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Cinco de Mayo ♥ BT2 Day!
BT2 :):):) COMING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!...
Teacher Apperciation
For Caymus ♥♥♥
Wednesday in May
Ding Dong, It's Monday!
Come Celebrate Jerry's life with us Part two
Come Celebrate The Life Of Jerry Gauron With Us
May pole dancing with Linda :)...
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Good morning from Canada
Friday - The Royal Wedding
A Ken Lee Rival LMAO
It was Thursday....and the rains came!
Wednesday - Half Way There
My daughters
Tropical Tuesday ♥
Thank you from the top and bottom of my HEART :-)
Monday, Monday, Make it a Good One!
The Humble Coffee Filter
Happy Easter
Saturday, the day before the Bunny arrives
Tortola Trip Report
Friday Begins the Weekend
Funny ocean songs
TINK-R-BELLE aka Cynde
Muddy, Maundy, Holy or just Plain ole' Thursday! :)...
H is for Horseradish
Wednesday follows Tuesday
Tuesday, let the rains come down!
Tax Day - Monday
Sunny Sunday
The Dear Jerry Thread
Spring Break
The PETA friendly fur coat
Happy Thursday
♥Wake up Family, it's Thursday!♥
HUMP DAY STARTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR SOME....
Tuesday, tuesday......
Jake & Linda, be strong... we love you :)...
Once upon a Monday.....♥
Change your Words - Change the world
Happy Sunday :)...
Let's Get It Started
Eagle Cam
Roy Roy Roy
Raindrops and Thursdays and stuff....
What deviant behavior would you choose???
For Jerry & Bill
It's Wednesday
Tuesday Afternoon...
Monday Morning Friends..♥
Another Angel has earned her wings
Happy, Happy Birthday, Debbie B :) :) :) :) :)...
Beautiful Sunday
Parental Warning
Great Birthday gift - if you can get one
Archives 2008
Archives -2008-12-01 to 2008-12-31
2009 Contract.....
Hang on Mr Coyote
Let's Make Another Video
The very last HUMP day in 2008.
Year in Review 2008
Tom's Mom
Last Tuesday and Workday of 2008!!!!!!!
Vanity Plates
Zippity Doo Da, Zippity Ay My oh my what a wonderful day....
My Plant....
Chapter 16
We Missed It! Sorry Guy!
Sunday and the weekend continues.
Up Early...That darn Cat
Weekend extension to the Holidays
Can I do a private tribute to my brother?
Happy Kwanzaa
Welcome Back Fancy Pants
Happy Birthday Krispi
Boxing day and Andy's Birthday
Merry Christmas Morning
Do you know about Plaxo?
Peace on Earth, Good Will to People
A pretty neat interactive Xmas card
T'was the day before Christmas and all through BT
Merry Christmas from Florida
Bonaire Dreaming
Tuesday and a picture, Hybrid Motorbike - Double Dare
Merry Christmas
Christmas Cookie Rules......
Happy First Full Day Of Hanukkah
Monday Morning - I SEE STARS
Anyone out there like Xmas Candy???
Santa JigSaw puzzle
Speed TV ??
Super Sunday!
Happy Holidays...
Currency Exchange where?
Did I mention to you
SATURDAY..LET'S CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday S**W day
What has BT done for you?
Now You Went And Made Me Cry
Flight Tracker
Happy B Day Sam Hibdige
Post Hump day and my weekend has started
Christmas Cards
Guess who's going to Bonaire!?????
This is very cool
Whatcha Doin' New Years Eve?
Randy's Winter Wisdoms
Share some stories
Kids, help!!!
Wednesday More S**w
What I've Been Up To
Computer Virus Warning Through Internet Explorer
Tuesday time to Vote, Vote and Vote
Happy Holidays from Cynde and Michael
Merry MONDAY Morning to all...
Another Successful Polar Bear Plunge :-)...
Earlt start here, have a great Sunday
The new foster puppy is here!!!
New Term - BDD
Saturday and I think the Guards are asleep, lets party
HoLiDaY EaTiNg -- guidelines to live by :-)...
What's diving like in New Zealand & Syndey Australia?...
PEGISUE your French Angel is officially HOT !!!!! :-)...
Let It S**w, Let It S**w, Let It S**w...
For all you pet lovers....
Carnival – Tumba Festival Adult
What to do about THURSDAY!?
33rd EDITION part 2 :-):-):-):-):-)...
Humpa Lumpa it's Wednesday
Laugh, think, cry. What a great man he was!
BT Elves
Building a Better Gingerbread House
Rose Bowl
In Memory Of Kaarien
Christmas Card for BTers
20th December, 2008
Monday Morning another week and another Dollar
Happy Birthday Rianna
December 7th
Simply Sunday
Saturday Let the weekend begin!
Holiday Tipping
Wake Up, Wake Up It's Friday
A Pennsylvania Weekend :-)...
Help A Young Man....Please Read This from BH
Confused by the coming Digital TV conversion?
Cool squid video clip
Have a smile on Thursday
Heading to Bonaire on Saturday!
Night Befo Crizzmus
Garlic Butter recipe
Leaving for Virginia tomorrow.
I can't believe it! Kedron's 1!!!
Happy hump day
Can I get some good vibes coming my way?
Trudging into Tuesday....
Happy Birthday Amber!
I need my friends, final update
Good news from San Francisco
Monday start of another week and White Rabbits
Detail from our Christmas Tree
Is there a plumber amongst us?
California pots, and other zen things
Simply Sunday :-)...
Archives - 2008-11-01 to 2008-11-30
Happy Anniversary Randy and Lynda!!!!
Foggy Saturday
Underwater Camera recommendations needed
BT Christmas/Holiday Cookie recipe exchange!!!!! : ) :-) :-)...
Happy Birthday to Barbara and LaDonna!!!
Finally it's Friday
Thoughts and prayers for Mumbai
New Puppy Cam
Christmas in So. Ca.
Wednesday....who's baking pies this hump day???
If you build it they will come.... like it or not!
Two Links Tuesday
One of our own has gone AWOL!
Are you waiting for Black Friday - or buying now?
Free the blue marlin
I need my friends update
Monday First day the week
A cool new find... I think!!!
Snowy Sunday
Advice for Grieving Dog
Happy Birthday Keddlebug!
What were you doing?
Saturday the weekend at last
BT Community Chat Video Now On Youtube
Friday - Puppies got a new BED!
It's truely know what to do!
Post Hump Day time for funnies
Remember the BT video BH made??????
Wake up Wednesday and climb over the hump....
Well kids, we made it this far, IT'S HUMP DAY!
I need my friends
Thanksgiving Plans???
Maggie got her license
It's Tuesday.....VOTE FOR PEGISUE!
Catch me up
Tim and his girlfriend Patty at the Marine Corps Ball.
Good Monday :-)
Another BT Auction?
Random pictures from the "Ranch"
Early Sunday Morning
Happy Birthday to a special old boy
Karen & Roger please check in
SATURDAY............WHO'S ON ISLAND!!!!!!!!!
Space Shuttle
Looks like we get our vacation!
Need Wine suggestion/help
FRIDAY - FREEDOM.....well after 4:30 it's freedom
Brilliant BTers...I need your help!
I got the nicest email from Continental
Hugs and Thoughts for Boom and those in SB
How's your day going so far?
Music News
THURSDAY the 13th!
BRAD/FB...are you a lurker now??
Humpalumpa Day & The PS & Crispi Show.
Gas prices (part 2)
Ready, get set, gooooooo
Happy Veteran's Day!!!
Marine Corps Birthday
Positive Thoughts for Buttercup
What Have I Missed Monday...
Bought my ticket today
Another annoucement
Savor your Sunday....
My Dad's 80th Birthday....
Our Trip Report
Bush/America Bashing
Happy Birthday Michael.
TGIF - no really TGIF
< Out of the Fire ... ...
Just my morning!! Just photos.
Worst Best Man Ever
Fun profile pic's
Starting THURSDAY behind schedule....
Remember, Remember the Fifth of November
Did You Vote?
Mercy in Utila
Let me ask Forgiveness rather than Permission
Laughter Thread
Caymus needs a few good vibes.
Hopefully sunny tues!!!!! happy voting day
Keep Your Fingers Crossed Tomorrow
Congratulations Honey Bunny!
I feel like Rumplestilt....whatever
For the Wordmiths out there
Timmmy, you are THE BOMB!!!
The first MONDAY in NOVEMBER!!
Monday Nov 3,2008 I'm here :-)you are not.:-(...
NEED HELP (possibly professional)
Sleepy Sunday for some
Happee Vakashun Wishes Freddeee and Marttin
33rd EDITION OF OBD :-):-):-):-):-):-) ...
Archives - 2008-10-01 to 2008-10-31
BOO!!!! Happy Halloween BTrs!!!!!
Share your early voting experience........
Check these out
Philly Fever THURSDAY...
Wednesday Hump Day
60 miles, 8.3 million, memories for a lifetime
S'More NEMM Pics :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)...
TUESDAY and the 4 letter "s" word!!!!
Just what did you do, Jerry?
This is what it's all about kids.
Monday Mania....
The SUNDAY after....
THe Few, The Brave, The Survivors. NEMM Pictures
Saturday waiting for NE MEET reports
Good morning from Amesbury MA
Can we get a BIG CHEER for MARA!!!!!!!
Thank **** it is finally Friday
Airborne Carmel Chews
Need fish ID please
Thursday Tales to Tell??
Drink Rum, Support Bacardi Ocean Research!
Fruit Mystery Solved!
This will be my last day on BT
Next Survivor series announced
Happy Birthday to Riley (one day late)
Dive with your iPod (if you must)
The Oct BT Bash.---4 Days and counting!!!
Wake up! It's Wednesday!! (Afternoon thread}
Wake up! It's Wednesday!! (and Hump Day, too! :-) )...
First Chemo Session went well
Free Cobblestones
Good AM Tues - Let's Build a Snow Woman for BH
Is Anyone Going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Before Dec. 31?
Jerry's house invasion countdown!
Good AM Tuesday
Can anyone identify this fruit?
Funniest Dive Quotes You've Heard
Smart thieves
Thank you Julia!
7 years ago today...
Good Morning Monday!
Louise wants a new mattress, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs for Free
World Animal Day - 4 October
32th EDITION OF OBD :-):-):-):-):-):-)...
Happy Birthday Big Boy Roy.
Hump Day is here.
Wednesdaynot so good omar hit
Tuesday n Trees
Anyone ever been to Utila?
Light at the end of the tunnel?
Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy another week begins
Bonaire Mini Meet!!
Lobster anyone?
Yet another cure for PBD
It's Sunday...savor the season you're in.....
IT'S YANA BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buenos Dias - I am on my way to.... :-)...
Kels our lovey..happy B Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
TGIF is a good thing :-):-):-)...
Are there any Polish on Bonaire?
The Economy...These Were Very Informative
Krispi & Kenny up in a tree, k i s s i n g :-)...
Amazing Grace
Thursday Chat Continued - 2
Thursday Morning Chat Room
Dress for the NE MM
Three Reasons I Shouldn't be Let Out Alone
No more page turning.
Happy Hump Day!!!! - Page 2
Happy Hump Day!!!!
Goodmorningggggggggggggg tuesdayyyyyyyy - Pg 3
Goodmorningggggggggggggg tuesdayyyyyyyy - Pg 2
Goodmorningggggggggggggggg tuesdayyyyyyyyyy
GOOD MORNING Yippee!!!! - Page 3
GOOD MORNING Yippee!!!! - Page 2
Gearing up for the surgery
The pre BT MM.
Weekend Mini Meet
~ Happy Anniversary to Jeanine & Wes ~
Normal Sunday Service is resumed
Happy Birthday Elvira!!! :-)...
Desperate diver at a quarry, near Chicago
Friiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyit's here yeaaaaaaaaaaa p3
Friiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyit's here yeaaaaaaaaaaa p2
Friiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyit's here yeaaaaaaaaaaa
It is...It is Thursday! - Page 3
It is...It is Thursday! - Page 2
Perhaps it's Thursday?
Your Hump...Hump...My lovely lady Lumps Day - Page 4
Cam picture
Your Hump...Hump...My lovely lady Lumps Day - Page 3
Your Hump...Hump...My lovely lady Lumps Day - Page 2
My Friday, Your Hump...Hump...My lovely lady Lumps Day
Late Tuesday/Early Hump Day
Gasoline prices in your area
Archives - 2008-09-01 to 2008-09-30
Story Twidderdeeen the cat for Ms Barbel chapter 2
New day begins tuesdayyyyyyy
A new plan for the Wall Street Bail Out
Monday and the week starts anew... Part II
Monday and the week starts anew...
Capt Don stories
Nitrox Salad
Good Sunday Morning, BT Buddies...
The Trip
Happy Birthday Jaci!
Saturday and the weekend I hear zzz's from the guards heh...
Friday cage rattling part 3
Bonaire friends! Spreading Caribbean love worldwide!
Friday cage rattling part 2
It's Friday lets rattle our cages as the Guards are sleep...
Nudibranch Shots
Thursdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy almost weekend yea
Wednesday Happy hour
Mini meet count
31st EDITION OF OBD:-):-):-):-):-):-)...
It's Tuesday, and I just might start this thread!
Don't cross this octopus
Happy First Day of Fall Monday......
Pics from Belize Trip - July 2008
It's Sunday.
SATURDAY-----------I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S CHA...
The nitrox truck
Arrrrrrrrgh, it be Talk Like a Pirate Friday ~ PM Version
Arrrrrrrrgh, it be Talk Like a Pirate Friday
Reef fish in the red
From Patrick. No Power!
A brand new day Thursday!
Need Scavenger Hunt Ideas!
I'm so sorry!
Tom and Smack - be there with bells on. :-) ...
Photo Help....But not with a MAC (LOL!)
Hugs for A Few
BoB Is Safe
Twofer Tuesday
I'm off to do as the Romans do!
OK...anyone posted photos from a Mac using IPhoto??
Helping out when you can
Monday part 2
Moonday, howling allowed
Jersey Boys
Ike thu a Mother's Eye and Two BT Guardian Angels :-)...
Sunny Sunday Too!!:-)...
Attention Seasoned Dive Travelers:
Sunny Sunday
CD liners
SATURDAY, Lets hope linda is done chatting
Still chatting with Linda part 3 - Man she talks a lot!
Still chatting with Linda.....
Come chat with Linda.
Today is Thurday Part II
Wounded Warriors
Today is Thursday, shall we chat?!?!?!?!?
What Happened to Courtesy and Consideration
I aint never been first - Page 2
I aint never been first
Today is Tuesday, talk on..... -Page 3
Today is Tuesday, talk on..... -Page 2
Hey Dave, I have a SECRET!!!
Today is Tuesday, talk on.....
Happy Birthday TOM
Timmy, Tom, & Smack
Okay Let's Try This For Extra Credit
Monday, Part 2!
Elvira's Coming to the NEMM:-)...
Raisins and dogs
And so it starts...
When did it get to be Monday again!?????
Hey Boat Chick.....
30th EDITION OBD :-):-):-):-):-):-)...
Now I'm Reading....
Anybody Want This?
Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!
The Fragile Edge
Timmy tests for KADUI Squid Whisperer Certification
Friday - Part Drei :-)...
Friday - part dos
Friday And I Am Sad For Those That Are Working Today
Tis Thurs. III
Tis Thursday Take 2!!
'Tis Thursday!!
Anyone know of an Internet Cafe in Kralendijk
I think it's someone's birthday
No Wednesday Thread?? But Not a Good Week.
MBT Shoes
Tuesday Humpday - Page 2
Tuesday Humpday
Weather in october ?
Romantic Island Ideas
I am a grandpop
Tuesday Sept 2 - Page 2
Happy Birthday to Donna!!
Tuesday Sept 2
Interesting Taste Test
Labor Day - no Labor Allowed :-)...
Archives - 2008-08-01 to 2008-08-31
My Auction Item is on Its way!
It's Sunday.....and no work tomorrow!!!!!
Happy B Day to...
OMG almost missed Martin's Birthday
Saturday's Talk Place II
Saturday's Talk Place I
It's Friday - FINALLY!! - Page 2
Good Vibes needed for one of our own.
Some New England Pictures
It's Friday - FINALLY!!
Do You Want to fly ?
Thursday, one day closer to the Week-End! - Page 2
Thrusday, one day closer to the Week-End!
I think there is a 5 yr old out there today!!!
Another Punch in the Gut
Hump-a-long Wednesday....Episode IV
Any status on the Breathe IT U/W Webcam?
Hump-a-long Wednesday....Episode III
Hump-a-long Wednesday....Episode II
Hump-a-long Wednesday....
Today is Tuesday Three....
Today is Tuesday Two....
Today is Tuesday......
Manic Monday Part 3 IT'S TIME :-)...
John Stigaard's Obituary
Manic Monday Part 2
BTer's - I'm Holle
Mahvalous Monday, Darling!
Relax! It's Sunday :-)...
SATURDAY PT 2 ...Carry on Chattin' :-)...
Pet update
Friends of Friday.... - Page 2
Friends of Friday....
Blast from the past
BT mini Meet at Louise and Jerry's house
It's STILL Thursday.... page 3
It's STILL Thursday.... page 2
Cayman brac/ help
Thhursday tttalking tttogether....
Hump Day August 20 - Page 2
Bruce again last night.
Happy Birthday Jake!
Hump Day August 20
What do they do with the salt
Time for Tuesday Talking....- Page 2
Time for Tuesday Talking....
Melo-Monday 3
Melo-Monday 2
John Stigaard-Ashes to Bonaire
Monday Meldodrama..:-)...
Sunday Funnies
Saturday - I am not allowed to sleep in!
Good Friday Morning To Ya! - Page 2
Good Friday Morning To Ya!
Any entrees in a fall foliage BT cookout at Louise's hous...
Welcome to part Two
Happy Thursday Chat
It's wednesday!!!!!!!!!!! - Page 2
It's wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!
Talking Thru Tuesday.... - Page 2
Happy Birthday SMACKSTER!!!!
Talking Thru Tuesday....
For Your Info
Slowly movin' into Monday...-Page 2
Need Opinions Please...
Happy Birthday Alison
Slowly movin' into Monday...
Blue Whale Vid Off Dana Point, CA
The great Sunday Sleep In?!
Happy Birthday, Eileen!!!!!
Need some good thoughts
Saturdays Chatty Chat PART 2
Saturday's Chatty Chat
My latest glass project
Happy Friday...Mornin' Jerry :-)...-Page 2...
Happy Friday...Mornin' Jerry:-)...
Hi Kids
The sky hasn't fallen yet!
A question to my fellow inmates.
Thursday, has the sky has fallen?
Happy 6th Birthday Rajan! :-)...
Good's HUMP DAY!!!! - Page 3
Kaarien update.
Good's HUMP DAY!!!! - Page 2
Good's HUMP DAY!!!!
Tuesday is the first day of the rest of your life - Page 2
Tuesday is the first day of the rest of your life....
Kobi's Wedding Thread :-)...
Last Auction item on its way
It's NOT my Imagination!
This will be my last post on BT
It's GEORGE'S Birthday!!!!!:-)...
Mind Over Monday???
Vertigo Anyone????
It's Sunday, shall we chat????
Catalina will never be the same :-) ...
Fridaaaayyy Afternoon 22.5 days to go :-)...
Goodbye John
Connie Hamilton RIP
Bruce Report- Giants Stadium July 31
A Day Late....
Be thinking of Pegi Sue and family......
It's fridayyyyyy 23 days to go
Kiwi's ready to fly the coop!
Kiwi touches downnnn - part 2
Kiwi Arrives in the OC
It's someones big 4-0 today!
Archives - 2008-07-01 to 2008-07-31
Humping on to page #3
ME thinks we need Hump Day #2
Hump-Day...ever feel this way on hump day?
Pre Hump day Tuesday - Page 2
Earthquake in Southern California
Weekend at Becky's
Patrick-Can you say 6 days?
Pictures from Roatan
Safe Travel Wishes for Debbie B
Looking for Anton eldkamp, photographer.
Pre Hump day Tuesday
Over Moaning Monday! Pt.2
Bruce rocked Giant Stadium last night!!
Ha Ha, I am on Bonaire today
Moaning over Monday!
I want to share my adventure
auction item #10 Choc-O-Lot Bear
auction item #19 2 of 4 "ScubaDoRag" Shirt Large
auction item #19 3 of 4 "ScubaDoRag" Shirt Medium
auction item #26 1 of 2 luggage tags
auction item #4 a delicate handmade original ceramic box
auction item #12 XL pullover sweatshirt Sea Tow
auction item #33 Pearls and Flamingo earrings
auction item #6 The new S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer)...
auction item #25 2 of 2 see it safe Case
auction item # 9 Jerry's "CUBE" by Partylite
auction item # 32 stained glass initial suncatcher
auction item #11 LG Zippered Hooded Sweatshirt Black
auction item # 14 LG collared short sleeved shirt Sea Tow
auction item #2 3 of 5
auction item #13 LG collared short sleeved shirt Sea Tow
auction item #23 heaving Line
auction item #24 2 of 2 Bimini Clips
auction item #16 cigar OpusX
auction item #18 cigar 1950 Gurkha Pre Embargo
auction item #25 1 of 2 see it safe case
auction item #26 2 of 2 luggage tags
auction item #27 cylindrical waterproof cases
auction item # 29 BT flag {translucent}
auction item # 34 "The Reef" print on canvas
auction item #8 Raku jar with seahorse
auction item # 19 4 of 4 "ScubaDoRag" Shirt small
auction item #21 "Rincon Rhythm" print
auction item #24 1 of 2 Bimini Clips
auction item #28 BT flag Mottled
auction item #15 Flamingo CA red
auction item #2 5 of 5
auction item #31 Stained glass Diver Down flag [hammered...
auction item # 35 hand knitted baby sweater
auction item #30 stained glass divers down flag [smooth}
auction item #19 1 of 4 "ScubaDoRag" Shirt Large
auction item #5 a 2008 calendar
auction item # 22 1 week vacation home
auction item #3 - a $50 gift certificate to the BT auction
auction item #7 "Mini Aperture" a lithograph print
auction item #17 Jimi Hendrix 1997 First Edition
auction item #1- Carry on roller bag
auction item #2 - Picture cubes made with glossy paper
auction item #2 2 of 5 Picture cubes made with glossy p...
auction item #2 4 of 5
auction item #20 Sea turtle switchplates
Bonaire Talk Auction 2008
Attention donors and winners
Summertime Sunday Chat Style....
Happy Birthday Carole B
Sizzling Saturday...... teil 1 :-)...
Happy Birthday Mara
Flipping Friday 'Fase' 2 :-)...
New Game
Today is the day...
Back From Honduras
Bonaire on Jeopardy!!
Northern Lights
Girls rock in math & science (& my daugher was on ABC new...
Finally it's flipping Friday Hooray
:-) Guess who we saw tonight? ...
World wide Bters part 2
Happy Thursday BTrs 'round the World!!
Foibles, Furballs & other mysterious things
Info and prayers needed
H H D H W T T W Part 2 :-)...
Advise about a Handheld GPS PLEASE?
Happy Hump Day Half way through the week
OMfreakinG!!! Check this out....
Two for Tuesday, PartIII....500,000+
Analog tape to Digital CD
I am pleased to announce...
Two for Tuesday Part 2 - 500,000 coming up :-)...
Two for Tuesday....
Monday montage ...... Page 3 :-)...
Monday 3
Monday montage.....Page 2
Fish Pedicure!
Monday montage.....
What do you do when you can't dive Bonaire?
Bad News for me
Happy Birthday Hammerhead aka Johnny!!!!
IT's sundayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Update on Karrien.
Rebates on Bonaire
SATURDAY-----CAN WE CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do you love Bonaire?
Auction news.
Crow About Friday - Page 2
Let's not bring down our Friday thread...
Crow About Friday (Finally)
Talk about Thursday - Page 3
Talk about Thursday - Page 2
Talk about Thursday!
This is waaay cool.....
Hump-A-Long Hump Day - Page 3!
Hump-A-Long Hump Day - Page 2!
Happy 21st Anniversary Kobi & Rob
Hump-A-Long Hump Day!
Happy Birthday, Bette on Bonaire :-)...
Trudging into Tuesday - Page 3
Trudging into Tuesday - Page 2
Trudging into Tuesday.....
Monday Moo Morning :-) - Page 3...
Rhode Island diving
Monday Moo Morning :-) - Page 2...
Timmmy and Angela in Tennessee
Monday Moo Morning :-)...
Chattanooga Here I Come
Shipping and handling information please read.
Wet Sunday Morning
Update from my end of the world
Congratulations to our auction winners
The BT auction was a BLAST!!!! Thanks Mods
The Worst Song Ever
Auction is closing today at 6:00PM
Looks Like I Get To Start The Saturday Thread
Road Trip 08 A few pics from BH
TGIF - Episode 3
TGIF - Episode 2
Gone, but not forgotten??
Help the Bonaire Brother
It's a new day, how nice! - Page 3
It's a new day, how nice! - Page 2
It's a new day, how nice!
Dinner with The Big Guy and Downtown Cam
Wacky Wednesday - Episode IV
Pictures from wedding
Wacky Wednesday - Episode III
Favorite Aruba Dive Center
Florida Keys Trip in May
29th EDITION OF OBD :-):-):-):-) part 1...
Anyone been to the Bay Islands?
Wacky Wednesday - Episode II
Wacky Wednesday :-)...
New England BBQ July
Totally Tired Tuesday! :-)... - Page 6...
Totally Tired Tuesday! :-)... - Page 5...
Totally Tired Tuesday! :-)... - Page 4
Totally Tired Tuesday! :-)... - Page 3
Thank you Freddie and Jerry
Totally Tired Tuesday! :-)... - Page 2
Totally Tired Tuesday! :-)...
Murky , Muggy Monday Morning...-Page 3
Murky , Muggy Monday Morning...-Page 2
All right, enough is enough
Murky , Muggy Monday Morning...
Sunday part III....Mini Meet King is on Island :-)...
Happy Anniversary Jerry and Saint Louise!
Steam and Heavy Horse Show plus Paddy's first Dog Show
Tribsy Withdrawal
Sunday part II...where is Patrick anyway?!?!
Sunday...Where in the world are Patrick, Karen & Rog?
Saturday evening...we ran amuck with no MPT around!!
Saturday afternoon...You'd think it was the fifth of July...
A quiet 5th of July?
4th of July on Bonaire
Happy Fourth of July!!!! Love to all BTrs round the world
Happy Anniversary Jake and Linda, abd Linda and Terry
Thursday---2 DAYS FOR PATRICK - Page 3
Thursday---2 DAYS FOR PATRICK - Page 2
A little photo help?
It's Humpy Humpy Humpy Day - Convoy #3
Have you seen this??
Talk about Thursday - Page 4
Update on CB's Mom
Gun Riot reported in Boston
It's Humpy Humpy Humpy Day - Convoy #2
It's Humpy Humpy Humpy Day!
If you're out there - we need good thoughts and prayers
Pre Hump Day - 7/1 last half of 2008 - PAGE 3
Pre Hump Day - 7/1last half of 2008 - PAGE 2
Canada Day!
Pre Hump Day - July 1st we are now in the last half of 2008
28th EDITION of OBD part 1:-):-):-):-):-)...
Archives 2008-06-01 to 2008-06-30
It's MONDAY - Page 3
First ever BT auction
It's MONDAY - Page 2
Oregon - not sure where this goes
Freddie's big adventure.
Looking for Bas who worked at Photo Dive tours
It's MONDAY...We could pretend it's Sunday still...:-)...
Happy sundayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sat- TDWBJI part two
TGIF Final Edition
TGIF Third Edition
I found BOB's alter ego....
TGIF Second Edition
Good thoughts please
BT get together on Bonaire July 6th
Thursday...Are we there yet? How about Now? - Page 3
Thursday...Are we there yet? How about Now?
Thursday...Are we there yet?
Some Sad News
Hump dayyyyyyyyyyyy - Episode III
Hump dayyyyyyyyyyyy - Episode II
Hump dayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pre Hump day, lets prepare in advance - Part Five
Pre Hump day, lets prepare in advance - Part Four
Shark Attacks Kayaker off Catalina Island
Pre Hump day, lets prepare in advance - Part Three
Pre Hump day, lets prepare in advance - Part Two
Pre Hump day, lets prepare in advance
Divers can understand this
It's monday boho - Page 3
It's monday boho - Page 2
George Carlin Dies
Monday morning fitness
It's monday boho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More Florida Maxi Meet Photo's and Silly Stuff Sunday
FLMM - Sat. -The main event continued.....
Go Ann Go!!!
FLMM - Sat. - Part two - The main event
Goodmorning it's saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
A Special Thread for our Kaarien
Longest day of the year,,,,,
Friday Pt III - BTBD Bar Extravaganza!!!!
Tribsy is my new BFF
******* Patrick's Here - FLMM un-officially started *****...
Wakey Wakey it's Friday
Anyone Near Hurlburt Field in Okaloosa County Florida?
Thursday's Chat - Page 4
Thursday's Chat - Page 3
Thursday's Chat - Page 2
Thursday's Chat
Diet and Healthy Chat Thursday!
Hump Day Continued....
LET'S HUMP... - The Return of The Humper
LET'S HUMP... - The Two Humpers
49 days
Bella VS Isla
Is Jerry Missing BOB??
LET'S HUMP...........iT'S HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wake up and get HEALTHY Wednesday!
11th International Coral Reef Symposium
Scuba Show 2008 ~ Long Beach, CA
Tick Warning (and Chat Tue) - Episode III
Am I the only idiot?
Tick Warning (and Chat Tue) - Episode II
Have a HEALTHY Tuesday...
Stateside - Tick Warning!!!
Plopping right into MONDAY! - Episode III
Plopping right into MONDAY! - Episode II
Law Suit Pending...Please Take Note!!!!!!!
Diving (well, plopping) right into MONDAY!
The WORK-out Week Begins!!
A Daddy's Day Photo!
Bc talk
Happy Father's Day!!
Late nite free style
There free style
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Woman talk & Patrick
Saturday's Talk Place II / Woman only!
Saturday Freestyle
Saturday and the weekend is here
FL Maxi? Meet update needed!
Chatting on the 13th - Part III
Friday Freestyle - PAGE 4
Friday Freestyle - PAGE 3
Chatting on the 13th - Part II
Friday Freestyle - PAGE 2
Friday FreeStyle
Chatting on the 13th
Friday the 13th...just another HEALTHY day!
UPDATE on Patrick
Thursday Joke Day? - Page 2
BTer Wins Wetpixel's Picture of the Week
Thursday Joke Day?
Getting HEALTHY together on Thursday and beyond....
Happy Hump Hump Hump Day - Episode II
Live like you Love the Ocean
Thank you house cleaning lady.
Alexander Peigelbeck (Sand Dollar) died June 8th
BT Auction Update
BOB's Tennessee destruction.....
Where's my Willpower Wed.? (the healthy eating thread)...
Strange Marine Mammal in Durban, South Africa
Happy Hump Hump Hump Day!!!
Tuesday humor
Tired Tuesday - Episode III
Story Time.....Just for the heck of it!
Tired Tuesday - Episode II
Tired Tuesday?
Tuesday HEALTHY MOVE day....
Never mind!
Monday where for art thou Friday / Monday part 3
Monday where for art thou Friday / Monday part 2
It's Monday, how nice!
HEALTHY munching and hot MOVING Monday!!
Wah, we couldn't dive in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend. :-(...
A message from Kaarien
*Patrick* You out there?
Sunny Sunday
Status of reform in Bonaire ?
Just to show of Lydia!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!!!!!:-):-):-)...
Andrea's High School Graduation!
I am starting today's Healthy Eating Thread! :-):-):-)...
The Horror!
Is it really June 6th!??? Episode II
Just A Reminder
Is it really June 6th!???
Friday HEALTH Fanatics!
And so it begins...
Graduation, from 5th to 6th Grade...
Thursday Chat (Version 4.3.3)
Thursday Chat (Version 3.2.2)
Thursday Chat (Version 2.1.1)
Keep Our Big Bro In Your Thoughts
Sea Base Opportunity
Thursday Chat (Version 1.0.0)
Thoroughly HEALTHY Thursday!
Wednesday already - Episode IV
Wednesday already - Episode III
Wednesday already - Episode II
We all need to stay FIT and HEALTHY Wednesday and Everyday!
Wow! Wednesday already!!
Tuesday chatters Episode IV
Gentle Hugs to Angela (Funny Accent)
Tuesday chatters Episode III
Tuesday chatters Episode II
BOB's Tennessee Vacation
Any Tuesday chatters up yet??
Here's a toast to HEALTHY lifestyles on Tuesdays!
Monday again and again and again and again (Part 5)
Monday again and again and again and again (Part 4)
Monday again and again and again (Part 3)
Monday again and again (Part 2)
It's MONDAY again!
Movin' and Munchin' on Monday....
Happy Birthday Dr. Doo
SUNDAY part 2:-)...
It's Sunday everyone!
Archives -2008-05-01 to 2008-05-31
Slow Day...Saturday Chat # 4
Saturday Chat Line #2
Sat Chat II
My virtual workout buddies
It's almost saturday
Wally's back!!!! Boo
It's Friday Part....AH heck we've run amuck LOL!
It's Friday Part 5(AKA The K, B, K. SHOW Part 3)
It's Friday Part 4 (AKA The K, B, K. SHOW Part 2)...
It's The K, B, K. SHOW!
It's Friday Part 2
HEALTHY Friday living...
Hey Everyone, it's FRIDAY!
Thursday - Chat Page 6
Thursday - Chat Page 5
Thursday - Chat Page 4
Thursday - Chat Page 3
Where Have You Dived?
Thursday - Chat Page 2
Late Birthday wishes
Thursday - how many chat pages?
The NEW DIET - Mouth surgery!
More (Quintuple) Humpers
More (Quadrupled) Humpers
More (To The 3rd Power) Humpers
More and More Humpers
More Humpers
Is this where the airline industry is headed?
Check out this video :-)...
Where are all the Humpers??
Well welcome to a healthy Wednesday
A Tribute to Tribs........
'tis Tuesday! 'tis Part 2
My Birthday Dive - Linda**
A Beautiful Ceremony
Happy HEALTHY Tuesday...
'tis Tuesday!
Good Memorial Day Morning!
:-)Happy Sonday Kids:-)...
It's Sunday.....Again!!! Did everybody OVERSLEEP!?!?!
Come have lunch with Patrick, he's paying:-)...
Come dance with Pat.....
Going High School Grad Monetary gift
Friday - Part 3
I'm going out on a limb here...
Friday Part 2
><}}}}(*> 2nd Annual Florida "Maxi" Meet <*)}}}}><...
It's Friday, Have a HEALTHY Memorial Day weekend!
Recent travel insurance
The Day After Hump Day, Part 2
The Day After Hump Day...Thursday
New Addition
Good Vibes to Michael on his operation on Thursday
Page 5
Happy Hump Day - Page 4
Happy Hump Day - Page 3
Another change at the ModSquad
Happy Hump Day - Page 2
Another HEALTHY LIVING day....
Happy Hump Day - Is Bob going to be a mod?
Check it out...
Even More Tuesday Stuff
Tribs needs a hug and lots of good vibes
More Tuesday Stuff
Please help... anyone?
Tuesday Stuff
Let's keep MOVING and EATING RIGHT together this Tuesday!...
Battery question
Alaska Dan update
Mon pt 2
Another Graduation
Atmos is conking out...what about Sherwood?
FOR SALE>>Very Good grasshopper!>>
Jack and the Beanstalk
Monday Morning
Weekend over...HEALTHY DIET resumes and/or begins again...
And a graduation, too...
No Talk Here Just Some Tunes For Your Sunday
Bright Sunny Sunday
Larry had babies? Yard bugs and psychedelic sunsets.
Prom pics!
Congratulations Bob Milton - You Rock!!!!!!
TGIT page 3
TGIF Page 2
Week ending HEALTHY EATING should not...
Happy Anniversary Judy and Ron
Part 2
It's post HUMP day, now what?
HEALTHY HEROS Thursday Thread.......:-)...
Hump part 2
Rest In Peace Inventor of the Wetsuit
Timmmy without modem
Morning Y'all....happy humpin'
HEALTHY Weight Wednesday!!!
Kristi & Timmmy - Mini Meet
Tues - part - 2.
Happy Tuesday The 13th!!!
HEALTHY LIVING on Tuesday Together!
Monday part 2
Monday Chat?
Healthy HEALTHY EATING Monday!
Safe Travels To Jim McPeak
It's Sunday, just another work day:-(...
Happy HEALTHY Mother's Day!
Sat part 2
Promised Fiji pictures
SATURDAY--DO YOU LIKE TO CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FRIDAY--The you play and talk site!!!!!!!!!!!
The HEALTHY week ends here, but the HEALTHY DIET, does not!
Budweiser Clydesdales Come to Hampton Bays!
Auction update.
Canadian Flamingos
Just Another Thursday Fun Day
Have a HEALTHY Thursday!
A must see video!
Hump part 2
PROM 2008
For Brad
Hump Day HEALTHY DIET Diva's and Dudes!
Happy Hump Day...
Posting Youtube Videos on BT
Part Two.
Nurse's Day
Now For Something Completly Different
Take charge of your DIET Tuesday!!!!!
Dumpster Diving Diva.....
I got an early Mother's Day present - a Ped Egg! :-)...
Monday 3, for the FRESH folks
Happy Birthday Blennylips
Still Monday!! Need SomeThing FRESH!!
Mmmonday HEALTHY HABITS rule! :-)...
It's Monday, and now what!
Thank you house cleaning lady.
Slacking on Sunday chores
Any Hockey Fans Out There???
Sunday, Heading Out To Purchase A New Power Washer
Sunday is a good day for exercise.
OBD 27th EDITION part 2 :-) :-) :-) :-) ...
Down the stretch to part II
LDS comment
What do you think?
St. Croix trip report: don't forget how great Bonaire is
DIET is the word for Saturday!
Chapter 4, a day in the life:-)...
Hoosier Bobby?
Friday part 3
FRIDAY---The coming part 2
Florida Diving Pictures
FRIDAY---The weekend is coming!!!!!!!!!
Another Day, another DIET thread....Friday edition!
Important News Item
White Part 3
A worthy cause..
White part two.
Thusday fun
May Day DIETing together!!!!
White Rabbits, it is post Hump day
Guess who coming for Dinner
Archives - -2008-04-01 to 2008-04-30
Humping x3
HUMPING part 2
Diet, Diet, Hump Day, Hump Day....
I have a question please.
Arlington-May 12th
To Recline or Not to Recline
It Is Tuesday - Toofer Time
Thriving on the results of your healthy DIET Tuesday! :-)...
What a slooooooooooooow Monday afternoon.
Monday Morning
Keep Moving while DIETing Monday!! :-)...
Just Another Ducky Sunday :-)...
Back from Fiji with a slide show! :-)...
PS, you out there?
Surviving Sunday on a Healthy DIET!
Sat part 2
Puck at Buddy Dive
Happy Anniversary Shawn and Yougui
Saturday DIET Sensation....
SATURDAY----I'm here where are you!!!!!!!!!!
Friday Chatter......
Friendly Friday DIET Fanatics!!!
Part Three.
Thursday part 2
THURSDAY...Done Humpin'
Thursday DIET Thread for Those who Dare
OBD 27th EDITION part 1 :-) :-) :-) :-)...
HUMP Day, A Fresh Start
HUMP day Chat
Fish Phone Service
Mid week DIET check in .....
You're now how old???
Happy Birthday Will
Update on Tim
Tribute to My Friend
Anyone Know A Cheap Lawyer?
Toofer Tuesday
Tuesday is Earth (and DIET) Day!
Monday Movin' On with our DIET plans....
Monday Monday!!!
Jerry, check this out.
Sunday DIET Support Group...
Sunday - Sunny Day
Saturday...we talk TOO much!!:-)...
Sat - part - 3
Hugs for Megan
Saturday--------Come out and play!!!! part 2
It's Saturday, but stick with your DIET plan!
Friday part three..:-)...
Friday Part 2
Danny Federici (E Street band keyboardist) - RIP
Another week here and gone, yet the health DIET goes on...
FRIDAY!! I've been waiting all week
CB is heading to Bonaire tomorrow!
Happy Hour
Thursday...Make Me Smile!!!!!
DIET is not a dirty word...
Hump Part 2
We're humpin We're humpin
You say "Diet", I say "Tomahto".....
Tue, Part Two.
It's Dieters here!!!
Tuesday the HEALTHY DIET way....
More Fun......Chapter 1
Happy Monday Part Two:-)...
Not Diet its called lifestyle change
Monday Monday Monday Why Oh Why???
Never DIET on a Sunday...
Sunday Morning - Who is awake?
Saturday, Take Two
Dive boat
Don't let SATURDAY sneak up on your DIET!!!!
True Steve Stories.... All Day.... Right Here!!!
Friday Part thre3
Cynde we are here for you!
Friday Part Two:-) here Kitty kitty...
Friday Diet Frenzy
WOO-HOO It Is Friday
Thursday Wine Time - Part 3
Thursday..PART 2!
Just HAPPY Thursday!! (one more day!)
Thou shalt diet THURSDAY...
Mini Meet that are taking place
Part 4
Part 3
What's up with YOUR diet Wednesday????
Tunes For Tuesday
Non-bruce report
I miss BOB!
Rock Chalk - Jayhawk - KU!
The Tuesday Morning Diet Times
Dengue Fever
Something to share with you....
Monday-Part Two:-)...
You know what today is right?
The Boss tonight!
Fiji non-report
IMonday Morning...To diet or not to diet?????????????
It's Sunday in my part of the world!!
Kansas beats North Carolina!!!
SAT part 3
Sat part two.
Bonaire TOMORROW!!!
Friday part 2
An episode not to miss - next Wednesday
Another new arrival
Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!!!!!
Guess The Weight of Debbie's Grandchild!!!!
It's Thursday, Part Two.
Debbie's @ The Hospital
Grandkid pics
3 Day Walk for the Cure
It's Thursday!!
I need your advise/suggestions -- PLEASE (This is Elvira)...
OBD 26th EDITION part 1 :-):-):-):-):-) :-(...
Used Dive Gear for Boy Scouts.
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Hump DayEveryone!!!
Today "Could" be the Day!
"You Suck"
Hey Avon Walkers and Flip Flop Lovers!!!!
FINALLY 10,000
People who need to GET A LIFE.
Bob is about - we may need help!
It's not Monday any longer:-):-):-):-)...
April Showers, Facebook Frustration, etc....
Happy Monday, Part Three:-)...
April Fools Day
Archive- 2008-03-01 to 2008-03-31
What's it going to take, Monday
:-) Happy Monday, Part Two:-)...
Happy Monday:-)...
Pics From Tim's Graduation-USMC Quantico
Monday and a few pics from the mini meet at Captain Don's...
Susan - KU makes it to the final four!!
Digital TV Converter Boxes
Sunday Snoozers?
Kaarien, you have blocked so much I can't even reply!
Just a Tease
Saturday workers unite.
Saturday - Sad for me.....
Friday part Three
Friday Part Two
Playing Catch on FRIDAY!!!
In honor of Tim and Dylon
It is tough to be a Tuna...
Inventor of the Egg McMuffin dies :-(...
Off to Quantico, VA
Debbie B
Anybody Diving These Days???
Thursday Chuckles
Dylon's Big Adventure
We just felt something explosion that shook
Just for my buddy, you know who you are.
Check out this guy!!!:-)...
BOB seems to be MIA
It's HUMP DAY...YEAH!!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Riker! Live Long and Prosper!
What happened last night - UFO? Storm? Meteorological?
How about some Tuesday?
I Sat Here For Two Days
Monday part two.
Cute Videos
Monday Again...
Facebook Failure?
Black Jelly Beans...
To all my friends.
For all you Danny Noriega Fans
Earth Hour
Why In God's Name Do You Have To Do That?
Mr. Springsteen: Thoroughly Enjoyable
Thanks For Your Support
Part three
Finally Friday..Whoo-Hoo, Part two.
Finally Friday..Whoo-Hoo, I waited all week for this!
Tuesday Funny pic's part Two.
Another ray accident, this time in the Keys... :-(...
Good Morning Springtime, Part Two.
Thursday Funny Pics
Good Morning Springtime!!
Brian & Sue in Bonaire
Anyone Wanna See Me Dance?
Hump Day AND a Party............
Sad day for me.
May I ask a question please?
Has anyone seen Tom?
All you Illinois folks
Alabama is alive and well.
Some pics (mostly birds) :-) Just a few!...
Poor Paul!
Happy St. Patrick's Day.....
Price of Groceries
Update on Tim
Wake up, get out bed, drag a comb across your head.
An interesting test
Forget Hello Kitty - Bonaire Launches Hello Flamingo
Snow Rage
Friday Fat Fighters....X 2 :-) ...
The Man Said Tunes Are In Order For Today
What a neat idea!!!
To stay warm
Cecil Postcards and Cam Captures
Cynde and Jim. How about an update on Dylon and Tim?
Where The Heck Are My Funnies??????
There is a surprise coming.
Rescue Dolphin
Pollution in the Pocono!!
Wednesday Weigh Down....snacks and such :-)...
It's HUMP day
Some photos I would like to share! :-) :-)...
Chattanooga - Wooohoooo!
Tantilzing Tuesday Treats......
Air Ray - the ultimate indoor RC
Thank you Freddie.
Monday....a longer diet day :-)...
Monday Madness
Vinyl to Digital, part II
FREE Oldies Jukebox
Sunday Funnies
Cool video
Another time waster :-)...
Crimes of Passion
A very strange dream.
Saturday Sillys
Happy Anniversary to Superturtle and Mrs. T!!
Do you use a home air purifier?
Fat Free Friday....if I can :-)...
Friday, Things that are Cool
For you Bruce fans....
A thinner Thursday?
Thursday's Chuckles!
The Last Lecture
When do I send it?
Illinois will never be the same!
I am so Gosh Darned Proud of my Hubby :-)...
The Wednesday Weigh Down......
Humpa Humpa Humpa Day
Household techie question for my smart BT friends
Can you believe this one?
I'm sorry to have to inform you.......
Marine Mess Night
Tuesday treats for the healthy eaters.........
Name That Tune
Sn*w pics
Monday Munchies for Fat Fighters.....
Heaven Called Another Guitar Player Home
Whoa!! Monday
Taking the kids on vacation
Another Bob departure! Finally!
Sleepy Sunday
25 EDITION part 2 :-):-):-):-):-)...
It's Saturday...what's everyone doing?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE B !!! (a bit early for March 1) :-)...
Need caring words
Need to rant and rave...... :-(...
Top 50 most stable & prosperous countries
Archives -2008-01-01 to 2008-02-29
Friday Fat Fighters.....REunite :-)...
Wreck Pictures
Healing Vibes and Good Ju Ju Patrick
I have a question - now don't get scared!!!
Words that are hard to say when drunk
Look what I have found...
When is Cecil going to get a bare spot .... pool.
Funny Picture Thursday
Help!! Prayer needed!!
I should have known!
Welcome to my HUMP DAY!
Friday is Sadie Hawkins Day
Facebook and Earthquakes!
Very Exciting News!!
Snack of the day