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September 2nd till 14th
New and Improved Bonaire Talk Coming Tomorrow
Naturalist Courses offered in Bonaire
Looking for dive buddy thru 5/13
Freighter in Lighthouse?
Diving Boka Katuna?
Present Water Temp
Travel partner / dive buddy for September trip
Lets do this
Need a roomate at Buddy's June 11 - 18
Christmas tree worm
Dive Buddy needed May 19-29
Seeking dive buddies May 28 - June 10
Dive buddies from May 1st thru May 14th
Bonaire's under water clean up dive a big success
Freediving Lionfish event on Saturday April 16th
Looking for dive buddy April 19-May 3
Please rate Bonaire Dive and Adventure dive operation
Mola Mola @ Eighteenth Palm 1st April 2011
Next Bonaire Underwater Clean Up Dive
Looking for Dive Buddy, April 5th - 11th
Water temp and bug report?
Dive Friends Yellow Submarine Quest..
Diving while cruise ships in port
Dolphin dive
Looking for dive buddy april 9-16 trip
Instructor requires confined water time.
On island April 4 to May 4
On Island Now, March 21, 2011
ScubaPro Mk25
Dive buddy(group) 6 to 14 april wanted
Current Bonaire Dive Report
Finally Going to Bonaire - April 15 to 22
Hows the Vis these Days
Diving boots
What to wear diving?
IDC on Bonaire
Water Temp and Skeeter Reoprt?
Looking for weekend dive buddy/group!
Looking for dive buddies in july
Open water cert. recommendations
Looking for dive buddy b/w March 19-27?
Water temp
July Bonaire Trip!
July Bonaire Trip!
Frog Fish Video
Bonaire SCUBA Video
Where have all the frog fish gone?
Enjoy our latest News Splash
Your thoughts on this diving comment????
Oil Slick Leap
Dolphin's at Yellow Hut
Wanna dive
Any families with teenagers visiting March 12- 19th ?
Bonaire rated #1 for Caribbean & Atlantic
Any families w/ teens Easter Week?
Marine Tag & Check out dive?
ID help please
First Time Shore Diving
What is this?
Lionfish week
Found wetsuit
Dive Buddy Wanted - timing flexible
Dive buddy 2-12
Your brain underwater
Sharm El Sheikh question
Lionfish Derby
2011 Jellyfish Jamboree and BBBJ officially new species
Asking about shore dives
Dive training and guided shore dives check out VIP Diving
Dive Buddy: On Bonaire from Sun 30 Jan thru Tue 8 Feb.
Dive buddy Feb 13 to Feb 25
Free Diving - new venture on Bonaire
Dive buddy needed from february till july
Looking for roommate/diving buddy, March 12-19
Not Bonaire, but really cool
Wild side diving
Verbal Viz Update
Boat dives
Has anyone seen Ernst Schilling?
Renting SCUBA equipment
Water Temp
New Moon
Interpret Wind Guru?
Lion Fish at 1000 Steps & Bachelors Beach
Archives 1999-2005
Archives - 2005-08-03 to 2005-12-30
Anyone know a DM named Leonel in Bonaire?
Muck diving bonaire ??
100' (or 120') Tank
More unusual encounters
Whale sharks
Dive Saver Kits
Top 100
Accuracy of water temp gauges
Whale at Aquarius
O rings, tanks, and leaks
Wind conditions du jour
First -timer to Bonaire
Water temps in December
Unique Encounter
Dive site photos?
Early Morning Buddy Wanted
Dive boats leaving from Belmar
Dive shops near Eden Beach (besides Wannadive)
Interesting Shore Diving Pictures
World's Best Diving
Photodex slide show of our dives
Lac bay
Whale shark/turtles/dolphins
TEC Diving @ the Divi
Wetsuit question
OW Checkout in Bonaire-Divi
Ever felt really small???
Shore DIving - What is it?
Hospital closed, no recompression chamber?
Back problems shore diving
Dive friends bonaire or yellow submarine
Can you ID this ????
Dive buddies wanted Nov 7-15
Liz goes diving
What is the best time of year to dive bonaire???
Harmony Between Divers and Windsurfers/Kitesurfers
Something Special
Rebreather divers on Bonaire
Coral bleaching?
Best shallow dives?
My First Dive Since Surgery
Is Bonaire for new divers?
Red Slave, Larry's Wild Side
Wind Jammer
Pink Dive Bus
Check out Dives
Town Pier Warning
Big tanks in Bonaire?
Dry boxes for glasses?
Dive buddy 12-21 and 12-22
Dive Profiles
Some pictures of coral spawning
Dive Buddy from 20 oct - 4 nov
Diving Equipment
Critter Identification Help Requested
To Boat or not to Boat
What your favorite dive site on Klein Bonaire and why ?
Bonaire Wrecks
Dive Buddy needed Oct 1 - 8.
Most Amazing Bonaire Dive Experience
When to Visit
Upcomming Clean-up dive
Dive buddy wanted Nov 23 - Nov 30th
Seeking dive buddy..experienced diver
Shore Diving
Bonaire Jellies and Cubozoans
Ordering "shore diving made easy" in the US
Salt pier/town pier
Squid attack!
Visibility from North to South
"Coral spooning"???
NC/SC Divers in October
Diver's remains found
Hilma Hooker
Photo Tour Divers
Taylor Maid
Sept. 4 - 9th Anyone for the East side?
September 16th to 25th
US diver age 46 dies during shore scuba off Sand Dollar.
Diving in the rain
Archives - 2005-06-05 to 2005-08-03
Customized Nitrox Mixes - Which resort?
Credit Cards at dive shops
Water Temperature at Depth
Yellow Sub
Need buddy
Restricted dive sites?
Eden Beach dive sites.
Restricted dive sites?
Doc's ProPlugs
Latex Gloves
Video of last year
Buddy for nightdiving during coral spawning september
Where to find Frogfish
Dive Plan
Repairing a wetsuit
Renting dive gear?
Marine Park Fee
Sunrise Dives
Fish ID cards
Visibility following Hurricane Emily
A Warning to single divers
Playa Frans
Oil Slick Leap
Dive Flags or not
How to find an octopus
Jelly Fish Stings
Arrival Conditions?
Diving the east side
Bovice divers - looking for smaller boats?
Toucan Diving at the Plaza
Second Trip starts this Thursday!
Photo accessory found at Hilma Hooker
Shore diving with novice divers
What's the voltage?
Fins to the left, fins to the right
I am so ready!
Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy Update
Buddy's Boats
Has anyone tried this mask?
Shore diving sounds like a hell of alot of work
Distressing effects of fishing
Final news about the Pink Dive Bus
Insect Bites
Karpata Query
Air fills if we're staying on a sailboat
Knives allowed
Buying Diving Gear in Bonaire
Bon dive buddy 06/18 -
Embarrassing boat dive question
Does anyone know of a good Bonaire fish guide book?
Is a macro or wide angle lens essential for me?
Bari Reef - public access?
New Divi dive shack
U/W 'Toy' Dive Slate
Coral Spawn Dates?
Hurricane Season ??
Thai dinner boat?
Water Temp
Bonaire dive site guide book
Jr. Advanced Certification While At The Divi?
What to leave home?
Genesis React Pro Dive Computer
Buddies 7/20-7/27, 2005 ??
Fish ID Courses
Lions Dive Dive Shop
Is a 5 mil too much for Bonaire?
Sea sickness
New To Diving Bonaire. Want Advice.
Any one have experience with an Aeris Atmos AI
Help for a first time shore diver!
"Our Confidence" shipwreck
Bonaire Cave Fresh Water Diving
Archives - 2004-08-15 to 2005-06-05
Type of tanks?
New Divi Dive shed and dock
Congratulations to Linda and Jessie
How to get started diving once on the island
Tank Rentals
Underwater clean up dive
Marked dive sites
Best house reefs?
Photo Tours BBQ & Night Dive
Boat Diving vs. Shore Diving
Fish ID
Some people love learning the hard way!
July Divers
The Best Shore Diving Sites
Is Bonaire for inexperienced divers?
I can be a buddy - trip from June 30 - July 20
Suunto Cobra Dive Computer
Other wild side questions...
Inbound to Bonaire April 22-May 7
Modify or purchase wet suit, on or off island?
Dive Sites Marked??
Bonaire 13-21 May
Accident at Bopec
Question about dive computer
Help Need Fish ID
Eagle Ray at Invisibles Site
Squirting slugs
Open water certification
Divemasters @ Sand Dollar / Bonaire Dive & Adventure
How much $ do you tip divemasters?
Boat dive operators close to Chateau Bellafonte
Sea Itch
Hilma hooker pictures and turtle sighting
Scuba gear rental costs on Bonaire?
Skin vs suit
Pink Bus & Salt Pier
Freedom of Shore Diving in Jeopardy? (Salt Pier & Bon Oil...
Three dive questions
Shore diving recommendations
Question for Bonaire's regulars...
Rental Gear
Bad Air Experience?
Anyone offer 2-tank boat dives?
Diving after teeth extraction
Who to Contact?
Uwatec Smart Pro - Anyone used it?
Underwater Housing - anyone rent on Bonaire
Divemaster internship
Bari Reef Visibilty
Marine Park Fee
Wetsuit Help
Spelonk Wrecks
Any VHS or DVD's on Bonaire??
Manta at La Dania's
Bonaire March 20th to 27th
Bonaire Books
Any Wrecks to be had?
How to get buddies for shore diving??
Wannadive or Buddy
Buddy Dive tanks?
Hilma Hooker Directions
Tank & weights deals
Pony bottles and solo diving
From what age could children dive?
No such thing as a SILLY question.....
Whats included in shore diving package?
Looking for a dive buddy March 2-8
Stolen Dive Log Book
PADI classes
Salt Pier, Is a guide mandatory?
Bonaire diving
May diving
Bon Bini -- Francey
Recent Turtle sightings ?
DEPP vs DAN Insurance
Shore Diving Questions
Frogfish, Seahorses and other less common creatures
The "Wild Side of Bonair" questions....
Diving Skill Question
Diving at Harbour Village
Plaque in the Hilma Hooker
Availability of dive gear in Bonaire
Diving and Fishing
Larry's Wild Side Diving A Must Do!
Best time???
Pink Bus?
What is all the rain about?
Diving gloves
Human Cleaning Station!
Diving for kids
Another Fish I can't identify
Larry's Wildside Diving
Looking for a buddy Feb 8, 9, 10 & maybe 11
Sharks ??
Looking for some buddy's in january
2mm Shorty or 1mm full suit
Learning the Fish & Birds & Plants of Bonaire
Night Diving Questions
Reefs at Buddy's, Capt. Don"s & Lions Dive Qestion...
Another Juvenile Fish I can't identify
Diving buddy in February 2005?
Unusual Juvenile Fish
Dving Equipment
Larry's Wildside December?
Our Friend Matt Johnston, Making his Diving Dream Come True
Dive Buddy Jan 2-12
Larry's wild side diving help
Dive Fest 2005?
Dive equipment question
Best time of year for visability
Top 10 Dive Sites
Diving during rainy season?
Toucan and e-mail
If not Bonaire then where?
Bon Bini Divers - Looking for Francey
Teen Buddys
Buddy search march 2005
Local Dive Conditions after the Rain Storm
Diving in Bonaire 20-12 to 26-12
Raining in Bonaire
One tank per pickup
Best Check out dives
Survey - Shipwrecks
Weather and dive conditions...
Bonaire on the Cheap~
Newbies to Bonaire Feb 3-10. Anybody there at that time?
Dive prices
Larger Tanks
Hows the diving after the hurricanes
Larry's Wild Side Diving
Looking for Nirvana
Night Diving
Incoming NOV 6-13 Any BTers Likewise?
Bonaire dive shop
Dozen Shore Diving Tips
BMP Rules & Reg.s
Question about September Diving Accident
Buddy Dive @ BelMar
Divi Dive Piers
Newbie headed for Bonaire 10/12
Underwater web cam at Eden Beach
Hello everybody
Suggestions wanted for solo traveller
Buddy Dive Operation
Underwater Video
Pink bus?
Coral Spawning 2004
Where is this wreck?
Will we be ok? A little help here...
Dive Briefing and park permit/tag
Coral damage after Hurrican Ivan September 2004?
I can't wait !!!
Diving and the Regatta
Updated web pages
Water temp?
A question of courtesy
Etiquette for diving other hotels?
Clean-up dive this Saturday - Sept. 18th.
Salt Pier -- Nov 7/13
How's the vis?
Dive Accident
Comin Sep 18-23th. Anyone diving salt pier?
Looking for divers for 'wildside' trip with Larry 9/15...
Dive with PhotoTours? How are they?
Look for buddies - Sep 18-Sep24
How many dives per day?
Digital Dive Camera
All of you that go to Bonaire again and again - question
Infos needed
Nitrox @ Buddy Dive
Diving Questions
Looking for design pattern for bonaire tank rack
Great Fish Pics
Diving 7/24-7/31
Armacost's book: 'Bonaire Shore ...' third edition?...
Larry's boat dive times???
Shore diving with shade
Water temp
Dive Flags
Archives - 2004-02-16 to 2004-08-14
Safety Equipment
Certified long ago, naui, no card, a few dives since, help?
Specialty Certification Courses
Any info on Front Porch?
Disabled diving
Diving between 20/09 30/09
Wild Side Diving Questions
Gibraltar Tug
Need diving buddy - middle september
Divi Tanks
Pink Bus
Just three weeks to go
Need help with a link
Can we still dive Salt Pier?
Dec 27th to Jan 4th Anyone else going then??
Vegitation underwater
Why are there no sharks?
Diving around 50 ft.
Family of 4 wants dive cert
Bonaire Divelog
Proper precautions for theft - while on a dive
Protect deep sea corals and sponges!
Current water temperature?
What is the verdict on diving the piers
Currents? what currents?
Reef Cam
There are Big Fish in Bonaire
Diving with Steel 120's in Bonaire
Jesse Armacost, Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy
Missing Divers - any update?
NAUI Instructors Needed
Checkout dive?
Fishing Boats
Probable new rules for diving the piers in bonaire.
Dive packages
Best House Reef???
Please do not drive or park on the beaches!
Boat dives at Buddy Dive
Questions about diving Salt Pier
Bonaire and ???????? where to Dive in the World?
Which dive shop..too many choices
Can I just get a list?
Spare Air and the airlines!!!
Calm Waters?
Wreck diving
What is the current Visiblitiy
Why some of us love diving Bonaire
Dive trip July 31 to August 7
Dive & Snorkel
Dive Inn vs. Divi dive operations?
Pink Bus??
Easy entry points for senior diver.
Karpata snack shack?
the dive festival
Help me identify this moray
Are there many more divers during the dive festival?
Single diver looking for buddies - June 18-27
Bonaire May 29 - June 6 (Dive Buddy/ies ?)
Oh no!
Buying equipment on Bonaire
Best sites for novice divers, free buoyancy workshops?
Need Dive Buddy, 1st Week of July
Is a boat dive package worth it?
Safety floats
Need a dive buddy!
Current Water Temp
Closing Town Pier and Salt Pier to divers?
Newbie Divers
Diving with Dolphins?
Bonaire vs Curacao
Can I rent an UW digital camera on the island?
Are most diving packages based on 24 hour periods or 1 day?
Safety While Living Together
Rumour about the Town Pier closing to Divers ??
Pony Tank Rental..?
Missing Divers
Anyone uses a Suunto EON with the PC Interface ??
Cold upwellings
Need Suggestion for a Dive Op
A couple of questions
Larry's Wild Side Diving
Safe Sea jellyfish protection-work?
Closest Dive Op to Casa Oleander?
Taking soft weights for w/i BCD ?
Diving ettiquette
Tipping the divemaster...
Sea lice?
Town Pier Seahorse
What's the Worst vis seen in Bonaire?
Laryngectomy & Diving
Newbie Question
Dive shops for newbies?
Reserve Dive Package or Not?
Tank rental
Shore diving with 11 yr. old
Swimsuit or 7mm wet
What can be left in the car?
Coral Spawning
Salt Pier Charter
A buddy for shore diving
Dive Fest
Is Diving Bonaire a Major pain?
Belize - LightHouse Reef compared to Bonaire
Nikonos V looking for a new home
Equipment availability on Bonaire
How many dives a day
Currents on shore dives
Rental Equipment Quality at Buddy Dive
Going to Bonaire on Thursday
Solo diving
Canadian News Site: Article on Exotic Nightlife in Bonaire
Search for Swedish Malin?
Diving with teen daughter
Distance swimming...Is Klein too far??
Easy shore diving on Bonaire
There are large fish in Bonaire!
Archives - 2003-05-01 to 2004-02-15
Help with fish identification
Dive Buddy needed - March 21 - April 1
Yellow Submarine
February 14th Underwater Cleanup
Bonaire Article
Nitrox certification
Can I Bring my BC on the Plane as Carry-On Luggage?
New divers need advice...
Use of sausage/flag etc...
Looking for a Dive Buddy March 17-24
Looking for Dive Buddy 2/19-2/27
Your Favorite Dive
Refresher dives?
Safety of rented equipment
First post - Bringing your own instructor and park tags
Double reefs in Bonaire
Bonaire/Curacao comparison...+
Bouyancy Course
When Things Go Wrong Underwater
Shore diving without booties?
Dive Equipment Rental
Bonaire Dive and Adventure
Toucan Diving
Solo diving
I need dive buddy/group in Bonaire 2/22-2/27, 2004
Open Water Certification?
Nine Days of Diving. Use One Dive Center?
Closed Sites?
Taking a compass to Bonaire
July Trip
Dive vacation besides Bonaire?
Green Submarine / Yellow Submarine
Rodale's Scuba Diving Article
Regs and AA - Wally yelps help
Big Man Wetsuits
List Your "Most Unusual"
Manta Rays
Wreck identification and pictures
Looking for a diving school .......
What to wear....
Coral Reef Study from AGRRA
Diving Washington Slaggbaai National Park
Our confidence
Looking for Divers Feb 2, 2004
2004 dive fest dates?
Very bad dive equipment from Harbour Village Dive Shop
Looking for a dive buddy from Dec 24th until Dec 31th
Rescue diver
January 18 to Feb 2 Trip
Shore diving at Small Wall?
Top shore dives
Best Night Dives
Diving with a bad bruise
Small boats
Lost Engagement Ring - Andrea II
Digital Potography
Where to rent digital camera?
Buying wetsuit & other equipment while in Bonaire??
PADI Advanced Open Water courses
Sea wasps in October/November
Strange object in the water
Jobs as a dive instructor?
October water temps--microprene or 3 mil?
Hilma Hooker
Areas untouched post lenny
Rough diving????
Fire Coral
Water temps in January
Easy entries
Best place to get certified on Bonaire - for scaredy-cats?
Pony Bottles
Current conditions?
Diving / windsurfing couples with kids
Looking for a buddy 29aug-5sept
One last question before I leave.
The Joys of Rebreather Diving - 5 dive sites in 2 hours
First time visit!
Do you need a floating flag to mark your dive site?
Wrecks & Boat Dives
Knives allowed?
New Wreck
Using the MMII-EX at night?
Help wanted in Fish ID
Coral Spawn 2003
Diving Bonaire...which book is best?
Hurricane season......
First time visitor questions
1st time this November 2003
Buddy Dive Resort
Recommendations for new OW divers
Cruise Ship Diver - Recommendations Please?
La dania to karpata
Night diving question
Bonaire of Yesteryear
Easiest and least destructive entries/exits
Prescription Mask Question
Bonaire Report
Who sells Henderson wetsuits on Bonaire?
Night diving
Water temp.
Oil Slick Leap
Sharks in Bonaire Waters?
Plus Size rentals?
Thanks to all
Is Tropical Storm Claudette causing any problems in Bonaire?
Requirements to dive?
Toucan Cert Dives
Where must you pay to dive besides La Macacha (Habitat)?...
Need info on dive skins for short people
Single diver.
Any kids diving Aug.6 -15 ?
What's the weather REALLY doing?
Rent vs bring your own?
Crime in Bonaire....
Whats in your BC pocket ?
Your Best 3 Dve sites?
Stupid question?
Question about tipping dive boat staff
Frogfish and Seahorses
Which area of the Island is best for no currents?
La Dania's Leap to Karpata
The Red Frogfish the Locals Didn't Even Know About
Diving site entry
Underwater Photography Question
East Side Diving
South Bonaire Shore Diving
Just a little Shrimp
Wrasse at play
Easy Where's it At
Where was this pictures taken ????
DC Divers... name this site !!!!
Wetsuit availability on Bonaire
BMP Tag - Calendar year or 12 months?
Problems entering washington park
Diving in Los Roques
Wetsuits necessary?
East Side Diving : A collection of Old Info from BT
Other Divers
Nitrox/Dive operators
Staying at Lagoen Hill. Diving suggestions?
Mae West-type female needs BC advice
November/December Diving Conditions?
Dive insurance
Bonaire Dive Site Ratings from
Dive shop recommendations
Defect in Aladin computers
Tonight's Episode of Divers Down
Is a 5mm Suit too much?
Diving the Aves
Need Shore Diving Buddy(ies) - June 24-July 2
Be in Bonaire July 10-17
Dive Log: Do I need to pack it?
Discussion on
Shore Diving Bonaire Book
Headed to paradise june 12
Captian Dons - Home of Diving Freedom - I don't think so ...
Good review of Wild Side Diving
Best boat and shore dives.
Full Foot Fins?
Can you recommend a book on Bonaire's best dive sites?
Opinions on 1/2mm skin and 3mm wet suit.
My 1st Bonaire pic
DigitalDiver Daily today is from Ellen Mueller!
New diver, diving May 24-26
Bonaire on Diversdown TV show
Exposure Protection
Archives - 2002-11-26 to 2003-04-30
Bonaire diving disappointment
Looking for Dive Buddy May 21-28
Looking for Mary DiSanza
Bon Bini??
East coast diving: manta and more
Fish ID Help
Are the dive sites crowded?
Camera Rental
Exposure Value Manual Controller???
Early Morning Dive Question
Dive Buddy wanted and...
Referal certification
Dive buddy needed May 24-31
How is the diving in late June and July?
Variety pack of pictures from an Olympus C4040
Buddy needed 17th to 21st April
Digital images of Bonaire
Moray povich and connie chung
Diving Curacao...........I know, I know
Pay more for hotel dive shop and convience or not?
Variety pack of pictures from an Olympus C4040
Job opportunities -- Scuba diving
FYI - Shipwrecks
Diver in trouble at 1000 steps?
Hurt diver at 1000 steps?
Gallery of Bonaire Images from November 2002
Pics to share
Diver Debbi & seahorse
Coral Spawn - Summer 2003
Is one more camera question allowed?
New diver advise
New Tanks on Bonaire
Water conditions
Digital Camera question
Sport Diver Magazine article on Bonaire
Needed: 1 female diver
Photography/Camera Update
Divers and Snorklers
Moon issues
Diving East Side?
Diver Debbi's Trip Report
Boat dives
Dive Guide
Countdown to ecstacy
New diver questions
Group of 12 coming to Bonaire in July
Vis awful yesterday....Wed.
Northern Bonaire Dive Sites
Ikelite strobe rentals?
Boat diving costs
Dive light
Electrical appliances
Shore Diving in Bonaire
Town Pier
Diving Buddy Needed
Difference between Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced dives
What about weight integrated BCD's
What is the current viz?
Coral spawning question
How is vis in mid june/ water temp/ crowded
Top 25 dives
Buddy Dive from 3/1-3/12 - looking for dive buddy
Lions Dive Resort, Bonaire (Mid Apr)
Decompression Chamber
Buying a wetsuit online or from dive shop?
Buying a wetsuit online or from dive shop?
Wetsuit-shorty or full suit?
Best Dive Sites
Film speed?
Check out dive
Underwater Photography and backscatter
Dive Computers
Film and x-ray damage
Food in Bonaire
House Reef at Divi
Last Dive on Hilma.
New Diving Competition?
Pictures from Sept-Oct trip
December diving
Bonaire vs Other Caribbean
License to dive?
Dive Bonaire @ Divi
Too good for the rules!
East Coast
Finding a dive buddy
Fish ID
OK - call me stupid but ...
Temperature of the water?
October Diving
Maldives ??
Current Direction (kinda long sorry)
Park Info Please
Bonaire vs Egypt?
Petition Requesting The End of Retail Price Maintenance I...
East Side diving?
Availability of tanks with DIN Valves
Depths for beginner divers?
Replacement mouthpiece for reg...
First time shore divers/easy or not?
What warmth for wetsuit needed?
Looking for a dive buddy Jan 21-28
Clean-up Dive This Saturday
Dive certification--------Toucan Diving
New Diver--equipment needed
Diving the Salt Pier
A non-Bonairean diving question
Nervous novice diver
Question...for those like walt or very experienced divers...
Training regulator???
FYI -concerning 200ft. dives on air
Photo Gallery
Camera help please
Old Bonaire Photos
Fish id...
GPS Coordinates
Awesome diving
Dive Inn Email address
Accident at 1000 Steps
A Season Seahorse
Anybody see the Moray ???
Bonaire 5 coming soon, 1/8 thru 1/18
Town Pier
First time bonaire.... Dec 6 / 16....... buddies wanted!
Green Submarine under new management
Archives - 2002-05-24 to 2002-11-25
Water temp in December
Soft weights
Has anyone used a Canon a40 with UW case.
Late Jan/Early Feb --need buddy in Bonaire
First Timers
Shore diving buddies
Buddies wanted Dec 5 to 11. Reef cam loacation
Bon bini, wannadive, dive inn for SSI open water
Bonaire Clean-Up Dives
Diving in National Park
What does "Whale Shark" mean????
Calling all tech divers (walt III, hint hint)
Underwater Photography
Staying in Belnem...who to dive with?
New Dive Pics - Nov. 3, 2002
Weather and diving conditions in April?
Bonaire's East Coast
As it is very quiet here are a few Fish Pics
Fish ID Help
Lion's Dive Oct 31-Nov 9
Looking 4 a ScubaPro Wetsuit selling Shop in Bonaire
Dive photos
Wet suits in Oct?
Staying at Lion's Dive Resort Oct 31-Nov 9, advise on div...
WannaDive Review Sep 14 to Sep 29
Coral Spawn Redux
Shore Diving Questions
Dive Equipment?
Catchin' Rays
Question about diving on nitrox
Best dive sites on Bonaire?
What Bonaire is really all about
New Gallery of Photos from Bonaire
A game for you: Guess this reef
Walt II, calling Walt some chain pics for ya!
Toucan Diving Question
No night diving on the first day?
Any new coral spawning observations?
Small Wall
Shore Diving Bonaire????
Toucan Diving - Hard of Soft Weights?
Best Time to Dive & Avoid Thunderstorms
Bonaire Reserve...No Fish?
Whining won't help, but I'm going to anyway...
Another Rental Question
Buddy Wanted
BonaireTalkers Sept. Coral Spawning Dive
Bas, waar ben je???
Drie maanden werk gezocht [15 dec. t/m 15 maart]
Are Check Out Dive Required?
Hilma Hooker
Coral Spawn
Snorkelling, anyone??
Sea Scooter Rental
Camera Rentals
Diving in November - few questions
A Big Thank You
Who much is a 5' LP hose in Bonaire
Whats the big tube btween jeff davis and webers joy?
Oil Slick Ladder (I know, not again!)
What is the Best Book for Bonaire Diving????
Just a Night Dive at Small Wall (Reef Cam)
Dive Orientation
Has anyone used a ReliefBand??
Unexpected encounters - did you have any in Bonaire?
September Water Temperature
Dive Sites for the Newly Certified
Jake told me to post the seawasp picture I took in Bonaire
Diving Lately?
Capt Dons charges 5.00$ to dive off their dock...
Low viz...
Site name north of BOPEC?
How's Pink Beach doing?
Photography Issues and other news from my world
Recompression Chamber
Shore Diving
Oil Slick Leap / New ladder yet?
The Anchors of Red Slave
Digital Strobes
Squid in Formations
Buddy Needed
A wreck on the Windward side?
Blacktip Reef Shark Sightings
Dive Bus
What Exposure Suit For This Time Of Year
Diving Computers
Nikonos users!
Certified yesterday ... counting days til Feb!
Diving/Rental Costs
Buddy needed
Buying scuba equipment - wait till we get to B?
Article is RSD on the Bonaire Dice Festival
Bonaire's Deep Wall
Working to pay for my diving
Padi Course Directors
Small Wall
Oil Slick Leap
What type of suit do you wear diving?
Frogfish Moment
Diving with Jessie Armacost
Question for Jake
Shore Diving Tanks from Toucan
Looking for SSI open water referral programs?
Bon bini
Technical Diving - Trimix
Archives - 2001-09-01 to 2002-05-23
Looking for shore dive buddy June 20 to June27
Bonaire Beauties, (fishy pics)
Dive Sites damaged by Lenny 1999
Handicapped Divers - Aides and Accommodations
The Right Fins for Bonaire Diving
Diabetic Divers
Dive-alogue - Small Wall/ReefCam Reef - May 7, 2002
10 year old getting certified
Dive Festival
Looking For Dive Buddies 5/12 through 5/26
Favorite Klein sites
Andrea clarification
Contact Lens when diving
El Caribe
Fresh to salt weight conversion
Oil slick leap ladder
Safety Stops and Visibility
Marine Park Dive Tag
Light or no light? First time
Which dive operation?
Valuables Storage While Diving (Not On the Bus)
East Side Diving - Late August?
Bonaire Diving Made Easy (Book)
Dive Buddy wanted from april 29th until may 8th
Pilot Whales
Dive Operator Options
Dive Buddy from 4-19 to Sat 2-27
High Fives to Bon Boni
Andrea II Construction
Washington/Slagbaai National Park dive sites
Here's my list of must-do dives - am I missing any??
Short Online Bonaire Dive Video
Bonaire on Outdoor Life Channel April 1st 1 am & 10 pm.
Looking for dive buddies - April 14 to 21, 2002
Try photo agai of UFO
Pics Website
Fish ID Information
Illegal fishing
Top sites for photographers
Top boat dives
Fish & ????? ID help
Sand$ boats
Got my 'Diving made Easy' book - now which dives CAN'T yo...
Looking for Buddy from april 28 until may 9 2002
Fish ID Help
Ken & Jake Dive the ReefCam
Has anybody experience with waterproof bag and container ...
Unreported whale sharks in the north
Cannon dive site?
Slide shows
Info. for new divers coming to Bon. for the first time
Huge Green Moray On Windjammer
Women's Tall Wetsuits
Do I Need A Wetsuit
Shore Diving for Newbies?
Penatration dives on the Hooker
Wristwatch dive-computers ?
What permission is needed for Town Pier Night Dive
In Search Of Yellow Gold
Buoyancy control clinic
Stingrays on Bonaire?
Need recommendation for Dive instructors
Orientation dive
Photo tours
Underwater Housings / CamCorders
Deco gas ?
Reading the console & compass
Divemaster course buddy?
Dive buddy mar 5-22??
Plaque north of Habitat
Dive Video
Divers & reef damage
Diving in Bonaire in September - OK time to go?
Shore diving and theft
Getting certified at Captain Don's
Ear Drums
PADI Advanced Open Water
Photographers and reef damage
Beach/water access allowed anywhere??????
Night diving
Rental gear- airline luggage
Great Adventures Bonaire
Cayman Brac V. Bonaire
Bonaire/Dive gloves
Jelly Fish
Where do boat dives go?
Night Diving From Shore
DiviFlamingo: How's the snorkeling from shore?
Air station @ sand dollar
Which certificate is needed?
Sunk Dive Boat?
Diving in Bonaire alone
How many days?
Vision Correction
Where is baby beach?
Snorkling Bonaire VS. BVI e.g. Virgin Gorda, Norman Islan...
Bonaire vs Curacao?
Divi Dive Shop question?
A question for the better informed than me
First time diver best place for resort dive?
Numbers on Dive Boat
Bonaire Underwater Slide Show
Diving with Kids
New Years Eve Afternoon Dive Report for Cynde Lee and Any... for gear, has anyone used them
U/W Photo Processing
Looking for a wetsuit
Dive Operators
18 Palms?
Diving Companion-12/24-1/2
What is the water like in March.... and don't say blue!
Washington/Slagbaai Hiking
Windjammer and Michael Crichton
Leaving Tanks in Car
Cozumel vs. Bonaire
Since Lenny
Wanted: information on the more "adventurous dives"
North side
Leaving tanks in trucks ?
Big fish
Top Five Dive Sites
Double Reef - Where does it begin and end?
How is the Diving in the North?
BPD...Bad...In Desparate Need of a Great Detailed Dive Re...
First Trip To Bonaire
Bon Bini or Buddy Dive?
Orientation dive at Toucan-Plaza
Looking for Dive buddy 8-15 Dec
Dive Site Book?
Newly certified diver
Woo Hoo, I finally did it !!!!!!!!!
A "new" Wreck ????
Bugs (insects, not the good eatin' kind)
Where's the best place to stay for first visit for active...
Looking For Dad-Mom- Daughter Dive Partners
Venezuela diving side trip? Las Aves?
Dive Photos - Playa Lechi area - October 20, 2001
Penance In Humility
Looking for Sand Dollar Info
Packing for Bonaire
Are possible deep dives in Bonaire (over 200 feet)?
Snorkelers Only Please!
Received PADI OWD
Are possible deep dives in Bonaire (over 100 feet )?
Beach clean-up
Dive Buddy Wanted Nov 1 - 9
I Got Gear!! Whoo Hoo!!
Snorkle/Dive HELP!! :)...
Top 5 Snorkel & Dive Sites
In Memoriam
Dancing Sea Cucumbers and Smoking Sponges
New Certification- Update
Ebo's Reef - Oct. 4, 2001
Sharks on the East Side?
Shore diving the East side
Left a BC in Bonaire- any help getting it to NY?
Reef cuts
Water temp in November
Prices for unlimited Airtanks & Weights
New Certification
Nitrox fills?
Archives - 2000-12-29 to 2001-08-31
Rebreather training
Dive Buddy
Diving invention idea
Shore diving newbie
Snorkel flags
A 2-week Dutch Treat
Chantel's affect on Bonaire??
Josie's Continuing Adventures
What are the best snorkel sites?
Key West
Josie's Diving Adventures: Certification Now!!!
Josie's Diving Adventures: Part III - Little Snag!!
Fish Friends?
Another Diver Certified
Josie's Diving Adventures: The REAL thing...
Diver-to-Pro Etiquette
Dive Report SHARKS!!
Josie's Diving Adventures
Where do you put your personal belongings when snorkeling
Should I get certified to get the most out of Bonaire?
What is the current water temperature?
Worried about my feet....
Organizing a Dive Trip San Diego to San Clemente August 20th
Cave snorkelling????
Someone save a picture of my dad and I (Please Read This)...
Kayak Diving
Snorkeling Report - Ignore Out-of-Date Guides
Oil Slick Leap
Forest : The Dive Site
New website pictures Bonaire shorediving sites
Custom Video Shoot ??
Info on Photo Tours
UW Photography
Digital vs. Film cont.
Digital vs. Film
Plaza diving
How has the snorkeling and the island faired?
Diving in Canada
Goes with trip report from Rosemary
Diving with Black Durgon Scuba Center
RecTek Scuba
Bonaire Dive Pics...
Snorkel Report
Rookie Dive Recommendations?
Refresher course required?
Water temp and should I buy gear?
Certification Class: Is it a waste of vacation days?
Status of Snorkel Sites
Condition of Windjammer?
Shore diving - just how much freedom?
The Pink Bus?
Fellow fish watchers wanted
Best sites for Seahorses.
Dive Report June 15 Captain Don's towards the north
Buck Island v. Bonaire snorkeling experiencs?
Renting gear
Shore diving from Harbour Village
Snorkel Friends
Dive Bus
Can a weight belt just "fall off"?
Dive buddy in july
Wanted: Dive Buddy
No, no, no, try again
Shallow dives
Snorkel/dive in lake
Shore dive permission/gas
How's the storm damage?
Green Submarine Dive Shop
Night Dives
Town pier night dive after the crowds had left
Dive Log May 26 Salt City dive site
Diving in June
OK so talk to me about hats and water temp in June
Sea itch caused by larvae of the sea thimble jellyfish
Sea turtles
Dive Report May 19 at GreenSubmarine/Kralendijk moorings
Sexual activity on the reef?
Diving the south and east ends.
Northern Dive Sites
Dive Bonaire 1
Why very few sharks near Bonaire
Bootie, not that kind
Jessie Armacost's book on shore diving on Bonaire
BCD Recall
How expensive is dive equipment on Bonaire
Divers on the Windjammer !!!
Linda's Pictures.
Any Orchids on Bonaire?
Where do these fish live?
1st trip to Bonaire, New diver, lots of questions
Lycra skins - warm enough in September?
Divi Flamingo Diving
Dive Log as Promised - April 21st Small Wall & Reef Cam
Where would your last dive be on Bonaire......
Playa Funchi - where is the snorkellilng
Dive Gear Rental; Wet Suit in April/May
How Deep
Flight After Dive Surface Time
What does the reefcam look like?
Wet suits for freediving/snorkeling in late May?
What about Aruba and Curacao, I mean as long as I'm here
Quick Dive Log - Small Wall April 5, 2001
New Shore Diving Website
Quick Dive log - 18 Palms Dive Site (Plaza Resort)
Dolphins sighted this morning
Shore entries
New regulator, if you don't mind my asking
Marine park book
Mysterious jellyfish stings (?)
Finding dive buddies on Bonaire
Shallow sites
Family of snorkelers
Good fish ID book avaiable on Bonaire?
Do we need wetsuits?
Dive Report March 10, 2001
Top 10
Can you rent or buy kids snorkeling gear on Bonaire?
Wreck diving
Town Pier ?
Have asthma, but passed the pulminary tests, would you dive?
Solo Diving
Best way to snorkel Klein??
Have you seen any manta rays lately?
Hooking up with other divers
Wet suit repair
More Pictures From My 2/01 Dive Trip
Dive Gear bug repellent
Question re booties & other footwear
Snorkeling from the shore
Heard of a new snack bus???
Tanks for shore diving
Black Brotula pics from Smal Wall
Snorkeling and kayaking the mangroves
First pictures from Bonaire Trip
Things NOT seen on the ReefCam
Back From A Week At The Plaza Resort/Toucan Divers
How is Bari Reef?
Snorkeling conditions?
What is a well dressed snorkeler to wear?
Trivia question?
Winter snorkel practice
Reef condition
Camera rental
Snorkeling Recommendations
Diving despite sinus problems!
Where to rent a strobe?
Looking for various dive opinions
Too many fish!
Archives - 1999-05-18 to 2000-12-28
Too many divers?
Defacing the Reef?
Divemaster Certification - PADI
Our Friend Overcomes His Fear Of Snorkeling
Upcoming trip to Plaza Resort 2/9 to 2/17
Stinging box jellies at night
Renting Scuba Gear
Snorkeling in January
Emergency Guide
6,5 mm Neopren - to hot for november ???
Is Bonaire crowded at Dive Festival time?
Skins, booties, etc.
Shore diving
Trip report
Trip report
Depths and Site Conditions
Survey for repeat Bonaire guest
Salt Pier
Going on a diving vacation without a buddy
Question on Divi Flamingo shore diving
Toucan Divers
Four days of snorkeling and kayaking?
Info on Willemstoren Lighthouse
Cooler Waters Wetsuit Tip
Under water photos available
Boat Dive Schedules
Related to "can't miss sites"
Can't miss spots in Bonaire?
Dive Site "Protector"
Calm Snorkeling Locations?
Kids, diving and snorkling
Too tall?
End of another great dive site
Buddy Dive
Dolphins AND Seahorse
Swimming with Dolphins
Contacting the Woodwind
Thnaks Lorraine Medows
Thanks to Michael Gaynor
When to visit snorkel sites?
Dive Skin or Wetsuit?
Questions about Nature in June!
Where are the Mangroves?
Windjammer Wreck
Renting U/W photo and video equipment
Open Water Referral Class ?
Bonaire Dive Festival experiences
DCS complications on Bonaire
Kayaking and snorkeling
Snorkel pass?
Underwater photos
Dive flags
Shore diving procedure
Single Snorkeler
Help me find a seahorse!
Dive trip log
Help on dive-shops
Which Dive shop?
Log book
Water temperature
Cave Snorkeling
Captain Don's Dock Repairs
Monthly Cleanup Green Submarine
Concerns about being a single diver in Bonaire
Put up some Bonaire Photos
What are the 5 best shore dives on Bonaire?
Snorkel sites we enjoyed
Diving equipment
Photography Classes
I'm trying to contact Barry Gassert from Sandwich Factory...
Diving Alone
Marine Park Instructions?
Shore vs boat dives
Shore diving
Island Map for Snorkeling - Best place to get it.
Same ole, same ole...Updated reef & diving conditions
Water temperature in march
Going 1st class-cheaply
What Equipment Do I Need to Bring?
Please help on current good snorkeling sites
Super Snorkel?
Night dive
Snorkeling Playa Franz & Playa Funchi
Dive Buddies Feb 26-March 28?
Wet suit needed to snorkel?
Sand Dollar
Cell Phones and Dive Flags ??
New Diver New to Bonaire - Please Help us with some gener...
End of January Climate report
Snorkling the shore reefs
Buying snorkeling equipment
Shore Diving
Report on storm damage
7 mil.?
Only 2 1/2 weeks to live
Thanks Toucan Diving
Compare Bonaire to Cozumel & Belize
Information Needed
Tdi extended range diving and rebreather diving
The wreck of the Maury Baun.
Snorkeling at Plaza
Dive and Vacation trip in February
Just returned from Bonaire
Shore diving at Captain Don's
Snorkel sites at resorts
Reef conditions for snorkeling
Reef damage resulting from Hurricane Floyd
Info - Help
Has anyone tried a .5 mil fullsuit?
Resort Course --- What to expect
Bootie Fragrance
Can i get my certification in Bonaire
First time going to Bonaire, I have a few questions.
The Cambrian Foundation Group will be there!
Looking for shore dive buddy and general dive info for Ma...
Looking for Dive Buddy...
What to wear while snorkeling, cont....
Solo trip
Hurricane review
Guided snorkeling
Arriving Oct. 20th!
Rental Equipment
Dive Operator Green Submarine
Need a buddy
Invest in a dive computer its not that much
Shore Tanks U/L for $13 a day
Bonaire Photos
Day Trip Sites
Prescription masks
Monthly Clean up
Semi-Shallow Dive Sites
Coral Spawning (blooming)
Wet Suit Help
Will be in Bonaire in ten days. Have concerns about the ...
Snorkeling in Mexico (Pacific Coast)
Dive Buddy
Quality of Snorkeling (was "Buddy's Dive Resort")...
Fish Guides Available? (Was "Diving")
Water & air temp
Fish & Other Critters
Mantis Shrimp
The Many Fish of Bonaire?
Water temp
Favorite Dive Sites?
Need a buddy
Night diving