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Hotel for overnight in Aruba?
DAE in trouble?
I got the bug!!!
Delta from Atlanta - Perfect trip April 9th-16th
Summer Flights-Continental via Houston
CUR-BON connections
What major airlines arrive on Saturdays?
Continental has a deal for vets and spouses
Continental has a deal for vets and spouses
Check out continental TONIGHT!!
April 9-16 Trip started - Atlanta stayover answers
Wednesdays AA MIA-CUR-BON Insel problem
Insel Air trip report: Miami-Curacao-Bonaire
Cheap Flights
MIA fire!
Double check your departure tax!
Curacao to Bonaire flights
Departure tax included?
Large strollers and car infant seats
Bonaire to Costa Rica
New Insel - KLM agreement
Insel from CLT
Kudos to apartamentu Holanda in CUR
Flights in the fall from NY area
Friday night
Insel Air baggage questions Miami-Curacao-Bonaire
Continental IAH to BON tomorrow night!
DAE sets nightmare in motion
Insel air from Curacao
Rental car and making early departure flight
April 9-16th - Delta from Atlanta and ?
Anyone Else on Newark Continental tonight?
Airfare is still through the roof!
Leaving the hotel California
Time to clear airport, Sunday 6:30 arrival
EWR to CUR to BON - Best connection to BON?
Insel connections in Miami
Continental flight Departure -- how early to arrive
No more Bonaire to Quito after 10/30?
Airport tax in Cur after overnite?
Where to stay overnight in Curacao
DAE billing policies
Overnight in Curacao?
Parking machines
Thanks-Ruth Van Tillberg
Wheelchair rental and handicap assistance
CO to IAH on Mondays?
Flamingo Airport Construction-Starting Feb 13, 2011
Overweight in CUR?
Bonto USA thru Cur-Ccustoms?
Newark flight
1/8 and 1/22 report
Charlotte to Bonaire; The Long Story
CuraƧao airport
AA flight to Curacao and no baggage?
Outragous Airfare in March
Miami enroute to Bonaire
Aruba airport question
Departure taxes in Cur ?
Continental from Houston to Bonaire
Departure tax
Boston to Bonaire
Delta flight - getting your luggage in ATL
How do you deal with the annoyances of getting to Bonaire?
Continental service
Connection time in CUR?
Urgent Advice 1 night in Aruba
Insel from kingston jamaica to bonaire
Insell air and pets
Is Divi Divi Air still in business?
Bon via Caracas
Newark to bonaire flight (gone??)
Heightened security
Currency problem on arrival?
Sunday early am
Atlanta to Bonaire?
DAE bashing - not this time
Archives 1999-2005
Archives - 2005-08-10 to 2005-12-13
So how has AJ been lately......?
Divi Divi Baggage restrictions
Good JM deals
Bonaire Airlift Charter
Getting there really early
From Chicago
Connection time in SJU on return trip
Time for Curacao customs
Another Aruba connection question
Adequate layover in Aruba?
ATA yesterday
Contact information for Inter-Island flights to Bonaire
Another Charter added from Canada
Carriers other than KLM from Europe?
AJ theory...
Bonaire article in conde nast traveler
Just booked
Does anyone have USA Today Nov. 22's Money Page
Day flights in to bonaire
Minimum time for AE connection in San Juan?
Calling Bonair Express
No one in the tower--AE flight turned back!
Aaah- I waited too long
Shipping to bonaire
Background on establishing air service to Bonaire
Fluctuating airfare
Caracas to Bonaire
Help needed - Best connections to fly from New York
AJ Saturday Flights
Any affordable airfare out there???
New problem?
Airlift - Ft L to Bon... what happened?
American Eagle aircraft
Crazy airfare sale for a few days. $9 ea way to Jamaica.
No Problems with Bonaire Express
AJ A good report
Bonairexcel+USAir trip 10/12-10/20
Bonaire Express Luggage Restrictions?
Aruba to Bonaire
Air from San Jaun
Cast Iron Bathtub
Help - AirJamaica Ticket Problem
NEED HELP - Tricky Tuesday Travel in Nov.
Adventures returning from Bonaire
Connection help
American Airlines Cuts Luggage Allowance
Airlift schedule?
USAirways and BE
Luggage check at San-Juan
Passport Neeeded Before December 31?
Do you have to reconfirm AA flights for return
Dutch Antilles Express, Bonaire Express
Denver to Bonaire 2006?
Need help getting from NYC to Bonaire!!!
Boston to Bonaire via Continental
Airplane overweight issues
Air Jamaica - right on top of things, as usual.
Time to burn in Aruba
Bos to BON - Is this connection too tight?
Independence Air now flying to San Quan
Air Jamaica Reduces Baggage Allowance
First trip to Bonaire booked!!!!!!
Ft. Lauderdale Flight
When to buy..... March 2006
Cost of Aruba to Bonaire BE flights?
Good travel experience to Bonarie
Aruba entrance tax
2 checked bags ok for BE?
BonairExpress report
CO bookings
Divi divi air
Follow up to our AA/AE delay in San Juan
Aruba to Bonaire small charter flights?
Air Jamaica - another complaint
Travel from Boston
Bonaire Express report 8/31-8/9 (was supposed to be 8/7)...
AA offers 500 bonus miles for $50 donation
Flamingo airport: items not allowed by security
Batteries & Baggage
Getting Around San Juan Airport
Divi Divi Flight Cost
Flying with Animals
Stuck Inside of San Juan with the Bonaire Blues Again
Air Jamaica and service to BOS
Is it too late to book for mid-Oct?
Liz - What about the charter from Fort Lauderdale?
How to Visit All 3 A-B-C Islands, Whether You Want To Or Not
Canada to Bonaire - by air -help
AA to Divi Divi Connection
Travelocity Package ?
KLM Flight From Amsterdam
Whatsup BE?
Air Jamaica today
San Juan Airport?
Bonaire Express weight restrictions
Bonair/CuracaoExpress's new name.
New flight schedule from DAE
Inter-island flights or charters
Low Price air to Bonaire
Archives - 2005-06-01 to 2005-08-10
HELP! Passing the time in Aruba's airport
Air Jamaica
Charter flight to Bonaire?
United increases service from Dulles to Aruba
New service to Bonaire
Air Jamaica 7/23-7/30
Booking Bonaire Express
Questions on amount of flights going into and out of bonaire
Questions on amount of flights going into and out of bonaire
How many times has Bon Excel canceled the 6AM
Finding Bonaire Excel website
Air Jamaica - Never Again!
Us airway to Aruba - BE from Aruba to Bonaire
American Eagle early departure from Bonaire
Ransom for Flight from Aruba to Bonaire
AJ Cancels Boston to Jamaica
Update on AA/AE baggage weight restrictions?
Flying aruba to Bonaire?
Beware " Travel Guard Insurance"
No Airline is Perfect
Important warning on the joys of Bonaire Excel
Air Jamaica Cancels Saturday's Flight to Bonaire
Anyone gotten refunds for cancelled AJ service?
KLM back to 3 flights a week
New Air Service
Spending night in Curacao, flying DiviDivi to Bon
Excited about return
AJ today
Hato Airport turn-around times
AA question
Need a flight: 11/5 through 11/12/2005
Laser Airlines
Saturday AJ
Bonaire Express, any recent experiences?
Spirit Airlines to SJU or MBJ
AJ woes
Atlanta to Bonaire
Patience BT'ers....
No more free Red Stripe on AJ...
Continental once weekly Houston-Bonaire!!!
Air Jamaica resumes year round service
Bonaire Exel luggage allowence
News on IAH-BON
AE Service not so hot
Trust Air Jamaica and Bonaire Pros or NOT?
Air Jamaica
Food for thought
Bonaire to Curacao - Flights
Atlanta-Bonaire 6/18
Its 3:45am, the 8:25am BWI to MBJ showing as delayed 2 hours
Recommendations to a frightened traveler
The perfect (well maybe) solution!
Mary at Sandollar is great, and we got air jamaica'ed
AA Flight change
Our Carribean Air Pleasure Cruise Courtesy of Air Jamaica
Ahhhhh, I don't know what to do????
Do I pay departure tax from Bonaire or Curacoa to U.S.?
AJ June 4
Air Jamaica 6/11/05
Bonaire Excel Connections from Aruba
CUR-BON connection
Puerto Rico Layovers
Air Jamaica Never trust them
Efforts for new US-Bonaire direct service
Aruba - Bonaire flights
LAX to Bonaire on AirJ
Flying los angeles -bonaire
Just got home
Boston charter - Feb 2006?
AJ flight from BWI 5/21
Tax question
Bonaire Air Traffic Controllers
Flight Times for Divi Divi
If There was Direct Flight From Miami to Bonaire
Reasonable Air Fares
How to avoid the AA 8am flight
Without AJ, besides AA what other options are there?
Maduro is Bonaire Exel's Exclusive US Agent? .NOT.
New Service to San Juan
Options for getting to Bonaire from Aruba
What to do in PR for five hr. layover?
Air Jamaica suspends service to Bonaire
Vancouver to BON
High Cost of getting to Bonaire
How is Divi Divi??
AE Schedule 2006??
Is Air Jamaica cancelling service to Bonaire??
Departure Tax
Might be worth a try with US Air
May 7 ANYONE ON JM from MBJ to BON
BonairExpress Observations & Recommendations
Atl to Bonaire in Sept. '05
This Just In: Agreement reached at AJ!!!
Bonairexel and luggage allowances
Excellent AJ Experience
We demand service
Air Jamaica News
Cheapest US Depart to BonAir
Portland OR to Bonaire
Worried about AJ--anyone use trip insurance(+)
What is Dutch Eagle Express and what is their phone #
Archives - 2005-01-01 to 2005-05-01
What airlines service to/from Aruba and Bonaire?
KLM - usual shoddy service
From Calgary Canada to Bonaire
Best way to fly from TUCSON to BONAIRE
Question concerning luggage
Air Jamaica
Luggage Connection
Bonairexel/AA help
AA Schedule
BonairExel ticketing info for US
Marking luggage and finding treats
Travel with baby?
Miami to Bonaire
Do I have this right?
Reno to bonaire
Bonairexel folding?
Bonairexel is Folding.
What happened to ALM
BonaireEcel: Anyone know the cost for overweight luggage?
AJ or AA to bonaire
Song begins service to AUA
Anyone used Priceline?
NYC-BON $427
New AA Schedule?
Booking Flights
BonairExel is transition
Air Jamaica to stop service from Houston
Help me get from St. Louis to Bonaire in Oct.
BonairExel Update
JM Flights are grounded by FAA
Interesting stuff about AJ - We just had terrible experience
AJ - sounds like schedule changes..
What to do during long layover in San Juan
It's now "BonairExpress"
AJ Boston/Bonaire/Boston okay today
What to do
How's Divi Divi Air for flying from CUR-BON?
Divi Divi Schedule
AJ - Saturday 2/26...when did you get home ?
Aruba to BON
LAX to Bonaire on AirJ
Travel Insurance
New travel restriction items to be aware of...
Getting from Bonaire to Caracas
Going to Bonaire From Aruba and Back on Bonairexel?
DIVI Flight Question
Three big blue birds on Bonaire at the same moment
Charter Flights
Air Jamica from O'Hare (Chicago) to Bonaire
Funjet or Apple vacations
From Cincinnati to Bonaire?
Advice on Tickets/Flights
Travel from Margarita to Bonaire
More flights from American Eagle
AJ - service changes afoot?
Aviod AJ at all costs
Getting to Bonaire from Honduras???
Aruba to Bonaire, there must be a way
BonairExel Summer Schedule
Air Service a Fiasco - what is being done?
AJ Service Not All Bad
Lets us know about AJ service
AJ is Failing Us!
Air Jamaica departs 2.5 hours late today AND
AJ Service Nightmare
Future of BonairExpress?
Tracking Air Jamaica Flights
American Eagle; A woeful baggage experience
Latest on BonaireExpress
Air Jamaica today
Advice needed
St. Louis/Miami/SanJuan/Bonaire
AJ Travel INS
Chicago/Milwaukee to Bonaire
San Juan to Bonaire
A DECENT AJ experience!
DiviDivi - weight limits?
Your views Please
Departure Tax
Need Advice for 4 day trip to Bonaire
BonaireExpress Quirks in Curacao
Houston to Bonaire
AA Returns to 70 lbs.
Bon Ex Current experiences - please (aruba -bonaire)...
Air carrier phone numbers please
AA/Divi Divi
Another positive Air Jamaica experience
AJ ....what is the weight limit? (nt)
Air Jamaica flight cancelled
New US Travel Rules for the Carribean
LAX to Bonaire on AirJ
Bonaire Exel Cancels but doesn't Delist
Our A.J. BON to ORD ordeal
Archives - 2004-08-16 to 2004-12-31
Bonaire via Portland Oregon
Cheap Tickets for Sale from BOS Feb. 28
Email and Bonaire Exel
Air Jamaica-Miami
Any good prices from Boston ?
USA-Cur Charters!
Virginia to Bonaire? What's the best/cheapest way?
First-timer! Where do I start--New York to Bonaire?
Need help traveling between Curacao and Bonaire
More charter to Aruba, BE to Bonaire questions
Paying for overweight from Aruba
Airline weight allowances from Aruba
Booking flights on flyexel
Overnight Layover In Aruba - Hotels?
Prayer Books need to be shipped to Bonaire
Getting from Suriname to Bonaire
If you CUR to BON tips
Can we get from Aruba to Bonaire?
American is having a sale from Boston
Charters to CUR from Toronto
Air Jamaica
Charters from the US to Aruba
Charters to CUR from the US
NYC to BON: Is there a non-expensive way?
BonairExel / CuracaoExel - Winter Schedule
AJ carry-on limitations (laptop)
BOS to BON..anyone in Dec. coming
American Eagle Cancelled???
Re-packing for trip - problems?
Airline Rumors
Somewhat controversial.....
Travel from Milwaukee (or Chicago) to Bonaire
Orbitz still saying DCA is flying!
Thanks everyone
Aruba to Bonaire- any alternatives to BE?
BE and Miami
Air Jamaica 10-17-04
AA Flights from SJU
Cigars and Liquor
BE experience...again
DCA (Dutch Caribbean Airlines) - Official TCB Notice
Boston to Bonaire
How do you get from Caracas to Bonaire???
Have you heard of this?
TSA & Pony Bottles
For those flying Bonaire Excel
Has Dutch Caribbean Airlines gone out of business??
Air Jamaica out of BOS
Anyone coming from BOS
BE Tickets
Arriving in Bonaire Sep 18th-Air Jamaica?
Cleveland/detroit to bonaire
Layover in San Jaun
Air Jamaica Statement.
Charter Info re: Bonaire
Arrival AUA at 2:43 PM. Can I Make BonXl to BON @ 3:30 PM
DiviDivi Aruba to Bonaire
BonaireExel price from Aruba to Bonaire
Air Jaimaica flights due to Frances
Alert - AAA bookings for AE thru SJU are being changed!
Austin, TX to Bonaire - suggestions?
Customs Restrictions
Air jamaica bonaire to atlanta
DIVI DIVI - Forget waiting for a plane...
From Denmark to Bonaire
Archives - 2004-02-01 to 2004-08-15
Weather next week across the Caribbean
Air Jamaica - LAX customs question
DCA Bonaire to Caracas
DCA - Miami to Bonaire Status
Air Jamaica SALE...
To Bonaire from Holland
Air Jamaica out of PHL
AA American Eagle does it again
Air Jamaica / women's purse
What is a good fare for Atlanta to Bonaire for Christmas?
Can you take bug spray on planes?
To Bonarie from Caracs - No good DCA flights...
ALERT!! AA Cancelled BONAIRE Service
Layover in Mo'Bay, suggestions please
Getting a pet from UK to Bonaire
Aruba to Bonaire?
US Air Philly to Aruba: 196.00
Yet Another Bonaire Excel Issue
Buying booze at SJU
Traveling single w/daughter - requirements at entry?
Airline weight limit
Beer At The Airport?
Bonairexcel: Bonaire to Aruba change
BonairExel Question
Departure Tax for Toddlers??
Bonaire to Curacao- what's the best way?
How is it flying on Air Jamaica?
Budget Tickets From Caracas to Bonaire
Bonaire Exel-Continental now selling tickets in USA?
What to do in Jamaica Airport for 5/12 hours?
Air Jamaica Baggage Enforcement
DCA - Miami-Curacao-Bonaire
Need contact info for BonairExcel
Help a newbie
What to do at PR airport for 4 hours?
Air Jamaica Sale
Are BonairExcel & Dutch Eagle Express one & the same?...
Ideas Needed - Complicated Baggage Situation
Arriving in Aruba 2 pm; can we make 3:30 BonairExel to Bon?
Flying in with pets
Luggage and theft
Help! What to do with luggage until check-in time?
2005 Airfares - UGH !!
To Bon From Coz or Cancun
Is American enforcing the tiny carry-on rule?
BonairExcel - Aruba / Tickets & Check -In
Clearing Customs in Aruba
Traveling with Meds
What to take to Bonaire
Immigration in San Juan
Anyone heading back to BOSTON in July?
Luggage transfer from United to DCA in Miami
AA Depart Sched Change 0600 now 0800 eff May 1-04
Minimizing DCA Exposure...good thing, right?
Airfare increases
Questions about American Eagle
Bonairexel update
How early should I buy air tickets?
Travel from Texas
JFK to Bon 10, March?
Anyone coming around the 24th March on Air Jamaica?
Prices from Aruba to Bonaire.....?
Tom Cousino Stuck In St. Thomas For The Night
AJ - check in times....US & Bonaire
BonairExel developments
How is the Aquaspace doing??
AJ Upgrades
Anyone from AA?
Is $576 Good for July?
Air Jamaica Legroom,Upgrades, NY
Traveling with a toddler
Help me get from St. Louis to Bonaire
Archives - 2003-05-01 to 2004-01-31
Planning a Trip
Routes from SFO to BON
Bonairexel baggage weight limits
US - Caracas - BON?
What's a good fare from Bos to Bonaire?
Charter from the US
Passport or Birth Certificate
Prices for July??
Best airline for Miami to Curacao--DCA or AA
Carry On Baggage
BonairExcel - Reliable?
Going to Bonaire from Toronto, Canada
Should I carry on my 2nd stage reg and console when flying?
Security in Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire
Costs for a container
Info Needed - DCA Bonaire to Curacao
Air Jamaica and SCUBA tanks
Dutch Caribbean Airlines....Yes or No ??
Flying to bonaire thru nyc
Side trips away from Bonaire?
Bonaire neophyte..... help?
Need help getting a box of things to Bonaire
Air Jamaica
Hold that plane :-)...
BonairExcel progress?
Travel Agency
Don't fly DCE - Use Bonaire Excel
Canada to Bonaire?
Pet Immigration?
Aruba to Bonaire
Air Jamaice carryon question
San Juan to Bonaire ?
Fair price?
Trips on travel agencies
Bonaire - Aruba in February
Stay in Jamaica
AA lowers some fares
Travelocity? WARNING! WARNING!
Weird Stuff with AA fares/schedule
Anyone going from Boston?
CUR-BON with Bonaire Exel
KLM and dive equipment
AirJamaica sched change
Flight through San Juan with Hurricane Isabel approaching
BonairExel luggage limits?
ORD to BON- leaving in a month- luggage advice?
AA sked changes
Boston based people..please read
Low last minute airfare to BON
Overnight in Montego Bay
Anyone want to take a Lear Jet from Bonaire to Miami?
Aruba to Bonaire Fare Update
AA 6AM departure, any problems?
When to book flight?
Getting film through the airport
BonairExel Schedule & Fees
Seattle to Bonaire
I don't think Air Jamaica likes Houstonian's anymore???...
Delta FF award w/ AJ
Getting from Aruba to Bonaire
Caracas/Bonaire connections
BonairExel got the AOC....
Atlanta to Bonaire - what is a good fare?
Bonaire to curacao
Miami layover, airport pool ?
Bonaire Excel sighting
Layover in San Juan
KLM timetable changes
San Juan to Bonaire : American Eagle Logistics Question.
Charters from Boston,MA/Manchester,NH
Job oportunity
Day Trips from Aruba to Bonaire?
US Entry Documents
PHL to BON via Air Jamaica... Any tips?
Fly from bonair to aruba
American Airlines E-Tickets
Strange question about luggage
Bonaire Exel again..........
Another question for exp. AJ fliers
Warning - Air Jamaica schedule changes
DCA advice
KLM Sale
Potential problems and travel tips?
Chicago (O'Hare or Midway) to Bonaire
DCA vis Divi Divi
Need help from Aruba to Bonaire
Getting to BON - Help needed!
AA connection in Bonaire & Luggage Question
Chogogo has been sold
Bonaire E Z News
New to Bonaire
Getting from curacao to bonaire
Can someone clear something up for me?
Delta Fall Sale (really AJ)
Weight Restrictions on Air Jamaica
Archives - 2002-10-28 to 2003-04-30
New Orleans (AA) - Miami (DCA) Bonaire??
What to check and what to carry on
American Airlines
Bonaire Airport Advice
How to get a hold of Bonaire-Excel for reservations?
Ferries from Bonaire
Visa ????
BonairExel first ATR-42
Royal Aruban OKed to fly
Airfare to Bonaire Going Down!!!!
How has Air Jamaica been in and out of BON
Help me please.
Luggage delays in San Juan
Advice for lost luggage with DCA
Aruba to Bonaire
Dutch Carribean Air
Boston to Bonaire
Getting to Bonaire
War.........what war..........i'm going diving
Anyone know how to get from aruba to bonaire?
Bargains from KLM
Luggage ties- Air Jamaica
Toronto to Bonaire in the summer????
Detroit (DTW) to Bonaire.
Layover (overnight) in San Juan; Advice?
Water Taxi's Bon to Cur
Great rate on Air Jamaica from the Left Coast
Toronto to Bonaire
AJ From Philadelphia Question..
American Eagle Carry-On
Who is Dutch Eagle Express?
ATA non stop to Bonaire
Best way to Bonaire from Nwk NJ
KLM Extensions
Brisbane, Australia to Bonaire
My Flight Canceled - Alternatives?
TransCaribbean Airways to serve Curacao
AJ - how early to airport in US??
American eagle
Bonaire to Belize or Turks and Caicos
I am so ticked at Delta
Is Curacao considered to be safe?
Birth Certificates in Lieu of Passports
Aruba to Bonaire
Luggage allowence DCA
Is $500 a good fare from Atlanta?
Bonaire by either Curacao or Aruba
Air Jamaica - ever missed connection to Bonaire?
FAA shutdown airport?
Any Advice ?/ AA Changed Flight Times
Bonaire to Roatan?
Water Ways to get to Bonaire from Aruba?
U.S. travel restrictions from TSA?
Travel Problems
Mad at AA!!
Regulator in carry on?
AA charges for heavy baggage
Package Deal
Getting Lot's of Gear to Bonaire
Getting back from Bonaire
Air Jamaica Delays!
Air Jamaica to Bonaire: The Way to Go
Getting from Bonaire to Toronto
Ferry to / from Bonaire and Curacao running properly?
Delta now flying to Bonaire?
Any news on Bonairexel
AJ departure tip
UK KLM Prices
What to do in San Juan????
Embargo on BOXES
Current Airline Security Measures
From Ft. Lauderdale
American Airlines may spin off Executive Air
Island Dreams or Bonair Pros
Colorado to Bonaire in one day....
For Canadians - flight out of Toronto
Avia Air
Archives - 2002-01-01 to 2002-10-27
Aruba or Curacao ???
Contact Information
American reduces DFW-BON fare
Air Jamaica Drops Rates...
KLM flight changes
Direct Flights from Miami???
A hint of more ways to get to/from Bonaire?
Delta airlines to Curacao
Amsterdam -> Bonaire a direct flight?
Connecting from Caracas, Venzuela ?
Beware of new airline restrictions!
How soon to arrive at airport?
Batteries in camera at security check point?
Security regulations
US Passport for a minor?
Aruba to Bonaire
Divi Divi Air
Getting to Bonaire/Ferry Questions
9/11 Cancelations?
Weekend Getaway - AA
Email addresses needed
Florida to Bonaire?'s
Future of American
Aruba to Bon - immediate options?
Flying stand by
Rochester, NY to Bonaire
Boat, plane or plane?
Air Jamaica & AA/AE fall fare sale
Travel to Bonaire from Toronto
Air Jamaica Schedule Change
DCA or Not DCA?
Any tours going to Bonaire in August 2002?
Getting to Bonaire from Aruba
Bonaire from the UK with KLM
Maduro Travel Agent Problems
Flights from Aruba to Bonaire?
Carry-on question (AJ)
Air Jamaica Special - Round Trip
KLM Early morining flight
St Maarten
Still relatively inexpensive...
Air Jamaica shedule change
AA Early Departure
Any good flight prices from LA?
Fast Ferry from Bonaire to Curacao
Does anyone kow what airline K8 is??
TA questions
Flamingo Ferry or Plane from Curacao?
Early airport arrival
Bug Spray
Dutch carribean
Royal Aruban Air
Bonaire from LA. How are the experiences?
Traveling Tuesday to Bonaire-packing
KLM from Amsterdam direct to Bonaire
Royal Arubian Airlines
Dutch caribbean air
Flying Air Jamaica Through Montego Bay
New AJ rates for June-July
AA and San Juan Airport
AA and American Eagle San Juan connect problems?
2 days and counting!!!!!!!!
US Passports for infants?
Help--I bought a bottle of Scotch and want to mail it to ...
Hip Hip Horrah I found the Island For Me
Air Jamaica out of O'Hare
Northwest Airlines non-stop to Bonaire from Atlanta, GA.
Kaliningrad Airlines - ???
Question for recent trevelers.
HOT Deals to Aruba
Dutch Caribbean Airlines joins ARC
Aruba to Bonaire
Airline Prices to Bonaire
We are...getting to Bonaire!!!!
Ferry from Curacao- is it reliable?
Royal Aruban Airlines
Air jamaica
Dutch Caribbean ( Express or Airline ?) from Miami
Daily KLM service from Amsterdam
San Juan to Bonaire -- same problems as Bonaire to SJ?
Getting home is the problem for us
ALM Changing name direct from Miami will be better!
American Airlines vs. Air Jamiaca
American Eagle may be sold.
Delta airlines
Air Jamaica Spring Fare Sale
Returning to the USA from Bonaire
Fewer Frequent Flyer miles from 4/1 thru 6/15
Avia Air
To Bonaire easier from Caracas or San Juan PR?
Using logo luggage
How to stay longer (have 30 day ticket)
Money back from Air Jamiaca
Discount fares
Cheapest way to travel from the Netherlands to Bonaire
HELP - NEED TO KNOW BY TOMORROW - what is Air Jamiaca, AA...
Charter Service
Carryons ?
Recent Experience with AA, ALM, Divi Divi and Fast Ferry
Air Jamaica
The Prices are Rising?
Caracas VZ to Bonaire...possible??
F.Y.I. How early should you arrive at the airport?
Calling All Travel Agents-Help Me!
Questions about Air Jamaica transfer in Mont. Bay
Travel Questions for SJU Layover
Royal Aruban/American Airlines
Vancouver-Bonaire, How hard is that?
What is the best way to Bonaire?
Getting to Bonaire from Peru
ALM Direct From Miami
Amer. Eagle adding flights!
Tie wraps on luggage......
JM makes another sked change?
Boxes again
Latest on Spare Air in checked baggage
Ferry Curacao to Bonnaire
Post Bonaire Depression and a much would yo...
Best way to pack dive gear for Bonaire
Air Jamacia from Atlanta, -Montego Bay - Bonaire I am safe??
American Eagle 1/12/2002
Airport Advice - What we learned
Airline Security Hassles
General travel recommendations
Enough connection time in SJ?
Martin Air-Aruba/Avia-air Aruba to Bonaire
Bonaire Bound
Aruba-Bonaire charter partners?
AA to the rescue
April ?
Entry Requirements, extended stay
What airline to go from Caracas to Curacao or Bonaire?
Archives - 1999-06-02 to 2001-12-31
HELP..reward offered
Help - coming from Aruba
American Airlines Aruba update
Recent AE Delays SJU-BON
KLM from Amsterdam direct to Bonaire
Beware of Luggage Theft
Pre Departure Arrival Time at ORD
Is this a crazy idea?? Just trying to save money....
Air Jamaica Question?
Ferry to BON from CUR
70 lbs. Weight Restriction on AJ
AIRLINE UPDATES (AA & AJ) & Tropical Travel update, too...
Great American Fares to Bonaire
Dutch Caribbean Airlines
Amazing Race "Final Chapter"
Avoid Aruba as a connection!
Getting to Bonaire.."The Amazing Race"
Am Eagle Aruba-BON cancelled?
Is there any air lines instead of canada 3000 from toront...
Air Jamaica (Boston to Montego Bay)
ALM refund
No more Canada 3000
NY to Bonarie via Kingston
American via Aruba.
First timers
American Eagle or Air Jamaica?
Air Jam is not the answer either !!!
Connection on AA in San Juan
Any ALM News?
No more Curacao to Bonaire via ALM!
No More GWV from Boston
ALM & United Airlines
Group Ticketing
Which airlines fly nonstop to bonaire
Bonaire entry requirements for 4 year old
Air Jamaica at Xmas
Help, ALM has left us stranded...
ALM/Dutch Caribb Please Help....
Sharp objects in luggage - ok again
ALM Luggage
Regs, or BC, or Computer on carry-on?
Getting to Bonaire?
Rochester, NY to Bonaire
What's allowed on carry-on bags now?
URGENT..paging Jake or Michael or someone in BON
ALM Stability
9 hour layover in Curacao! Help!!!
Getting there from Canada
Boxes allowed on AA?
Airport Security
ALM - Bonaire direct to Miami flights suspended?
Alm to charter american eagle aircraft
American on 9/7
4 hour layover in Curacao? Suggestions?
BOS GWV Charter resumes Jan. 4
Air Jamaica update
FYI: American Airlines web fares to Bonaire
Can 3000 -Hello, Flamingo Airport!
An alternative to ALM between Curacao & Bonaire?
Family Vacation...counting the days
Illegal connection time on Air Jamaica
Barbados to bonaire?
More Options from MoBay for Some
Flying with NorthWest Airlines to Bonaire????
Luggage Lessons Learned
What if LONG delay in Montego Bay
Things to do during LONG San Juan layover?
American from SJU
SXM requires cash for ALM landing fees.
Cheap Airfare from Atlanta
Political Riots in Jamaica
Need Travel Agent
Air Jamaica--Goes with trip report from Rosemary
Air Canada 3000...
Bonaire to Curacao on ALM
Air Jamica from Baltimore
Recent ALM experience
Bringing minor
California-Bonaire for the Holidays
Inter-Island Flights
Reports on AA Eagle flights since inception of SJU/BON ro...
Finally Booked my flight...
Air Jamaica - How have they been lately?
How far in advance to buy tickets?
Flamingo Airport
Supply requests from the mainland, anybody in need?
New year 2001 online phonebook
USAIR - Charlotte to Aruba !!
I believe, I believe!
Delta - Air Jamaica: Atlanta to BON
Toronto Charter
I just got my tickets to Bonaire.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Trips from hell.....
New American Eagle service to Bonaire
Air Jamaica Nightmare
What to do in Montego Bay??
What should I do?
The ALM Trip from Hell! (was "Christine's ALM Experience"...
Toronto-Bonaire 3/26-April2 CHEAP fare
ALM problems....NOT!
Air Jamaica problems
ALM carry on allowance
Has anyone tried Priceline?
Has The Eagle Has Landed???
Getting from Kansas City to Bonaire inexpensively?
ALM Schedule Change?! (was "GWV - From Boston to Bonaire"...
AJ Seat Assignments
Gouvernment tax
Expedia show no flights for MIA-BON on Air Jamaica
Air Jamaica carry on bags
American Eagle?
"Ear Planes"???
DIRECT to Bonaire
Route Map
GWV - From Boston to Bonaire
ALM-trip report
Air Jamaica starts Boston route
Air Jamaica's Baltimore schedule change
American Airlines
JFK or Boston to bonaire
Air Jamaica via Miami
Any updates on ALM's solvency, or lack thereof?
Need Advice on Dealing with ALM
31 hours until ALM
Owner of hydrofoil passenger ferry would like to operate ...
Air Aruba bites the dust
Used Air Jamaica problems
Air Jamaica
Hurricane Joyce
ALM Strike?
Boston flights on GWV are back!
Air Jamaica October Specials
Island Hopping from Aruba, Questions about Bonaire
Bring the Dog on Vacation to Bonaire
Canada 3000 Toronto to Bonaire
A warning about ALM
The Time in Now: ALM Letter Campaign
Air Jamaica from Mia
Air ALM disruption
Miami Airport Hotel Suggestions
Aruba/Bonaire Air Charter Service
(Almost) all of Bonaire..........
Any choices flying from Aruba to Bonaire???
Try to write to alm
ALM....there has to be a better way!
ALM Carry-on baggage allowance
Colorado Springs to Bonaire
Toronto to Bonaire?
Baggage Allowance
Getting To Bonaire From Aruba
Dallas to Bonaire - Best, inexpensive Route?
Leg room?
Boston to Bonaire
ALM Ends Atlanta Flights
Mid-Week Travel
Looking for ALM travel stories
Getting to Bonaire from Miami
Bonaire by way of Venezuela
Customs in bonaire
Exit Tax to Leave Bonaire
Type of Aircraft to Bonaire?
Venezuela to Bonaire, Please help
Ferry From Curacao??
Get imigrating from Brazil...
I want to know about the price of a little house in bonair.
Emigrating from the netherlands to bonaire
ALM does it again
Family Group cancellations / Openings now from Chicago, D...
Passport needed?
New ALM Atlanta-Bonaire schedule - at least in February ...
Air Jamaica --- flight times
Rochester, NY to Bonaire -- need help!
Air Aruba from Newark
Connections from Caracas
Returning to Bonaire Certified
Ferry from aruba
USAirways now charging $50+ for scuba bags.
Air Jamaica service to Bonaire
Airfare from Boston
Wanted: cheap flight Denver-Bonaire in December!
How to get from Colorado to Bonaire in December?
Y2K Compliance
Entry documents from the US
Charter flight from Aruba to Bonaire
From Curacao to Bonaire?
Any Air Fare Deals?
From Las Vegas... (Was "Any Air Fare Deals?")...
Getting there from Europe
Archives 2006-2008
Archives - 2008-03-01 to 2008-12-31
Checking in at AA these days
Thur. CUR to BON
Stuck in Montego Bag on a Thurs
JFK to Bonaire?
Los Angels to Bonaire?
Continental luggage fees
Continental Fire Sale
Only 1hr 15 min at San juan. enough?
Hopping a cruise ship to go from Dominica to Bonaire!
Tight Atlanta Connection
DAE reliability? Yes? No?
AA Gate 1 no mas
Bringing food
DC Metro to Bonaire
Cur/bon airport fees and taxes
Tell me about Tiara Air
Passport expiration
Insel Air
Is $684 IAH to Bonaire really a good price?
Yapta News
Newark Red Flight question
Delta fare from Chicago
Newark-manhatten: quick/cheap/easy?
DAE Late Flight from CUR-BON Cancelled
RT Tickets available JFK-BON 12/27/08-1/3/09
New connections
Bonaire to Aruba on Xmas
MIA to Bon Help
Houston Customs CO flight
From los roques to bonaire
Question about baggage on AA
Saturday night AA Eagle from SJU
Dec. 16 San Juan
RE: Questions on Check-In Procedures for DAE (Aruba -Bon)...
Cur to Bonaire Insel Air
Alternative Flight to Aruba
$1221 is the cheapest ticket? Really?
Help...stuck in San Juan
No AE today - Tue 14.10.
Layover in San Juan
Delta atlanta delay
Private Charters to and from Bonaire
Continental upgrades waiting list question
Are there potential AA deals for March
DAE 2nd bag?
RE: Amount of Time Needed to clear customs at JFK
AA miles to Bonaire now 35K
Continental check in time at BON
Best way to Bonaire from Cleveland
Restaurant Recommendations at Newark
Delta prices through the roof?
Duty free in Newark
CO tomorrow from Newark
DAE Flights, other Curacao-Bonaire, & Hotel ?
February flights from Aruba to Bonaire?
Mid-week flights from ohare
Continental from Houston---how many flights per week?
Entertainment in KLM's MD-11
Baggage fees............again.
KLM to Quito in April
Stuck In San Juan
Another Delta Question
Connection in Curacao
Houston this weekend
Catnip through customs?
AA changes causes SJU overnight--any good hotels?
Parking at Newark
Continental Bag Fees - Int'l Travel Next??
Aruba to Bonaire 4/4/09, help!
Bonaire to Quito?
Is there a direct flight from Atlanta?
These Storms...
DAE vs Tiara?
American Airlines sale--$350.rt Miami/Curacao
8 Hour Layover in Miami - What to do?
??? AA/AE Eliminating Flights ?????????
Good week to visit (or avoid) in Jan or Feb 2009?
Any recent experiences with Tiara Air?
Newark layover revisited
Lockers available @ Aruba Beatrix Airport?
DAE or Instel or ???? from Bon to Aruba?? Which one
Sunday BON-HOU Continental flight
AA travelers today...and Jim heading to Jamaica today..
Which flight from CUR?
Anyone else arriving Monday, August 18?
Chicago to BON
Continental lost bags or cancelled flights?
Opinions on places to eat/visit during SJU layover
Airline Checked Bag Policy
Continental and Hurricanes
10 hour layover in Amsterdam!!
When to pay departure tax?
AA maintenance problems
New JFK-Bonaire service on Delta, begins 20/12/2009
How do we get there?
AA today and this week
Delta check in at Bonaire
6 am DAE Flight
Please check new baggage rules
Air Jamaica to CUR
CO Checking In Online
DAE baggage limits
Future of Air Travel?
Originating airport boo boo
AA doubling Frequent Flyer miles needed?
DAE recent experiences with late pm or early am flights?
AA Fares
American Airlines still changing the schedule
Curacao Hotel recommendation for overnight stop
Amsterdam to Bonaire with KLM
Please comment on November in Bonaire from USA to Bonaire?
AA Canceling flights... How is DEA?
Cur to Bon.
FYI Continental flts
Fly Easyair
New Internet service
JFK to San Juan
Another checked baggage question
Tiara Air Weight Limits
JetBlue to add flights to San Juan
What to do in Bonaire after a early morning arrival??
Puerto Rico layover
More airline news
$609 Houston/Bonaire, Good price?
EWR layovers
AA/AE Eliminating Flights
Getting to Bonaire from Boston...not so easy!
Continental and Yapta?
Continental to AE gates
TCB's Take on Rising Fuel Prices
2nd bag fee on international flights on Continental
AA to start charging for ALL checked bags
New Continental Flights?
From Caracas to Bonaire
Comming from st. louis what is the best way
AA Moving Flights
Trinidad (POS) to Bonaire: help!!
Continental 2nd bag charge
AA new $25 for second checked bag?
Immunization Question - Coming to Bonaire Soon!
AA Price drop at Christmas!
Yapta does it again!
Logistics of making a connection through Curacao
I just got this email 4-21-08 Air and 7days Divi $897.
Divi-divi air jamaica -- how reliable could it be?
Spare Air on Continental
Anyone have a good travel agent?
What food can you bring through customs?
Is Delta Insane?
AA Cancellations announced, any news on Delta?
New Luggage Rules
Continental price drop
AA delay = free miles
Flight time on the Divi Airlines
Flight time from Curcacao to Bonaire
Delta - look at Curacao
Departure Tax
Charlotte to Aruba to Bonaire. Am I crazy?
Bonaire airport taxes---???
New gear and how to get it there
Frequent flyer miles Houston--Bonaire??
Beware of DAE. A nightmare trip from Bonaire
Alternate Way from Curacao to Bonaire
Connections from St Martin.
Aruba to Bonaire
Continental Redeye from Houston
Delta cancellations?
Delta Check-in at Flamingo
Delta Flight from Atlanta March 22
Early Arrival at Buddy's on Continental
DAE or Divi
Question for the Experienced about Divi Divi Air.
Meet and Greet/Please read
Delta Flights
Divi Luggage allowance
Lowest summer airfare ?
When does the KLM flight arrive?
AA any good stories? on time, all bags??
DAE Aruba to BON
A Delta Question
Delta not making many new friends
Houston Airport - Enough time?
Archives - 2008-01-01 to 2008-02-29
Departure Tax
Flying DAE
Lounge access at Amsterdam
When to buy Continental tickets
Recent experience with DAE
Delta Flight canceled :-(...
Passing Time in Houston (Id.)
Passing the time in Newark
How many bags do you all take?
BWI to Bonaire on Delta
EWR to Aruba/Cur
Smooth Exit This Week
Bonaire Travel Agent?
American Airline promotional Code
Need Help getiing to Bonaire from New York on a Friday.
Mia to bonaire
Anyone Shipped Luggage via USPS?
A question about customs
Newark - what time do you get there on Saturday night?
DEA report
San Juan to Bonaire on AA Eagle
ATL to BON 3/1- 3/8 $473/pp RT
Count down
Tix from aruba to bonaire -- can you buy them last minute
Small Package/URGENT / To Bonaire
Delta Frequent Flyer Tickets
Flying from Pittsburgh in Aug!
Alternative route from Aruba to Bonaire
Website Divi Divi Air
Good price I think
Website for Caribbean puddle jumpers
DL flight Cancelled
BT strikes again!
Will the CON flight come back down?
Flight shopping timing
AA San Juan Time Frame
AA phone # in Bonaire
Sat. and Sun. Check In for CO and AA
Last minute AA question
Transporting regulator/computer
DAE Experience January 2nd
To and from Roatan ???
Has anyone flown from Atlanta?
American airlines
Li+ Battery Issue
Wanted to share the cheapest way to get to BON by air!!!
DAE question.
Chicago O'Hare Hotel Recommendation
Air for December 2008
Planning April Trip to BON
Check in for BON to EWR
Caracas To Bonaire
Archives - 2007-10-01 to 2007-12-31
Staying overnight in Curacao
New Rules for Extra Lithium Batteries
CON almost $1300!
BOS-BON wrestling w/AA; Delta alternative
AA Today
Holiday Air Travel and Bonaire
AJ Airfare Sale... from their website
AJ Question
DAE - carry-on restrictions
Best Delta Prices
Wine to Bonaire
Freight Forwarder in Bonaire
X-mas and new year's 2007-2008!!
No More AJ From BWI to BON?!!!!!
All packed and AJ strikes again...........HELP
Continental low fare
No More American Eagle ???
Traveler's Checklist
Cell phones
Bag weight limits
San Juan Layover
AA JFK to BON cheap flight
New Delta Flight/Grab Seats While You Can
Curacao to Bonaire
Delta fares to Bonaire
AJ from BWI- short connection time.
Continental Fare decrease from Newark in January
Delta now flying to Curacao
My opinion about DAE
Divi Divi - CUR to BON
Checked Baggage
KLM Seats
Buy flight tickets in advance or locally
San Juan Airport
Dutch Antilles "Express"????????
Delta Pulling Out Too??
Continental - time to clear everything in Newark
Bonaire via aruba, curacao, or san juan?
Bonaire plus Curacao or Aruba?
Cool Website Question
Archives - 2007-01-01 to 2007-09-30
Having trouble getting from Bonaire to Aruba 1 way
Air Jamaica pulls out of Bonaire
Holy Glad I booked early, Batman!
Flying from Ontario Canada?!
Continental Airlines
Delta atlanta/ bonaire
Has anyone ever tried Priceline?
Am I being stupid? C'mon I can take it..
Where to park in Newark?
Chicago to Bonaire Feb 16 to Feb 23
Weight restrictions for Continental
Alternatives for a non-weekend trip
URGENT!!! ARe you coming to Bonaire in the next few days??!!
URGENT!!!! France-Bonaire
Aruba to Bonaire
Holy Cow, Just priced Atlanta to BON on Delta!
AA refund
No AE flight on Saturdays in January????
Here's some good news..............
Coming or Going
New study on why we get sick on planes--according to yahoo!
Layover in Aruba
Renting a car for layover at SJU...
Another question about the Newark redeye
How is the redeye out of Newark?
Continental Fare Fluctuations...?
AA from San Juan to Bonaire
Bonaire Airport Check-in
How dependable is Air Jamaica?
Tiara Air
AA and oversold overweight status this summer
DAE how to contact?
Air Jamaica Aug. 18
Darn hurricanes
Atlanta to Bonaire DIRECT!
AMEX new program
Spirit Air now goes to Aruba
Check in Times for AA in Curacao
Best airline from Aruba to Curacao to Bonaire
Getting to Bonaire from Venezuela
My passport is here!
Whats open after AA SJU-Bon lands ?
Passport update
Continental not in Frommer's
Question about security at San Juan airport
New Divi Numbers
American Eagle Overhead
Passport application-Day 6
Divi Divi - email down, phone number changed and no answer
Best time to book
In the What the He77 were they thinking?
AA Fare Sale
Cancellation Insurance
Booking travel Feb 9-Mar 1 - now?
Day 1 of my passport renewal
Thank you Divi Air
Costa Rica to BON
US Air to American Eagle, San Juan
Check In Time
Renew pasport or not?
FFM on AA a specialized question, need help
If you haven't already booked for the fall
Need Help - Slightly Panicked!!
Staying overnight in San Juan
Are there direct flights from Atlanta to Bonaire?
DAE Weight Restrictions
Newark Question
EZAir new airline flying into bonaire
Divi Reservations?
Air Jamacia
Bonaire to Aruba in Oct 2007
Feb flights filling up......
New airline in to Bonaire
Connecting flight from San Juan to US
Dae--Dutch Antillies Express
New State Dept.Ruling on traveling to the Caribbean
Airport taxis
From Boston/NY to Bonaire
AJ Price
Carrying booze to Bonaire
Premium Seats on Continental?
Puerto Rico Switcheroo Part 2
Arrival time from montego bay
Traveling to bonaire with my dog
Newark to Bomaire
Departure Tax to Aruba
Bonaire Fun Travel
How has AJ been running ?
Getting to Bonaire from Los Roques
Layover in San Juan
When/Where and How Long for Customs?
Going from Curacao to Bonaire
10% American Airlines Code Needed***
Continental from IAH
Frequent flyer credit card options
BWI to Curacao to BON
Spirit airlines has applied for Fll to Caracas Route
Divi Divi Air
Anyone use alaska air miles on continental Houston-Bonaire?
Jamaica Layover
Presidents Week 2008 - CO EWR/BON looks full!
Weekday AE
Florida to Bonaire
Travel by sea from Curacao
Baggage Limits on DAE?
New Direct Flight Miami to Bonaire $250
10 hours layover in San Juan
Insel Air has applied to provide service from FLL to CUR
Park and Fly online link
Puerto Rico Switcheroo
Continental fare sale
Bonaire Exel? Recommendations from Aruba to Bonaire?