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I need a new camera... ergo I NEED HELP!
Pictures from our trip...ghetto housing...decent pictures!
Bonaire 2010 Eco Dive
Just me this time - April 4-10
Need help in Bonaire
Dixie's Whale Photos
Camera Suggestions
Dixie in Sport Diver
Pics on Hilma Hooker
Nikon D3100 with Ike Housing
Cool video showing the birds of Bonaire
E-6/Slide processing?
New Camera
New pictures
Dive Buddy Needed 01-01-2011 to 01-08-2011 for U/W Photos
Bonaire Sunsets
Bonaire Photo on 2011 PADI Card
New Camera + Lesson from Tim @ FishEye = Better Pictures
Latest pictures
LOST CAMERA at Bari Reef
Dixie's Photos #12 - Where am I?
Bonaire Videos
Bonaire videos, from 2007 trip
Basket Star
Tori's Reef, Southern Ray 09/09/09
Green Morays coming back?
Hilma Hooker Video - August 2008
A month on Bonaire - vimeo
The Value of coral
Bonaire Underwater Adventure - 0807 by scubafish:
Hurricane Felix: Bonaire 2 Sep 2007
Octopus off the Black Durgon Dock - Lee Lee
Bubble eating Angelfish, pet Sand Diver and Shrimp manicure!
Eagle Ray at Invisibles - James Thomas
Bonaire Manta Ray - James Thomas
Why I love Bonaire - Slide Show
Eagle rays at Cai - jdasmack
Eagle Ray feeding at Tori's Reef - Nell Keene
Maskarada - 2007
New Years Fireworks - 2007
New place to post Bonaire Videos
Archives 2003- 2004
Archives - 2004-08-15 to 2004-12-31
Bonica Sea-Pix, other options?
Needed: stills or video of HHooker before sinking
A different view at the QM2
Some turkey day appetizers
Some old fish
More sunsets
Sunset at Captain Don's
Sunset at Captain Don's
What is this? :-)
Photographer for family portrait on Bonaire
Yipee! part 2 ! Got the camera wet!
Yipee! part 2 ! Got the camera wet!
An oldie but a goodie
Caribbean locals
Looking for advise on which camera to buy
Some favorie pictures
SeaLife DC 250 2.1MP Underwater Digital Camera ??????
Red filter do's and don'ts
I love the Frgfish!
Olympus 5050 - XD versus CF
U/W Photography Instructor
New talker with new pics\
Trouble posting a picture...
Sync cord question
Underwater pictures
Just a taste 5
Just a taste 4
LOST light meter at Oil Slick Leap
A very good image website and its free
Film speed
Just a taste 3
Just a taste 2
Just a taste
Hurricane Ivan Video
Mini DV videocamera rental?
Slide show
A few more slides...
"Realness" of Digital Images
A few pics...
My Gallery...
Archives - 2003-09-01 to 2004-08-14
Film vs Airport security
Underwater photo
Film mx10
UW Digital Camera w/ CD Storage
EBay Fiasco - Buyer beware I guess
Topside Photography - Birds & Other Fauna
New digital and old Nikon strobe.
Olympus has discontinued the C-5050
First few rolls back from developer
Hire individual to shoot underwater video?
Sites for photographs
Digi Camera for snorkel trips...
Blennylips Scuba Video of the Month
Yes, UW Photography is Difficult
Bonaire dive videos available
From a previous trip (2002)
How to get a video to a personal website.
Digital underwater cameras for rent on Bonaire?
Hooker Video...
Pics from may/june 2004
Photos from Captain Don's 5.29 - 6.6.2004
Ikelite TTL vs EVmanual controller
A few pics
5050z pt015 external strobe question
C5050z + Sea & Sea YS90DX Digital Strobe question
Charging cameras in bonaire?
Snorkelers: "Aqua-Vu Underwater 35mm Camera" question...
Southern teardrop crab
Photography newbie seeking a few tips
Digital Diving Adventure Capt Don's 1-8 March
Bonaire, A divers paradise
Wide Angle Lense for Oly 5050
FOUND: CU Lenses at Karpata
Lost Shoes
Lost Shoes
Red, white, and blue
Fish tale?
Repost pics taken from Feb 24 - Mar 8
Spotted cleaner shrimp macro
Pics taken with or olympus 5050 Feb 24 - Mar 8
More film scans...
For those with way too much time on their hands
Spiney Green Chickenfish Egg
Whoozie thingamajig whatchimacallit
Mobile Home
Wedding pictures online
Pics bonaire 2001
December - Jan 03 pictures
Nikonos V needs a new home
Broadband users -- Underwater Video from Bonaire
Carnaval pictures
Camera stolen
Sigma SD10
One more practice shot before I come back for more.
Pic from an obsolete camera!
Underwater Photography Web Magazine and its Free
Haven't been here in a while, thought I would catch up.
Digital photography coure
Free wallpapers
Porcupine picture
Dec Pictures in slide show with music
December Pictures
Captain Don's Photo Contest...BTalkers Win
Ok so it's not bonaire but...
Which Camera to buy in $300US price range for U/W Photo.
Cheap camera or second hand?
Wreck pic
Digital course
King of the Caribbean pictures
Sync cords or wireless TTL Slave Sensor
Housing for Olympus c5050?
Small Wall Dive Yesterday - Oly5050 with External Strobe
Transferring Digital Photos onto CD
Underwater photos
Anyone use a canon a10-40 with a external flash?
Land Photos
Underwater Snorkel Pics using Canon S400
Newbie to UW protography
Pics from 7/2003
Bonaire pics from 10/11/03
MX-10 - which Film 100 / 400 ?
Does anybody rent video lights
168 Regatta pictures online
Portrait Photos
New Issue 15
Sea and Sea goes digital
Pictures from Bonaire
First Photos from my new Olympus 5050 /PT-015 combo
Picture Taking Good Camera 2
Night diving video lights and lens
Olympus C5050 digicam
Archives 2005
Archives - 2005-07-15 to 2005-12-10
A day in Slagbaai
Now that's a big...
Internal flash
Canon vs olympus
SHQ vs HQ vs Tiff
Sea &sea mx 10
Oly C-7070
Panic - how to fix my broken camera in Bonaire?
Sea Life DC500
CR-V3 or nimh AA's
Carole - some more??
I Can't wait till next year; more pics from my last trip
An island dog...
Before sunset...
Better results at night
Digital camera info
Some more pics from my recent trip
Some pics from my recent trip
Just a test
Has this Bonaire video been posted here?
One more from last trip
Pics not only for Carole
Bonaire Regatta 2005 Pictures
Colours of frogfishes
Two pics for Carole Baker
Best digital camera without external strobe flash?
Anyone using a modeling light for night UW photography?
Now that I know how to size them
How to size pics?
Video Camera Rental
Sony 7.1 mega pixel
Too many pixels...
Sept pics from a newbie
Help identifying a plant
First trip to National Park Washington...
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures III
Aug 6th Pics
I can't get enough of
Cecil's Bonaire Picture II
First time Nikon D70
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures
Question about strobes for Canon A95
Help with Epoque ES 150 needed for c7070
Oly 7070 in a PT-020 housing
May 2005 Photos
Mollusk ID help required
Slide show software
Color Correction
Pics from June trip
Question about storing slide film
Hawksbill Turtle
Where to rent,...
Past weeks catch
Photos From Our First Trip To Bonaire 6/28 - 7/6 (Topside...
Archives - 2005-05-04 to 2005-07-15
Photos From Our First Trip To Bonaire 6/28 - 7/6 (Part 2)...
Photos From Our First Trip To Bonaire 6/28 - 7/6
Photos From Our First Trip To Bonaire 6/28 - 7/6
Octopus in FULL PINK Color
Accy's for the Oly PT-020 U/W housing
Pics From June 25-July2 Bonaire Trip
A few more pics from our May 1-27 trip
Trying to post a few pics
May '05 "Novice" pics...
Question about Film
A few pic from out May 1-27 trip
Big Fish ID
Rental Ikelite Housings
More film...
Unknown Juvenile fish ??
A few pics from January....
NiKon D70
Just a few pics
First time canon a95
Oly Cameras
Need advice for oly 5060
Battery Chargers
Henrik's last three shots
Critter Clips
Help needed in choosing a Digital SLR...
How's this for lazy?
Oly 4040 settings?
Help out a newbie photographer?
Tiny shrimp
First Underwater Photos
Henriks second last thread with pics
New to Underwater Photography
Bonaire pics
Great new panorama software
Henrik is back with more pics
New pictures of last two weeks added to my website
Does anyone rent digital camera housings in Bonaire?
May 13 at Windsock
What camera for beginners?
A new thread with Henrikīs pics
This mornings Bonaire pics
Isn't wireless great? [img]
Next thread with Henrikīs pics
My firs post of pics, itīs up to you if itīs the last
Archives - 2005 01-01 to 2005- 05-01
Oly 4040 settings?
Sharptail Eel pic (img)
Olympus 5050 lighting issue
What we did on our Bonaire vacation
Just getting started with the reefmaster
Images not Bonaire, RE Salt Cay Turks and Caicos Feb. 2005
Turtle at Ol' Blue
Honeycomb Cowfish @ Bari
Trumpet fish duet @ Bari Reef
Barred Hamlet @ Bari
Hawksbill Turtle at Ol' Blue
Christmas tree worm
Close focus wide angle
Girls night out, gone fishing
Transparent blenny, i.d. anyone?
Another photo - red spotted hawk fish
A few more pictures!
Posting photos here ??
Squid at Oil Slick
A few short clips
Eagle Ray & Seahorses
Eagle Ray & Seahorses
Pictures from Bonaire 22Mar05-28Mar05
Spring Cleaning
Banded coral shrimp
Lawrence berra
Mi dushi
One more Bonaire clip
Her Majesty
Need help deciding which camera
For Olympus 5060 and 7070 owners
Wildside clips
PT010 ??
Bonaire Manta Ray & Eagle Ray
Question on Board useage
Need strobe advice
U\W photos from Jan 05
Same pictures but in a slide show... Sit back and relax
Olympus C8080 and Ikelite Substrobe 100A
Picture of White Slave, Jan '05
Link to our pics from February trip
December pictures.. Link to my web page....
Dec Pics Part 3
Increase allowable image size
Dec Pics Part II
Divi Dock
Posting pictures here
Sony DSC-T!
One shot test...
Any Software to color-correct video?
Canon A85 Advice Please
Newer Olympus Cameras
Olympus C5050 vs C5060
U/W strobe for OLYMPUS C60????
Fuji F700
1 hour film processing?
U/W camera recommendations?
Bonaire Photography & Videography
Couple of pictures from December
Digital camera housing PT-003
Very old 'video' of Bonaire
A Few Pictures from My Dec trip
On SeaLife Reefmaster dc310
Archives 2006- 2007
Archives 2006-08-01 to 2007-12-31
On the Reef - Dec'07 Web Gallery
Nikon CoolPix2 & Ikelite Housing Question
Thoughts editing programs
Help needed on video
Buy lens on Bonaire
Olympus Stylus 770 SW vs. 790 SW underwater cameras
Post pictures
Underwater Rig Reviews/Comparisons - Advice?
Nikon D200 + 60mm lens
T-shirt Divers Sept/Oct Pics
Sony DSC-P200
Another Day In Paradise
Trip photos from October trip
Port Bracket (Modeling Light)
The 2007 POP Awards
Spyder 2 vs Adobe or Picaso
Olympus 350
How to Create Access to Photos
Best ID book to take
Fish ID Challenge
Question about sizing to 50 kb from Mac iphoto?
My Slideshow - Finally
Flood insurance
HD Video
Newbee Test Post
Still looking for SP 350 strobe
Bonica Snapper DV
Sp 350 strobe
SP 350
Upgrading from film
It's a tough choice... what would you do?
Nikon P5000 in an Ikelie housing?
Roatan & Utila Honduras
Anyone use the Olympus Stylus 770?
Canon or Ikelite housing for Canon point-and-shoot camera
Buying an onderwaterhouse online
Help needed on choice of none DSLR camera and housing
Interesting Backup Camera
2 YS-90 DUO TTL strobes w Olympus C-8080 & PT-023 housing...
Underwater video techer
2007 Bonaire underwater photos
Olympus c-8080 strobe light?
On The Reef - Web pics
More pics From the Digital Shootout - June 16-24
Pics from trip of June 16-23 2007
Question for Oly SP 350 users
The Winner Is ...
Looking for a housing for a Fuji E900
Where should I rent a camera and what kind should I request?
Bonaire video, Bonaire babies
Pictures From North Sulawesi Indonesia
OLY SP 350 question
Photos from trip: Sea and Sea MX10 (yep FILM!)
Photos from trip: Olympus SP350
Photos from trip
GoPro Digital Hero 3 wrist diving camera
Opinions re video lightin?
Digital Photography Editing
Underwater digital camera question
Nikon School for Underwater Photography opens in Bonaire
More pics, Oly SP350
How to use INON UCL-165 Macro Lens
First shots, Olympus SP350
Best macro lens (dSLR) for underwater shooting?
OK, any ID's here?
Mijn mooiste.
Favorite Photo
Help needed with under water video housing
Olympus Stylus 770 SW
Digital Photo Storage
Posting picture solution
Photographer in Bonaire
Fish-eye photography on Bonaire
Snorkel Photography -- Klein Bonaire
Need Ikelite Olympus SP350 housing
New camera, first shots topside
Need new arm system
Help me collecting shells.
New to Bonaire...what are the macro hotspots?
Basket stars and shrimp
Old bonaire photo's to new?
Feb 10-24 photos-I hope
New Gallery (old pics)
Will I need an adaptor to recharge batteries ?
Our vacation photos from 2/10/07 - 2/24/07
Nikonos vs. Digital
Encounter with dolphins at Red Slave
Test image
Cheaper Fiber Optic Replacement??
Olympus SP-550
Film - Jan12-27th
Any existing bonaire reef documentaries?
I need help...there...I said it....
Second Pass Pictures
More pics (jan 12 - 27th)
New Camera
Big rainbow today...
Pics from Christmas 2
Photo copyrights in this case
Olympus sp-350 pt-030 what strobe works
Jerry this one is for you - this is a REAL picture
Nineline Goby
Baby Trumpet
Photography newbie-best easy to use under water cameras
Brian & Sue Lowe pictures from Bonaire
Bigeye Scad ????
~20mm to ~70mm ?
Captain Don's Photo Contest - Vote for Pedro
Any thoughts on the Canon PowerShot A710 IS
Pics from Christmas
Digital compact or old Nikonos V ?
Converter for charger
Bonaire Slideshow
Portable media storage/viewer
Post Christmas shopping for a camcorder
Greetings from Finland
Canon SD600 and housing
Wide angle lens
Where are you Henrik?
Another newbie question silica gel pack??
Whatcha using for a rinse bucket?
New pictures
Underwater Housings -- Olympus C-5050
This morning...
It's flowers time...
Basic newbie question Coolpix L4
Service for Olympus PT-027 housing
Sunset today...
Nikon 7600
Pics from Oct 11th trip
Underwater Photography Tips
Let's Play a Guessing Game
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures II
Found Camera
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures
Superwide lens/port
Best strobe for olympus housing?
Lost camera at Lac Cai ( Bonair )
Want to hire photographer/videographer
Olympus sp 350
13 sleeps
First preview from Henriks 2006 trip
For the turtle lovers...
Request for donated photos for Bonaire Ecoswim
Thinking of going digital... any advice?
Digital Camera - Raw Format
If a picture is worth 1,000 words....
Palometa with black fins?
Dancing cucumber
What type of moray is this?
Attacked in Bonaie
Fish ID?
Sony Video Camera
Where did Henrick go?
Do I need dessicant in my housing?
Orange cup coral
Pic From July 06, Canon A85
Need HELP !
Archives - 2006-04-01 to 2006-08-01
Check out our pix! Comments invited
"Catch of the day"
Birds from the Park
Some different views of Bonaire
Review of Nikon D50 with Ikelite Housing/Strobe
Photo album from our June 2006 Trip - Bonaire - Elkadia
Two from our last trip, ending June 3rd
Sea and Sea MX 3100 Macro
Your Favorite Bonaire Picture
Caribbean reef squid laying eggs
Using Flashlight for strobe and diffusing it
Dancing at vista blue
Red Filter...need it or not?
Canon A520
Take A Look
Color correction using Elements
Photo Checklist...
Digital Camera
Movies with an Oly?
Housing Question
Contest concerns
Ikelite Strobe arm rotating
Advice underwater housing for Cannon Rebel or Sony HandyCam
Buying a digital camera..which is the best for underwater?
Pictures from March...
Is it worth buying a reusable UW film camera?
Can someone help me identify this creature
Sealife, Sea & Sea, & Equinox P&S's: Opinions?...
Last set from March 5-15
Bonaire Trip Photos by Bill Howard
Secretary blennies
Underwater photo class
UW pic's March 5-15
Pics of Sharpnose Puffer Needed
Mac software for correction of backscatter
Aiming and Focusing
Nikon D70 rental?
Mark's pics
Bonica Neon Strobe III
Is any one knows where I can get a SUNPAK G FLASH?
Olympus Stylus 500 underwater?
Housing/strobe compatibility
3 more pix
Dolphin encounters
More pix
Another set from Chris
More of my first UW pix
sealife dc 500
First try at UW photos
My First Pic
Need Info. Strobe I can use for my PT-20 Housing
Cecil's Bonaire Pictues III
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures II
What compact digital to buy
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures I
Canon S1
Possible Leaky Housing?
Pictures of some euhhhh......???
Found some old slides
Camcorder repair
My seahosrse
Internal Strobe
Archives - 2005-12-11 to 2006-04-01
A few under water pictures...
Sorry - that's FILM, not FIL for use with Nikonos V!
Best fil for Nikonos V?
Is U/W Housing for D-70 available for rent?
Rare Sighting at Fish Hut
Need part for PT-027 housing
48 Underwater Pictures By Kent Gerber 2006
This is a Test
What UW housing options for Nikon D70s?
Bonaire 2006
Bonaire pictures from GREEN HORN
How to post pictures
Fuji Finepix
Olympus C770 gear
Underwater photo website
Product Service Advisory for C-5050 Z
Posted Photographs to all Bonaire Lovers
Canon Powersot 60 Anyone use this camera?
Just a few pics of yesterday's dive
Just a few pics of yesterday's dive
Second Pass Cecil's Pictures
Computer & memorycards !?
My Bonaire pictures
My Bonaire pictures
Suggestions for a new camcorder for underwater
Canon ixus..underwater
Spotted Eagle Ray
Pics fron New Year's
What is this purple thing?
Canon ELPH SD550
Disposable cameras?
My housing keeps fogging up !!!
Pics from June 06 - Canon A85, Internal Flash Only
FYI - Nikon Says It's Leaving Film-Camera Business
Bonaire Photo Gallery
An amazing Bonaire Shot
Last from latest?
Cap Don's Annual Photo Contest - Cast Your Vote
Olympus C-5060
Did not forget you...
Ellen Muller Inon's January Artist of the Month
Macro under a Wide Angle Port?
SP - 350 Xmas gift
Inon macro lenses
Divi Flamingo Images
Hilma - all at once
Newbie - Entry Level Camera Suggestions
Brag, brag, brag...
With a camera full of glue
Archives 2008
Sea and sea camera 12mg
Nikon d40 charger help in bonaire
Nikon D90
Underwater Performance of the Canon G10
Videographer Recommendation?
Recommendation for HD Video Camera
A Camera for Christmas
Printing Pics
Camera/Mask combo
Picture of worms?
Olympus 1030sw
Looking for used Nikon D80 housing
Froggy 1 and 2
Oct 2008 pics
T-shirt Divers pictures from Sep 29 - Oct 11 trip
Old school digital setup
Newbie Wide Angle Lens Question
Tour of Bonaire Begin today.. need consult
Sea life cameras
New camera
For Owners Of Cannon Housings
Question on using Macro lens
Frog fish
Oh So Close to the Perfect Camera
Battery Charging
Olympus stylus 1010 and PT-042 housing?
Renting an easy camera to snorkel with?
Capture Photo at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort
Basic newbie question
Pics from June
Battery charger
Who knows Famous photographer?
Interesting Find
Pics from June trip
Fish Eye Photography
Help - Ikelite/Canon G7/9 - Wide Angle lens?
Underwater camera rental
Digital Camera\Housing recommendations
From last May
Need a housing for a coolpix 995
I need a new underwater camera befor July 11th
Updated underwater photo website
New Guy Question
Suggestions for new camera
Got a new U/W camera!!!!
Snorkeling with Canon G9/Ikelute
One from my first trip a couple of weeks ago.
New strobe - basic question
Canon ROCKS!!!
One last try
Time to go...
Still here...
Few more from the reef...
In the park...
More reef...
On the Reef - April 2008
Night video of Trunkfish
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures II
Injun writings photo request
Chris set 4
A few pics from our trip
Chris set 3
Chris's set 2
Chris'sm pix set 1
Cecil's Bonaire Picture I
What kind of fish....
Need help resizing
Compact camera suggestions/no strobe
Canon EOS 20D Housing??
Feb 2008 Pictures
Poor Battery Life
Bonaire 2008 Slideshow
First try with Olympus SP350
Nikon Lens Rental
Adding pics to message
Underwater housing rental for Nikon D40
Canon SD630 question
Ikilite housing for Fuji S602Zoom camera
Where can I find a card reader for a 1D 128 mb card
Help Finding PT 15 Case O Rings
First time with a camera
Film Development on Bonaire
TTL vs Manual Flash Level Control
Archives 2009
E6 Processing
March 2009 Photos
Wanted-used Nikon d80 housing
Professional photographer?
Firewire Cables
Some pics from Bonaire, in november.
Canon S90
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
Spotted Eel with a near miss...
Sea & Sea YS-15 Strobe
G11 Underwater Shots
Bonaire ta Dushi travel Film
Short slide show from last vacation
Pictures from sept-october stay
Pics From Sept 26 - Oct 10 trip
Housing O-Rings
Pictures from August trip
Canon G10 Housing and Strobe Question
Month for Blue Skys for Best Pics?
Pictures Jan/Feb 2009 (incl. underwater)
Movie making software
Sony W290 or Canon SX200 IS
Practice posting pics
Canon G10 / boyancy
Best Bonaire Vids Iv'e Seen
Digital Imaging Software
Photography Lessons
Canon G-10 Repair Recall
HELP! Forgot battery charger
Pix from recent trip
Battery Chargers
How do I do a "flickie"?
INON Strobe users Urgent message
Capt. Don would like to see your flora and fauna photos !!!
Found Camera Lens
(mostly) under water photos from bonaire
Memory Cards
Lost wet diopter around March 2/3/4
Bonaire Pics Part X and Last Album
Bonaire pics Part IX
Bonaire Pics Part VIII
Bonaire Pics Part VII
Bonaire Pics Part VI
Bonaire Pics Part V
Bonaire Pics Part IV
Bonaire Pics Part III
Pictures Part II
Pictures part 1
Recommendations on a Canon
Thoughts on Strobes
Canon D10 waterproof camera
Videos - diving Bonaire
Advice for Moderate Camera
Does anyone still use film
Camera specifications
Island Photographer lessons
Canon G9 Questions
New camera advice
New Camera and Housing
Picture test
Sea & Sea 1200 HD vs 1G
Archives 01-01-10 to 10-30-10
Pics from Sept 25 - Oct 9 trip
Lost Canon underwater camera
Blue Star UV Kits and Photo Lenses for sale..
Bonaire Gallery on my web
Transporting and Securing Equipment and Gear ideas
Found stainless steel camera tray weights
G11 camera and underwater housing
Dixie's Photos #11 - Turtle Week
Picture test
Advice Requested
Dixie's Photos #10 - Frogfish Week
For Brenda.
Dixie's Photos #9 - Squid Week
Canon charger for Canon xti or s70 same battery...
Dixie's Photos #8
Congrats to Bill Goodwin
New mostly underwater slideshow: Trent Wirth
Professional Underwater Pumpkin Carving Photos
BT's new Vid page
Wanted to Buy - Underwater housing for D80
Blog on Bonaire underwater photos
Dixie's Weekly Photos # 7
Dixie's Photos Reposted: Weeks 1-6
Dixie's Weekly Photos - #6
Dixie's Weekly Photos - #5
Dixie's Weekly Photos - #4
Dixie's Weekly Photos - #3
Canon S90
WTB - Nikon D80 Underwater Housing
Dixie's Weekly Photos - #2
Dixie's Weekly Photo(s) - 1st ones!
This is a test
HELP!!! NEED CANON G10 CHARGER WEEK OF MAY 30TH, 2010 a streetview on Bonaire
Nikon Coolpix S570
Flatworm I.D.
Plaza Resort / Toucan Diving
Bonaire photographer for Wedding
Video of the Red Slave Baitball
Pix from trip in March
Cecil's Bonaire Pictures II
The Baitball at Red Slave Macrh 2010
Batteries & Chargers
Cecil's Bonaire Picture I
Rental for Digital U/W camera?
Snorkeling and Photography
Flex arm stability
JVC Picsio Compact Video?
Photos from January
Looking for a picture
Valentines Day Image
Lion fish last 2-4-10
Valentines Day Image
Bennett-Cachon dive pictures
Finally! Trip Photos from December/January
Video from last week.
My Bonaire videos
HELP! Canon Charger needed
What you do for not very much dough!
Camera case carry on
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