mona Lisa is still great
Tried the new Chibi Chibi
Cooking - Shopping on Bonaire?
Cooking - Shopping on Bonaire?
All-you-can-eat BBQ buffet for carnivores!
Can I bring food into Bonaire?
Otello Italian Restaurant? Still there?
If you could only go to ONE restaurant?
Thai Restaurant
Trying to find a restaurant mentioned ...
Keshi Jena
Where or where to go????
Family Dining
Christmas dinner planning - for annoucements
Local Fruit
Local Seafood
Green Parrot Barbeque replacement?
Dinner Reservations needed for Thanksgiving?
Restaurants Within Walking Distance To Plaza
Piatra Nello
Richard's open in Nov.?
Not exactly a dining question
Don & Ditte's Pizza Reopening
Restaraunts 6-7/2000
Green Flash/Thai Feast
Suggestions on restaurants with Vegetarian meals
Which restaurants are best at the Plaza Resort?
The Green Parrot?
Information about restaurant location
The "new 't ankertje"
Swiss Chalet....Don't miss it!!!!!!
New Restaurants
Mona Lisa
Cooking in
Strange!But I'am not seming to find any comments about 't...
Kon Tiki
More good eating
Great Meals
Latest Update on Good Restaurants
Lobster??? - gotta get me some
Christmas Eve Dinner Recommendations
Dressing for dinner?
Bagel report
Beefeater Reopening...
Any reviews on the "new" 't ankertje?
Restaurant review
Restaurant report
Super Corner
Romantic Restaurants (Was "Buddy's Dive Resort")...
Review: Amadeus Steakhouse
Chibi Chibi reopeing
Sunset view from Richards back porch!
Archives 2003 -2006
Archives - -2006-08-01 to 2006-12-31
Restaurant on Kaya Isla Riba corner
Gibi's Dec 5
Open on Christmas?
Late Arrival Dining
Cactus Blue
Gift Certificates
Cheese: where to find the good stuff?
The New Papaya Moon Cantina
Island Food
BBQ local food wednesday night
Fresh Fish on Bonaire.....
Garden Cafe
Local eats/snacks
Any closures this month?
Where to Dine Reset
New "discovery"
Bye Bye Croccantinos, welcome the new Cantina
Farewell to Lost Penguin
Divi breakfast question
Cactus Blue Coupon
Wine Tasting
Birthday Dinner
Low-Sodium Foods
Times open?
Best Lasagna Ever!
How expensive to eat out?
Dining Experiences
No to Cactus Blue
New years 2007
Where to go for 1st anniversary dinner?
Pampas Lucille's new restaurant GREAT
Dining Map
Best after dive hangout
Need recipe
Yes to Cactus Blue
Havana Cigar Bar
Imperial Sushi
My report card: 3 C's and a D
Capriccio: some dissenting opinions
Gibi's Next Tuesday (8/8)
Donna and Georgios
Archives - 2006-03-01 to 2006-08-01
Excellent meals every night!
Donna and Georgio's
Eurotech oven?
Richards - the Diners Paradise
Congratulations go out to Capriccio's
Dress codes? 16 yr old that wears....
China Nobo menu?
Dive Inn?
Monday Treat
Haven't been back to BON in 4yrs- no more Amadeus? and......
Cactus Blue
Any vegetarians out there?
High chairs in the restaurants?
Dine In & Snack Stuff ~
Private dining
Cactus Blue, China Nobo, & Brazillian place
Dunkin Donuts.
Dinner at Cactus Blue, and Donna and Georgio
Baby Food!
Purchase Divi meal plan or not?
GOOD BBQ on Bonaire?
16 people for dining
Great Escape restaurant changes
(Dutch) locals went local
Up date, review on the airport restaurant.
Raja's Garden Cafe
Mona Lisa
Dining Guide ?
My dining review...
Rose Inn Dining...Who's been?
Bonaire Talk "Get together" ?
Cactus Blue
Reservations at Richards
Best Cup of Coffee?
Cheap eats
Chinese or Thai food?
Breakfast at The Great Escape
Appropriate attire?
Now this is sea side dinning!
New De Laman
Try this one
Casablanca & Cactus Blue
Lebanese Pizza
BobbeJan's Take Away
Best meal / worst meal?
Best Wine list on Bonaire?
Terrible dinner at LA GUERNICA
Any word on the new Eden Beach restaurant?
La Peron- Goat Stew
Fish market?
Seawater Amstel
Happy Hour
Antillian wine company hours?
Special dinner
Anthony's Extreme Cuisine
How much alcohol can we bring?
What's open / closed on Mondays this year?
Havana Club Rum
Cultimara info
Rosanne's April restaurant reviews
Culinary School
Anyone know what has happened at Spanoek?
Wine & Spirts sales ?
Top 3 picks?
La Luna
Cactus Blue. Redux
Croccantino's Leaving?
It has been two years for us, are these still around?
Richard's Waterfront Dining
BT Tuesday dinners
What is turkey ham?
Credit cards at Cultimara
Bring Food To Bonaire
Swiss Chalet
Best non seafood restaurants
Food for fun ??
Restaurant Must's?
New Restaurant Catus Blue
Eating in Rincon LeMaSe and The Rose Inn
Lunches, groceries?
Picnic lunch?
Vespucci Italian Restaurant
Gibi's on 3-7?
Archives - 2005-12-14 to 2006-03-01
Pasa Bon
Gibi's on the 28th
Tipsy tip...Don't waste your time
Caribbean Club Hilltop
It Rains Fishes
La Flamboayant - Disappointed
Richard's Waterfront Dining
Picture of Gibi and Renee
Gibi's ?
Cost of food
Just a picture..
My new favorite restaurant: La Guernica
Reef-Friendly Dining
Eating near Belmar
Dinner at Mezani
Loved the restaurants we tried especially Will's
Kelley's T-shirt at Gibis
How's the expansion at Bongo's going?
Barracuda Club
Guinness on tap?
Places to Eat & drink after 10PM Sunday night?
Eating Options
Where are La Guernica and bobejans?
Lousy service at Wils
Gibi's Feb 14
Special drinks?
Cactus Blue
Congratulations to Rum Runners
Gibi at Golden Reef
Looking for a list...
No Alcohol Sales Friday
Breakfast Spots
Best New Restaurants of 2005
Donna & Georgios
Rendezvous still in business?
Special Dinner
Will anyone be going to Gibi's Jan. 24th?
Restaurant Review
Gibis Feb 7th
Dining at home
Where is Richards?
Chez Lucille still there?
Late night dining
Price of Fruit
Chinese food
Which eating places are walking distance from the Divi
Great Escape?
New Restaurant at airport
Bad Experience At Salsa
Fine dining at the Airport
Any place to get a gooooood Steak?
Flamboyant Flamingo?
Native Cuisine?
Must visit Restaurants
Archives - 2005-07-28 to 2005-12-14
Bonaire Reporter begins review of local snacks
(Re-) Opening: Watta-burger, soon
Mai Mai
Another local eat option
Diet Mountain Dew
Dining experience Nov. 28-Dec. 4
Price of Meals
Food delivery
Good Pizza....
Dinner on Christmas eve and Christmas day
Stifler's - Sad News
Bobby Jans open on Sunday Dec 31??
French Restaurant
Holiday Closings
Veggie Food (AGAIN)!
Rinconcito Peruano, near Gibi's
Gibi's Reservations?
Status of Lion's Den?
Early Breakfast spots for CO arrivals?
Breakfast at the Plaza
Food shopping
Capriccio Restaurant
Restaurant Recommendations Near AUA
Local, non restaurant food
Vegetarian Food
Mexican Food
Poor quality of fresh fish?
Penguin on vacation now?
7 best places to eat a great supper!!
South African @ Blue Moon
Restaurant closings in October
Keshi Yena at Great Escape
Happy Hour?
New Den Leman restaurant
Is Gibi's still there?
Is Richards open on Sundays and Mondays?
Reservations Required?
First timer needs to cover the bases.
Cigar Bar / Jazz
Thoughts Croccantino's
Bonairean Buffett at Divi?
Best places to eat within walking distance to Divi.
What happpened to the Saluto's Beer at Sand Dollar Bar??
Stiflers Bar & Grill
Dining out and dining in
Pas Bon Pizza MENU????
Your Favorite Place
Archives - 2005-03-18 to 2005-07-27
Little Havana
Restaurant report
Local food
Opinions of China Nobo?
Food Open Late
Disappointment with "It Rains Fishes"
Auberge de Princenhof
Kumar's Indian Restaurant
Where to find good Dutch chocolate
Cheeseburger in Paradise
3 chill spots
Bon Pizza
Another Salsa fan
Chibi chibi
Dining with seafood allergies
Disappointed at Lion's Den
Lighthouse is now Wil's Tropical Grill
Salsa! Wow! Great new restaurant on seaside
Gibi's, tonight, Bonaire Talkers?
Coolers on American Airlines
"New" Lucille's
Average Dining Costs?
Birthday Dinner
Arriving late, suggestions please
Going to Bonaire for the first time!!!
Restaurants in Bonaire
El Fagon
Taste of the Caribbean
To talk about a great restaurant
Bongo's Beach Bar
Anniversary dining
Dining Report -- March 26 - April2
Mona Lisa
Den Leman
Dress Code
KAREL's Bar- Article in Caribbean Travel & Life
Archives - 2004-06-18 to 2005-03-18
Gibi's on 3/22/05
Salsa World Cuisine
Diet Coke
Bistro de Paris -- GREAT!
Krokets & Pannekoeken
Checks and slow dining
Morgan Tavern
Favorite quick lunch spots
Chez Nous
Pasa Bon Pizza
Easter meal
Packing Frozen Meat & Food
Out of the way Rib place
Carl & Patty's Dining Report 1/12-1/19/05 Part 2
Carl & Patty's Dining Report 1/12-1/19/05 Part 1
Best Fish In Town?
Casa Blanca
Old Inn Salad Dressing
Where can I get?
Ranchos open for entertainment and food?
What's new?
Lot of nice food,but.......
Where is the best place for Conch?
Sushi Anyone?
Fresh coconut water
BT dinners what day now and where ?
Valentine's Day Dinner
Snack in town ?
Red pepper recipe Garden Cafe?
If you could only go to one restaurant ...
Gibi is cooking for YOU
Allergic To All Seafood
Wil's Tropical Grill, Brasserie-Bonaire, Chibi-Chibi
Scuba Diving Magazine Top Restaurants
What is the native dish on Bonaire??
Wil's Grill is growing Mint - Mojito time
Local eats: a new spot
Dinner on Christmas?
Welcome at City Cafe
Dining in December?
Gibi's on Tuesday
Mojitos in Bonaire?
Where is Bongo's Beach Bar ?
New Years
Where do you eat on Monday evenings?
Urgent Head's Up regarding weekly BT gathering at Gibi's...
Hot Hot...drink drink
Dining on a budget?
Le French Bistro Review
Chez Lucille
New Resturant
Fresh Fish
Mona Lisa's
La Flamboyant - You gotta go
Mai Mai - any other fans out there?
Dining Guide
Bakery news
Bonaire Talk Meeting Place
Dining - July 24th - 31st
Factual prices when dining.
Shore diving with shade
Casablanca’s prices
BobbeJans- our favorite!
Philly Steak ???
Dinner review/Flamoyant
Sports bar??
Nightlive for teens?
Food & Restaurant Report
Le Flamboyant
A few restaurant questions
Live music
Fabulous Desserts,Lasagna and Quiches!!! 717-3293
Archives - 2003-03-01 to 2004-06-17
Any New Restaurants??????
Antillian Wine Company still around?
Kids at Gibi's?
What else to do besides sit, dine, and dive?
My Dining List, how is it?
Donna and Giorgios
Garden Cafe
Dining in Bonaire
2 things... tipping and BYO cheese?
First Trip to Bonaire..Is there Mt. Dew
Restaurant dress code
Peruvian restaurant?
Need a good restaurant for a group of 15
Family Dining
Argentinian Bar-B-Que
Margarita Mix?
Walking time to Gibi's from Divi
Can anyone tell me.......
Good News, Bad News
Easter dining options 2004
Sunday Dining
Undesirable critters
Duty-free booze imports
City? or whatever replaced it.
Looking for PIZZA
Mi Poron?
Comments on Restaurant Experiences
Special Occasion Dining
Dining and diving
Resturant comments from Lee & Marilyn's trip.
Restaurants open on Easter Sunday
4 Places we should go to for dinner/lunch.
Great Food
Gibi's Menu
Jello Shots
Waffles/Gaufres on Bonaire?
Wine on Bonaire
If you need an excellent cook during your stay
Special meals Feb 14th 2004
What kinds of Beer are available in Bonaire and prices?
Grocery Stores?
First time trip
BT BBQ Friday at Jake & Linda's house
Cheap eats/ Lunch at Rib Factory
Gibi's Rules
Best Breakfast Spots??????
Bonaire Inexpensive Dining
Chez Nous Fundraiser
Average Dining Budget
Angel floating restaurant
Gouda cheese
Seattle to Bonaire
Chez Nous recommendation
Pirate's Steak House
Carneceria Latina
Arriving Sunday Night Around 9:00 p.m.
Nice Bakery?
New Year's Eve
Where to eat on Xmas and boxing Day?
2 new restaurants
Mi Poron open?
Paging Ruth, paging Ruth
Bringing Food TO Bonaire
Happy Hours
Where can we go for late-night dining?
Maiky Snack sauce recipe?
Thanksgiving 2003 dining
Photo of karels please
Lost Penguin
Sunset dinner cruise
Compadres restaurant
Bon Aiwa and Rose Inn
Pan ku steak
No BT'ers last Tuesday!
Dining Experiences
Smoking Avoidance
Brands of Beer Available
Cappuccino? and- Rincon?
Prisca's Closed?
Restaurant Reviews/Prices
What is Dutch food like?
Thai Dinners aboard Samur?
Bonaire Talk Taste Night
Cocktail Night @ Rendez-Vous!
Fav Happy Hour Spot
Rendezvous update
New Snack Shop Review
Where to eat on first night, coming in late?
Garden Cafe
Street/cart/hawker food in Bonaire?
Richard's & Chez Lucille
Bonaire Dining July 11- July 15
Where to find birthday cakes
Retail Wine Store ?
Mi Poron?
Ice Cream
The Old Inn
Casablanca-Argentinian Grill
Richard's 8 Thumbs Up!
A new Rendez-Vous
Salitos at Mangos
Vegetarian dining
Cultimara Supermarket - Hours of Operation?
The Lost Penguin - website updated
Mona Lisa
Hows the water???
Best Meal On Bonaire
Question on Casablanca's
Dining May 7-14 Part 2
Dining May 7-14 Part 1
Gibi Terras Craze?
We're missing Mango's
Best places to go for Happy Hour
Richards Revisited
Cooking Ingredients
TV's at any Bars?
Gibi Terras
Need help with reading the "local" menu, the basic will d...
Carol's and Bruno's Dining Report - - 4/12 - 4/19
Good place to take kids
Ca! Pric! Ci! Ooooooh!!
Richard's "THUMBS DOWN" !!
Dining Report - 3/29 - 4/9
Dressing up??????
Birthday dinner
April BT dinner nights? And who's there when I am there?
Romantic Restaurant for our 1 year Anniversary
Dive Guide
Tonight @ Gibi's
Diver Debbi's Trip Report
Funplace for evening, livemusic? others?
Local food/restaurants
Where are the best low $ places to dine
BT Dinners - where and when?
Archives 2007
Archives - 2007-10-01 to 2007-01-31
Any ideas
How to contact Richard's Waterfront
Cheap Eats
Idea for a group dinner
Paradise Coffee........Starbucks on Bonaire
New dining guide
Plazita Limena, Cactus Blue
It rains fishes :-( ...
The Bonire dining list game!
Papaya Moon
Healthy Diet? Fresh Fruit from Columbia/Venezuela?
Just returned........11/12/07
Outside seating at restaurants with views of ocean??
Warung Louise
Pasa Bon Pizza
La Plazita Limana where
Must eats on Bonaire.
Local food at fairs
Dinner with kids
Chez Lucille
October dining review
Samur sailing dinner to Klein
Thai food and the Samur
Photo/dive guides?
The good, the bad and the better
Taking wine to dinner
Last nite was pizza nite
Casablanca last night was great
Vegetarian option
Richard's Question
Bistro de Paris--a great lunch option!
Archives - 2007-04-01 to 2007-09-30
Gibi's Oct 16th at 6:30pm
Vespucci Meditteranean restaurant near Harbor Village
Pasa bon Pizza still doing it right
Windsurf Place
Food w/ Dutch Influence in Bonaire
American Express
Best Burger on Bonaire
Want a romantic dinner?
How late are most restaurants open?
Lost Penguin
It Rains Fishes
Bobbejan's BBQ
Dining $$$
Anyone ever use the Rent a Chef service???
Chinese restaurants
Can't remember the name...
Dining reviews july 12-20, 2007
Non-diver report continued
Non-diver report on dining
Who will be open in September?
Casablanca show
Mona Lisa: bad service
Papaya Moon
Late Night Food
Question about Lion's Den Restaurant
Local food
Gibi's local food
Looking for creative ideas for non-restaurant meals
Bonaire trip June 02 - June 16 2007
Our travel tips for food in Bonaire
Restaurants 6-2 to 6-9-07
La Guernica Fish & Tapas ?
New restaurant at eden beach
Back from another fantastic trip
Richard's pier table
Is Bobbie Jan's (spelling) still around?
Best 7 restaurants on Bonaire ?
"Family friendly" dining
Garden Cafe and Google Earth - free drink
A new service "Rent a Chef"
Beer sales
Papaya Moon Cantina & Pasa Bon Pizza
Rijsttafel Warung Louise, open in june ...Kaya Grandi
Looking for recommendations on "cheap eats"
Recent Trip and Fabulous Food
Buddys breakfast buffet
National Drink?
Local Dives (to eat not scuba)
Fabulous dining at Cactus Blue
Looking to have a post wedding gathering at Little Havana!
Wil's Tropical Grill, Richards, Patagonia, Capriccio
Reservations? How soon?
Casablanca - All-You-Can-Eat Argentinean Grill and Show
Arriving TOMORROW!
Liquor store?
Directions to Antriole Catering
Archives - 2007-01-01 to 2007-03-31
Vegetarian choices?
New Peruvian Food Restaurant
What should I expect to spend?
Thumbs up to Papaya Moon!
Conch or Lobster
Healthy eating choices?
Zeezicht email
Any organic produce available in Bonaire?
New Restaurant Plazita Limena
Best places to buy Fruit and Vegetables?
Any grocery stores open on Sunday?
Is Donna and Giorgio's Italian Restaurant still open?
Mi banana?
And the winner is?
Casablanca, by default but a GREAT EXPERIENCE
Just wondering
Who has the best Goat Stew?
Taking Food or Fruit to Bonaire??
Dining report with some low budget tips
Queen's Birthday/food availability
Kid-friendly restaurants?
Breakfast Buffets
Good restaurant for a special birthday
Fresh fish or catch of the day
Restaurant maps
Carnival - restaurant hours?
Dining report
Group Dining
Grocery store & fruit guy hours
Does Ricahrd's have an email for a reservation???
Maiky Snack
Dining Report
Best all you can eat barbeque
Places to watch the Super Bowl
Within walking distance of the Divi
Favourite waterfront cafes and Corona
New Place
Anthony's Extreme Cruise
A restaurateur's humble opinion.
Bonaire Dining: the Lowdown
Gibi's Tuesday 1/9??
First Time to Bonaire -- Dining Report
Where do I go for Breakfast?
Recommendations on Best Restaurants
Looking for Directions to restaurants
Old Inn
Mercy's on island restaurant report pt 2
New Years Eve
Two weeks in Bonaire: a dining report
Is Capriccio's still open?
Late arrival
Will's Cafe & Mona Lisa...and then there were others....
Mercy's on island restaurant report
Bobbijans info please
Patagonia, a sneak peak
The best Seafood on Bonaire
Credit cards
New Years Eve 2006/2007
Archives 2008
Archives - 2008-03-01 to 2008-12-31
Reservations at Richards?
Restaurant closures June-July
Sports-bar for the college football games?
Our new favorite restaurants 12/6 -12/13
Sunday restaurants?
Fun and Games in Santa Barbara?
Little Kitchen at Coco's
Holiday dining on Bonaire
The Wind and Surf Beach Hut Bar & Grill
New Years Eve
Forgot the name of a drink at den laman
Hours of Grocery Stores on Saturdays
Sand Dollar Grocery
Vegetarian First-Time to Bonaire
When in Rincon-- La-Ma-Se!
Cater a breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Thanksgiving dinner on Bonaire
Best Restaurants and Dishes On Bonaire
Did Richard's restaurant survive the storm?
Romantic Dinner
Service charge for take away food?
Special Dining Experiences?
KFCgull closed
Yacht Club
Christmas dinner?
Papaya Moon
Customer service???
Breakfast Buffet at Divi
Limes & Ice
Cactus Blue
"Other" places to eat.
Coffee at Paradise
Best dishes on Bonaire & their restaurant!
Fridge-only housing: Cheap eating ideas, suggestions sought
Sushi and BBQ
Gibi Sunday night
Chef's Choice at Rum Runners?
Our favorites places to eat except one
Catering service ? ? ?
Best Breakfast on Bonaire
Can Anyone On The Island Make Me A Reservation??
Maiky Snack
Antriol Catering
Sunset Bar & Grill - Heads Up!
Le Flamboyant
Donna and Giorgio's Closed this Thursday?
Food safety?
Sunset restaurant (formerly the Reef)
Garden Cafe update
Wearing wet dive gear in restaurants & shops
A Place to Meet Up on the Island?
Restaurants closed in September
Dress Codes?
Surinamese restaurants
New(?) Middle Eastern Restaurant
Early hours
Eddie's Restaurant
Breakfast nestled in dawn's crack
Help Me Find a Restaurant
La Luna and Garden Cafe
Local food
Dine Where you will
Richards in September
New Restaurant Open
Reef Restaurant closed?
Breakfast with a view
Gluten free bonaire
Crepe stand that used to be next to City Cafe
Wils is the BEST restaurant on the island!!
Dinner buffets
Warung Louise
What time is dinner over?
Recommendations for lunch in the room
Barracuda on the Menu?
Ice cream ?chocolate molten cake??
Two more great ones
Grill your own fresh fish?
Local Restaurants
Great dinner at bambu
Garden cafe at the airport?
Restaurant across from BelMar
What is open late
Best Chef's On Island
Any BT Dinner scheduled?
Where is Bobbyjeans?
Cactus Blue
Wheels Up Tomorrow Morning
Romantic restaurants for honeymooners
Where is "Maiky Snack" located
Wil's - Vacation in May?
Best BBQ: Bobbejans or Bonaire Windsurf Place?
BobbyJans Special
Bistro de Paris
El Fogon Latino
Roomers Restaurant
Let's meet at Bobbejan's for Dinner?
SNAK suggestions?
Maiky Shack
Tuesday's at Gibi's
Tonight's dinner ...
Sand Dollar Grocery Store
We are here! yea!
Arriving early Easter Sunday - What will be open?
Dining the good,the bad, and the ugly.
Roomer restaurant
Bistro de Paris
Cheese !!!
Goat gouda?
Bonaire Dining Guide updated
Archives - 2008-01-01 to 2008-02-29
Take out food
Restaurant Prices on Bonaire
What are some "must haves"?
Rose Inn Rincon
Is Op-Op a no-no?
Got home last night and Wow
Value waterfront dining?
BT at Gibi's March 4 or 11
Capriccio's - excellent
What's cooking?
Coffe filters ??
Fish Markets
Where's Tex Mex?
Anything new since 2006??
Dinner reservations
Cactus Blue
Best prepared LOCAL fish?
Speckled Hen
Dining experiences, all positive
Allergic to Dairy
Tipsy Seagull
Lost Penguin still in Bonaire?
Credit Cards
LOCAL Cuisine
Trip Report - Dining
Looking for Ricemilk
Formerly The Lost Penguin
Eating out, eating in
Carniceria Latino ???
Suggestions for Breakfast After Continental All Night Flight
Bringing food with me
Things i need to know
Gibi's january 22
Supermarket Opening Hours - Carnival
Dining Trip Report
Kunuku Jos
Beach BBQ at Bongo's?
Craving a pina colada...happy hours?
In Defense of Casablanca
Bobbejan's really open for lunch on Sunday?
Bambu question.
Excellent Meal at "It Rains Fishes"
Breakfast suggestions?
Papaya Moon
Cactus Blue-Shame on you!
Archives 2009
Archives - 2009-01-01 to 2009-06-30
Richard's Restaurant new web site
Ribs Truck
Who has the best rice tafel on Bonaire
Antillean wine co
Craving Fresh Fruit Batidas (shakes)
Good eats and drinks
Restaurant Ratings
Party rentals
Dinner at Richard's
Is China Nobo still Awesome?
Best Wahoo?
Early morning breakfast
Late arrival- late dinner options?
Trip Report May 2–May 16- Part 3 – Dining
Richard's Pier
Mi Banana
Name of Restaurant?
Donna & Giorgio's
Where is your favorite place to eat after a night dive?
Rose's closed this week?
A few new restaurants
Best Hamburgers
Dress code?
Lions Den
Maikey Snack
Grocery Stores
Food warehouse
Salsa Question
Anyone up for some dining out?
Chibi Bhibi Accessability
Wil's Tropical Grill- 4 Stars quality, creativity & servi...
Goat Meat
Richard's, YOU THE MAN
Vegetarian food ?
Any nonsmoking restaraunts / bars?
Maikey Snack - our favorite food experience during our trip
Just Good Local Fish
All You can Eat
Paradise Moon
Dining Plan
Price comparison of favorites
Bistro de Paris
Dining with Kids
Casablanca's Mixed Grill
Bon Appetit
"Beach" Bars
Solo Diner - Need Buddy(ies)
For 7 nights where would you eat dinner
Warung Louise lately?
Plazita Lemena
Richard's dock
Breakfast at Buenos Aires Cafe?
Chibi chibi still ok?
Karels Beach Bar
Birthday Dinner - Local Cuisine
Valentine's Day Birthday Dinner
Venezuelan Coffee??
Delicious Dining
Suriname cuisine
Where do you buy fresh fish
Congrats to Cactus Blue on 3rd year anniversary!
Pig Pig & more Pig
Large group dining
Bobby jan's chicken bbq
Eating on a budget
BBQ cart still there?
Anthony's Extreme Cuisine?
Recommended restaurants?
What's the best seafood to eat?
Lunch Recommendations?
French Bistro..
Archives - 07-01-2009 to 12-31-2009
New Restaurant..paging Ruth or anyone
Fresh Fish
Bistro de Paris is AWESOME!
Donna and Giorios for sale
Christmas Dinner
Papaya Moon and Paradise Moon
Dining Times
Martini Bar?
Sunday dinner
Samur Thai
Unbelievable is wonderful
Looking for some dinner companions
Four dinners from December 31
Restaurant Holiday Closings?
Can ya get allyoucaneat mac and cheese on Bonaire
Richards Dock is now open again!
Reservations for Mona Lisa
What do locals cook?
Best allyoucaneat bbq
Breakfast place?
Organic whole milk ?
Looking for breakfast ideas
Black Licorice / Zacht Zout
Dining Times.
Dining Report for Sept/Oct 009
Grocery stores
Local Fare
Richard's Pier
Tipsy Seagull @ Plaza
Restaurant closings for September??
Cactus Blue Closing?
New: Fannie's Frozen Daiquiri Bar
Blue boned barracuda
New Restaurant
Is this a good choice for 6 nights of great food?
New place where Sushi bar used to be?
Near the Sand Dollar Resort
A must do while on Bonaire...
Toddler Friendly Dining
Grocery Store favorites, aka...must bring home goodies
Suggestions wanted for what food to bring from home?
Capriccio review
Budget Meals for Simple Folk?
What foods are a need try?. From vendors to restaurants?
Pastie/bunwich/pocket things??
Pasa Bon has a New Pizza ~ WooHoo!
Name of Place?
Pasa Bon Pizza
Is Garden Cafe still open?
Tofu on Bonaire?
Top 5 places to eat
Restaurant Bambu
Swiss Chalet
In Search of a GOOD Margarita
Cactus Blue
Sunset grill, lion's den and other places to avoid
Wil's Tropical Grill
Salsa Restaurant going out with a BANG
Caesar Salad
AMEX problems anyone?
Dutch Pancakes
Wind & Surf Beach Hut -- Sorbonne Beach
Archives 2010
Archives 01-01-2010 to 03-31-2010
Watching the basketball games
Happy Hours
Appetite-new addition to any top 5 list
New restaurant yummmmmmy
Kon Tiki Update
Anniversary Dinner
Sustainable Seafood Guide
All you can eat pasta
Amir Shoarma
It Rains Fishes
Stores Open Boxing Day?
Better fish Sandwich with a view then this?
Slagbaai Beach Bar and Restaurant
Any good beach BBQ's ?
Paying for your meal?
Gluten Free Diet
Old Chef from Salsa?
Dining hours
Appetite - a fresh start
Tipsy Seagull - a true hidden beauty
Deli across from Sand$
Bris de Mar
Kon Tiki
Le Flamboyant
Looking for address/locations
Bobbe Jans
A night at Bistro de Paris not to be soon forgotten
Wil's Tropical Grill
Local Restaurants
Chef Giby's Sunday Night BBQ
Groceries In Bonaire
Boat restaurant?
Food Delivery Schedule - boats
Fresh fish
Dining Experiences
Buying wine on Bonaire
The Last Bite Bakery - is it still in business?
Breakfast @ Sanddollar
The restaurant formally known as The Old Inn
Give me your best 6 nights to eat at
Quick eats in Bonaire
Pasa Bon Pizza - Where is it?
Dining specials that aren't too well known?
Bonaire Virgin - Dining Recommendations? Please Help
New Restaurant-Il Mundo
Archives 04-01-10 to 12-21-10
Xmas week food ideas
New Years options....late...
Reservations for Christmas
Christmas Dinner
Dining reviews 11/5 - 11/20
Location of Unbelievables
Fishless pizza?
Fish to avoid?
New thai restaurant opening soon: blue mekong
Cactus Blue-terrific!
Unbelievable Restaurant
New Location for Paradise Moon
What was the best? And the worst
Worst service ever experienced
Frank & Nancy's Foodie Report
Delicious Budget Eating
Lets talk about
Excellent Restaurant at Eden Beach Resort
Kudos to La Barca
Restaurants with air-conditioning
Another Great meal!
Paradise Moon Restaurant at Marina
Two options
Bistro de Paris
Paradise Moon - Don't miss it!
Maiky Snack Iguana Soup
Cactus Blue
Morning Cappuccino ?
Jibe City or Windsurf Place
Finding Bobbe Jans at night
Cheap sodas
Lover's Ice Cream Location
Meeting new people
Cactus blue
Fresh Fish
Late night dining options
Budget Meals
Short reviews on various restaurants
Large group
Tapas restaurant: still alive and well?
Oceanside Dinning
Top Five Bonaire Restaurants?
Garden Cafe?
Maiky Snack
Bonaire Grill Truck still here?
Restaurant Reviews
May 1-9
Our final meal report
Good Places to eat
Dining-Mona Lisa, Patagonia, Pasa Bon, D&G
Great Eats on the Island
Restaurants We've Eaten At
Buenos Aries for breakfast?
Dining- D&G, Fishes, Tipsy Seagull, La Barca
Patagonia Restaurant
Restaurant questions
Restaurant Hours
Yacht Club Restaurant
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