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Jerry Ligon and snorkeling
Best fins to reduce pain
Rental Fins
Snorkel/kayak mangrove
Snorkeling with 7 year old
BAD watertaxi company, good snorkling
Canon D-10 Camera for Snorkeling
Open vs. Closed Fins
Easy snorkeling
Snorkeling advice for cruise day
Full moon
Woodwind Snorkeling
Moorea v. Bonaire Snorkeling
Which month is better: May or June?
Good Snorkeling Bonaire Website
Night snorkel town pier ?
Fish ID?
Woodwind - a great 4 or 5 hours of snorkeling
Snorkeling e-book
A wet suit for snorkeling?
Bonaire for Snorkeling but not diving?
How does post Omar snorkeling compare to St.John or Sipadan?
Hotel/Resort in Bonarie with BEST house reef for snorkeling?
Snorkeling Introduced Us To Bonaire
Klein Bonaire
Aruba, Bonaire or Cauracao for BEST snorkeling?
Please identify?
Moray Eel Attacks!
All-time favorite snorkeling spots?
Diver Down Flag Used/Needed on Bonaire?
Snorkel Fiji and Tonga
Compass Sailing
Where to snorkel in Kralendijk?
Bicycling To Snorkel Spots - Safety Of Bikes & Belongings...
Elasta Stretch vs Henerson Thermoprene
Just back from Cruise ship with photos, we packed a lot in!
Water Shoes
New to Wet suites, Help Please?
Swim fin suggestions
Stingy Thingys?
Boat Rental
Purging goggles
Water Shoes
Favorite Spots
New to Bonaire and snorkeling
Renee or Woodwind??
Snorkeling for a pregnant diver
Woodwind Snorkeling
Go'in To Bonaire! Need Help....
Questions on snorkling
Are the reefs near shore still good post Omar Hurriccane?
Archive 2001- 2007
Archives - 2007-08-01 to 2007-12-31
Renee the Snorkel Guide
Camera Suggestions
EASY entrance/exit Snorkeling Sites
Renee -- 2-stop snorkel on Nov 13 2007
Klein or Edens Resort?
Cheap Fins
Do dive boats allow tag-along snorkelers?
HELP! My fins are floating...
Barefeet entry + hotel fees.
December in Bonaire?
September on Bonaire
Snorkeling & Shark?
Weather conditions on the south side
Arms and Legs Protection
Best shore snorkeling
Where's a good base for a new snorkeler?
Hilma Hooker
Beginner snorkeling on own in Bonaire
1st time Bonaire Visitor
Mask/ snorkel recommendation
Archives - 2007-01-01 to 2007-07-31
Water wasp?
Snorkeling with Renee
A day trip to Bonaire
Park Fee?
Scuba or snorkel
Snorkel & picnic on Klein?
No-see-ums, sand fleas, etc....
White Hole Snorkel
Currents on south end
No need to snorkel.
Thinking about a trip in October-November
A few snorkeling questions from a first-timer...
Coral Spawning experiences
Snorkeling off Cha Cha beach???'s
Tipping snorkel guides
Which Dee
Klein Bonaire
Need Snorkel Recommendations
BOPEC still closed?
Once-in-a-lifetime fish interaction experience
Snorkeling in May
Two Weeks of Snorkeling
March 11 2007 Woodwind Cruise
Amazing snorkeling at Plaza Resort
Top 10 Snorkel Sites?
Snorkelers at Sunset Beach area
Woodwind tours
Archives - 2006-03-01 to 2006-12-31
Where to see rays?
Bonaire - one day off of Crown Princess
Renee's Guided Snorkels ROCK!
New to Bonaire, some questions
Mangrove Snorkel
Diving on the "wild side" Larry's rodeo ride Bonaire?...
Hair in eyes question
Best Snorkeling Sites for Full Finned Snorkelers???
Ssnorkel fins
Cave Snorkel Tours
Shark sightings?
Fins and booties
Reef Balls
Pink Beach...and any other beaches
Advise required....please!!
Any good fish identification book with lots of pictures ???
Waves and currents
Shallow Snorkeling for Old Fogeys
Considering Bonaire -- what about rocks?
Bonairean Banded Box Jelly?
Best Snorkeling Site not Insect Info for recent Bon visitors
What about a hood...?
New To Snorkeling
Dee's Baby
Terrific Snorkel Today
Snorkeling at Edens
Andrea 1-2, petries
Non-Diver needs help
Sunscreens Toxic?
Concerned about Cold Water...
Shade at beach while snorkeling
First Aid kit for snorkelers
Mangrove snorkeling/diving
Snorkeling with Weights:
The shallows, recovered?
Dive/snorkel tags
Washington Slagbaai snorkeling
Woodwind question
Question re. barracuda's
Snorkeling/freediving trip report Mar. 6th-15th
Disposable cameras
How deep is the coral while snorkeling?
Night Snorkeling
Woodwind question
Best for Coral?
Archives - 2005-06-01 to 2006-03-01
Personal kayak
Seasonal scary things
Coming back after too many years away!
I.D. anyone?
Kayak to Snorkel?
First time to the Island of paradise
Snorkel/Kayak Mangroves?
Best options for aiding buoyancy when snorkeling?
Buoyancy of Diveskins/wetsuits
Night snorkle
Good Snorkeling Sites March 2005
Hire or bring ny own snorkel gear ?
Corrective vision mask
Best House Reefs?
Snorkeling in June?
Snorkel North of Windsock
Snorkel Sorobon - Shortcut
Lots more foot /ankle muscle required with open fins,?
I don't know nothing about booties
How far to book in advance?
Doing some serious snorkeling 7th-16th March.
Guided snorkling with Dee and Renee
Alternative to Renee for day guided snorkeling?
Any Letterboxers that visit Bonaire?
Renee & Dee
Dive skins
Reef Balls At Sand Dollar
New Tips for Clearing Masks?
Fish forum
Can you snorkle from Divi to the Plaza?
Can you snorkle around the small Island?
How far out do you snorkle?
Shore Snorkle ?
Should I bring fins?
Top 15 Snorkel Sites
How is the early morning snorkling comparerd to night ?
Nukove info
Early morning snokling partner
Should I bring a sea doo scooter to snorkle with?
Fin Suggestion?
Any snorklers staying at the Divi Feb 3 to 10th
Has anyone snorkled with Renee lately?
How is water?? Clear? surf or calm???
Cave snorkeling
Snorkeling Nov. 28 - Dec. 3
Life jacket
Another freediving question: markers/buoys
Freediving - what's it like in Bonaire?
Klein bonaire trips
Dive skin
Snorkeling in bonaire or aruba
Any comments on favorite northern snorkel spots?
Snorkel in the north
Vista Blue Water Snorkel
Can you feed the fish anything?
Where can you buy a dive skin?
Sandy Beaches?
Snorkeling/Diving Tip
Snorkeling just returned Aug 3
Confused about snorkeling and the reef conditions
Report 11-17 July, 2005
Recent tips for snorkeling
Fish id
Do I need a Dive Skin?
Orientation for snorkeling?
Marine Park Tag
Kayak to Kline
Dive Shops, Dive Skins (and wetsuits)
Night snorkeling at Lac bay (Sorobon)
Snorkeling Washington Slagbaai
Guided Snorkel Program
Rent a boat to klein bonaire.
Archives - 2005-01-01 to 2005-06-01
Snorkel BOPEC
Snorkeling booties & fins
Dive suits & Snorkeling vests
Good Guidebook?
Any shade on Bonaire?
Sea wasps
Looking for open heel fin recommendations for snorkeling.
My recent snorkeling experiences
Please try to help sea sick snorkeler
Snorkeling the mangroves
Snorkeling advice
Water Conditions for Snorkeling Bonaire in Late April.
Sea turtles
What to do with money and keys while snorkeling
Archives - 2004-05-01 to 2004-12-31
Tori & Bari Reefs
Hidden Beach
The shallow
Any dolphins?
Renee's Web Page!
Snorkeling at Hidden Beach
All the rain this week what happens?
What is marine park fee?
Anybody know a good online free dive or snorkel site map?
Snorkel question
Snorkeling Sorobon Reef
Exploring Klein Bonaire
Swim to Klein Bonaire
Post Ivan Snorkeling
Snorkelling vacation with kids?
Easy Snorkeling sites
Snorkeling photo opportunities
Nobody Snorkeling Anymore?
Freediving in Bonaire
Off topic
Town Pier closed for snorleling?
Tips for Best Shallow Snorkeling
Current direction for snorkel
Want to try snorkeling
Man bites bites man
Lycra Skins
Need some snorkel gear suggestions
Best Time of year for snorkeling?
Archives - 2003-04-01 to 2004-04-30
Aqua-Vu Underwater 35mm Camera questions
Finding Renee
Anyone want to meet up April 20-26?
Trip Report - Cruise Ship Visit to Bonaire
Help with gear
Wetsuit Fit, and Booties
Wetsuit Vs Skin Suit
Renting snorkel gear
Must do snorkel spots
Snorkeling During Dive Fest?
Fish ident - can you help?
New Cove
Klein Bonaire - snorkeling
Dive flag required for snorkeling?
Best Time of Day-Karpata
Snorkel comments from Lee & Marilyn's Trip
Snorkeling in Kralendijk
First trip
Comparison to Hawaii?
Best night snorkel locations
Lights for night snorkeling
Feb/March water temps
Wetsuit needed in April?
Lac Bay snorkeling
Picnic / restroom planning
Snorkelling: Deep or shallow?
Fiji Snorkeling
Sites that work for divers *and* snorkelers
Drift Snorkeling Guide
Bring or buy certain equipment?
Rent or buy underwater camera
Snorkeling Vacation in 2004
Any recs for guided snorkel trips?
Pictures of Bonaire Snorkel Sites
Snorkeling beginner
Klein Bonaire snorkel - Woodwind status
Eyes won't focus on camera controls
Bonaire for timid swimmer?
Bonaire Snorkle Sites Reviewed
Bonaire vs. Ambergris Caye, Belize?
Snorkeling for Wheelchair users?
Bonaire vs Curacao Snorkel
Getting in/out snorkeler
Looking for Turtles...
What are your top 5 snorkel locations?
Cave Snorkeling
Sea Cow
Snorkeling During Regatta?
Is Renee Back??
Night Snorkling/Diving
Snorkel from Volendam
Another question - buoyancy
Questions from first-timer
Day trip to Bonaire
Boat to Klein Bonaire?
Snorkeling off Buddy Dive Resort and Surrounding Area
July 30th 1 day to Snorkel
Snorkeling vs. SCUBA
Theft problems?
Jelly fish stings
Snorkeling 5/22-6/6
Easy Breezy Bonaire and Caribbean Travel & Life
Backpack for snorkeling?
Snorkeling off Harbor Village Beach
Drift Snorkel--LaDania's Leap to Karpata
Looking for night snorkel partner between May 21-27th
Woodwind while Renee is gone for her surgery
Snorkel Report April 2003
Renting wetsuits
Archives - 2001-09-06 to 2003-03-31
Where can spotted eagle rays be seen?
Swimming to Klein Bonaire
Snorkeling Bonaire vs. Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Hiring snorkeling equipment
Snorkelling Bonaire versus Cozumel
Long wet suits ?
Shorty wet suits
Snorkeling 10 and 13 year old girls
Help with a mangrove snorkel
Best sites to snorkel with children?
Dive booties
Snorkeling near Kralendijk
Video camera filters
Taking of common shellfish like muscles from man made str...
Is spearfishing allowed ?????
Does anyone wear a ballast belt while snorkeling?
April or June?
Sand Dollar
Which Accomodations have Best Near-to-Shore Snorkeling?
Snorkel things not to miss...
Night Snorkeling
Is the Seacow still in operation??
Around Klein?
Snokeling with a dive flag?
Snorkeling in January or February
The "Cooler" Fish
Trip Report: June 8-22
Blue Water Snorkeling
Top Ten Snorkel Sites
Tip for the snorkel addicts
Snorkel Site Book?
Wetsuits...2mm or 3mm; shortie or full?????
Dry Snorkel Tube-Any thoughts or recommendations?
Snorkel Report from St. John
Snorkeling Gear-Where & What to Buy?
Recomended film speed for snorkeling?
Who snorkelled before and after Lenny?
"Clares march Trip" snorkeling report
Bonaire v/s Turks and Caicos
Thank You, Jake
"skin" for April?
Snorkeling Bonaire VS. Grenadines/Tobago Cays???
Safety Precautions for Snorkeling with Kids
Do You recommend snorkeling vest for new person who has n...
Only one day to snorkel - help
Cave snorkling
Snorkeling Jan-March
Snorkel the South
Request for Woodwind Info
How is the snorkeling?
Snorkeling with Contacs?
Snorkeling fins and water entry
NEARSIGHTED Snorkeler needs advice
New and unusual snorkel sites
Snorkeling at Town Pier/Night Snorkel
Archives 2008
Kayaking and snorkeling
SASY, anyone ever rented one in Bonaire?
Mushi Mushi snorkel trip?
Snorkeling buddy
Snorkeling since Omar
Any Thoughts or Comments on Woodwind for Snorkeling
Hotel/snorkeling in Curacao
Mystery fish...
Diving Skin needed for January trip??
Is a guide needed for Klein Bonaire
Jet skis on Bonaire ?
Enough light for nighttime snorkeling?
Any Oregon humans out there?
Buy or rent fins with strap?
Snorkel Bonaire?Cayman?Virgin Islands?Help
Best Snorkel Sites for 1st Time Snorkelers?
Maldives or Bonaire
New folks coming
Esther or Renee for tours?
Shore diving made easy
What kind of boots
Cost of renting dive light?
Snorkeling with Renee
Need opinions - Wayaka vs. Klein
Near Fatal Miss While Snorkeling
Looking for snorkeling buddies
Morning Snorkel Tour to Klein Bonaire - Suggestions
Need underwater camera
Night Snorkel - Best locations
Snorkel gear what to do what to do
Finding Snorkel Spots
Looking for snorkeling buddies July 30th - August 7th
Cave Snorkeling
Shallow Water Snorkeling From A Guide Boat or Shore
FIn question
Day trip snorkel question - cruise ship stop
Snorkel Vests
Looking for snorkeling "buddy" for week of May 31-June7...
Night Diving Dangers
Dive Skins
Kids Ages 7 + 12 Snorkeling this Summer in Bonaire
Are + stick-on lenses available on Bonaire?
Black Durgon to/from Captain Don's OR Andreas
Dive skins
Snorkeling in Palau?
Has anyone snorkeled Hanauma Bay, Oahu?
Shalow Snorkeling at Bari Reef
Great Drift Snorkels and Ol'Blue
Snorkeling South Side of Klein
Marine Park Tag
Renting snorkel equipment?
Shore Snorkeling at Klein Bonaire
Andrea Great so was Ol' Blue, Yellow Hut, Hidden Beach .....
Large Group 30 people need boat to snorkle!
Jelly fish stings?
Water temp and Road access
South side of Klein - Capt Don's, Rock Pile etc.
Snorkeling for a few hours from a curise ship
Snorkel spots without boat
Tipping on snorkel trips
Washington Slagbaai Snorkel Sites
A Friend Coming in on a Cruise
Is Captain Mike still around?
Night Snorkel
Special needs snorkeling
Renee the Snorkel Guide
Night Snorkeling
Archives 2009
Red Sea?
Woodwind snorkeling trip to Klein Bonair
Sunrise Swim, Boatintg & Bird Stories
Wet suit dilemna
Live corral/Night Snorkel
Washington Park Snorkel questions
Where oh where are the Turtles?
Are snorkel sites OK after Omar?
Wayaka II
1 day in Bonaire, Taxi or car rental? dive tag? Dive flag?
Cruise ship traffic
Bonaire snorkel?
Any dedicated snorkel boats from the resorts?
Sunscreen choice?
Excellent Renee Snorkeling adventures
Will snorkeling keep us occupied for 2 or 3 weeks?
Top 5 spots
Best post-Omar easy-entry snorkel sites?
Coral Paradise Resort - walk to snorkeling sites?
Snorkeling close to Bellafonte
Looking for snorkeling buddies
Advanced snorkel sites when going with divers
Weather next week
Picking your snorkeling site based on wind direction
1000 Steps
Feeding fish in the water?
May 2009 snorkel report
Snorkel Puerto Rico
Snorkel permits? ?
Can you rent a Lycra or Bioply suit for protection?
Newbie Snorkeling Info
Sea horses
Weight belt rental
Spotted Eagle Ray April 9 2009 at 4:30
Recommendation for fins needed
Snorkeling at the Plaza Resort ?
Mangrove access
Lesser known sites
No-Snork Zones?
Snorkeling the Salt Pier
Snorkeling report and sometips for beginners
Floats/vests mandatory?
Klein drift snorkel?
Beach charges??
Snorkling alone?
Snorkeling spots to recommend?
Boat traffic
Lighthouse beach rocky entry?
Vest: Yes or No?
Marine park fee for snorkeling?
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