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Plug for Aqua Kids
Our Trip April 16- May 1, 2011
April 15-22 - Trip Report
Trip Report with Pictures
Trip video summary
Great trip
Last day of diving :(...
We're here...
Almost time
Underwater pictures from my March trip to Bonaire
Last 2 trips in pictures
March 12th to 20th
3 weeks on Bonaire; Feb-March
Trip # 4: Jan 22- Feb 12,2011 Wonderful as always
Trip Report - Spring Break March 6-13
A Short Trip Results in a Short Trip Report
Singles over 40, where to go?
Sand Dollar February 2011
Trip Report 2/26 to 3/13
Dolphins again!!! :)...
Yet another wonderful trip
January trip report
Today I Swam with Bottlenose Dolphins!
Wild Side?
On Island Report
January 29 - February 5
Jan 29 to Feb 6
Jan. 28th - Feb 6th
Month on Island - Trip Report
Debating Choosing Another Island?
Jan 10th through 24th
Guided Dives East Side with Bas Tol
Warning ... Do not use postcard stamps
Why I dive solo
General Report
It's be home!
On island trip report :)...
Rent a boat, by Bonairefishing!!!!
Dec 25th to Jan 8th Trip Report
Just in from Bonaire!
Trip reports
Long (sorry) trip report for December
Bill and Cindy Dive Update
Paul & Jo's excellent 2010 Bonaire adventure
Dec. 19- Dec. 25 Report
December Update
7 days of rain.
Remind me what to bring tomorrow please
On Bonaire 12-3 thru 12-11
November 5th for 2 weeks
Rain rain go away! 12/5/10
Lucky Trip #13
Dixie's Trip Report - Nov. 14-28, 2010
Archives 2000 to 2005
Archives - 2005-08-09 to 2005-12-26
First Trip to Bonaire 17-24 December 05
Our trip/late report!
Better late then never!
Hasn't Anyone Had a trip lately?
Pictures from Bud and Shannon's trip
The rollercoaster ride - Bud and Shannon's third trip
Pictures, I hope, from my first trip to Bonaire.
Kelly and Steve's Trip Report (Finally)
Oct. 28-Nov. 12 Paradise found
Short report
Back from Bonaire (Oct-Nov 2005)
Trip Report 8-23 October (23-25 Oct Miami Thanks Wilma) p...
Trip Report 8-23 October (23-25 Oct Miami Thanks Wilma) p...
Darlene's Trip Report Pictures 10/8/05 -10/22/05 Part Two...
Where to stay for the party divers!
Darlene's Trip Report Pictures 10/08/05 -10/22/05
Darlene's Trip Report 10/8/05 -10/22/05 Part two
Darlene's Trip Report 10/8/05 -10/22/05 Part one
Recent trip to Bonaire
Belated T - Shirt Divers' Report 9/24 - 10/8
Tom's Report
Trip Report... 1st trip, Oct 19-27
Trip report 8-23 Oct (23-25 Oct Miami Thanks Wilma)
2nd Visit Trip Report Oct 1 - Oct 8
Sorobon Visit 10/12-10/20
7th visit - (Oct 1 - Oct 15) - 4th set of pictures
Seahorses, Salt Pier, and Lac Cai OH MY!
7th visit - (Oct 1 - Oct 15) - 3rd set of pictures
7th visit - 1st (Oct 1 - Oct 15) - 2nd set of pictures...
7th visit - 1st trip report (Oct 1 - Oct 15)
Dana &Tom's Trip (8th time in 7 yrs.) JUL 2 - JUL 13...
Barbara's topside trip report October 9-19, 2005
John&Liz Oct 7-17 Trip Report I
Loo Hoo's Report
17 - 24 September 2005 -- Part 1: The Narrative
Brian & Sue Trip Report 18th Sep - 2nd Oct Part1
First visit to Bonaire 17 to 24 December
A few pics, but no report yet :-)...
Pat and mary's report...sept. 28-oct. 13
More rain than sun in Bonaire?
Plaza - Sept 3- 12
Vacation Report Sep 23-Oct 1, 2005, Part 2 (Photos)
Dive trip in december
Vacation Report Sep 23-Oct 1, 2005
Trip Report 17 –24…25 Sept 2005
Bonaire August 13 to 20, 2005, Second time’s as charming
5th time 9/13-9/21
Where for Bonefish?
Tod's report 17-24 Sept 05 short version
How's the weather?
Sept 10-17 part 3
Diving the South Side - Part 3
Sept 10-17 Part 2
Debbie's Trip - Part 2
Debbie's Trip - Part 1
Sept 10-17 Part 1
Kristins trip report
First trip August 29-September 8
My first trip to bonaire (with my dad)
Scott and Gale's Photos Part 2
On the reef -sept 2-sept 11
Scott and Gales Photos Part 1
Scott and Gales Rocky Start/Great Trip Part 3
Scott and Gale's Rocky Start/Great Trip Part Deux
First trip to Bonaire - 8/31thru 9/7
Scott and Gale's Rocky Start/Great Trip Part 1
Trip do you post with pictures?
Trip Report # 3
Plaza Resort: August 20 - 27, 2005 (Part 4)
Plaza Resort: August 20 - 27, 2005 (Part 3)
Plaza Resort - August 20 - 27, 2005 (Part 2)
Plaza Resort - August 20 - 27, 2005 (Part 1)
Sand Dollar August 2005
October trip..
Snorkeling, first three weeks of august
Belmar 8/14-8/21
Back to Bonaire - We Do Love It, But...
Trip Report July 2005 (Plaza)
Negative report
On The Island Late September !
Theresa First Bonaire Trip
Bonaire Noobies Trip Report - August 7-14
Second Bonaire Trip Aug 6-13
First Bonaire Trip August 2-7
Airport Credit Card phones
Bonaire Pictures
Archives - 2005-05-08 to 2005-08-03
Trip Report July 23rd to 30th. Part two.
Short and Late
Trip Report 7/21 - 7/28
Trip Report July 23rd to 30th. Part one.
July 16-22 First trip experience
Our family trip July 5-20
How does Bonaire compare? First impressions
Vegas does Bonaire II (July 7-17, Curacoa 7/17-19!)
Trip July 13-20
Our first trip to Bonaire
1st Trip 7/5- 7/14...too short
Trip report 4-jul / 18-jul 2005
First Visit 7/11-17/05
Canceled trip up date
Quick photos from Lotta's & Peter's trip 7-14/7
Quick trip report, June 27 thru July6
Our First Trip Report 6/28 - 7/6 (The long version)
All You Reporters are Pretty Cool
Our first trip to Bonaire 6/28 - 7/7
1st trip 7/2 - 7/10
2nd successful Bonaire trip
Michelle & Leif -- May 1-11 - Part TOO
Started In Hell, Stayed Awhile In Heaven, Bored In Limbo
First Trip to Bonaire - June 2005
Trip report - June 17 to 25
June 18th - 25th Bellafonte (part 2)
June 18th - 25th Bellafonte (part 1)
Mastercard moment
Michelle & Leif -- May 1-11
Many thanks to all, six days!
The start of the trip
Trip reports on BonaireTalk and other "talks"
Just back from my 1st visit.......
Dive Log
Short Bonaire Trip 6/8 - 6/12
May 22 to 28: The chileans invade BON... (2) The manta!!!...
A Trip to Bonaire
What do you wish you had taken to Bonaire?
Trip Report. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words...
The Truth on Getting to and from Bonaire
Trip 6/4 Last follow up
Windsurfing on Bonaire, Part 2
Windsurfing on Bonaire, Part 1
Trip 6/4 Confused help
YIKES Thread Cont. - Many Many Thanks To All Who Replied!
Yikes - Bonaire Trip Reconsidered
Trip report 6/4
Two weeks alone on Bonaire in May
Northbound nightmare
May 22 to 28: The chileans invade Bonaire...
Photos from a trip from a year ago today
Cell phone prevents missed connection
Trip Report, May 4-15
My eighth, Geoffrey's umpteenth time: Apr 30 - May 11
1st Time to Bonaire, 5/13-5/22
Mark & Leslie's Trip Report May 8-16
Trip report, May 15-25..including AJ
Bonaire May 14-21
Sorobon Sunrises
Bonaire in April
Thinking of vacationing in Bonaire? Read this!
Trip report April 27- May 8 (very long)
Had a great time
Trip report May 1-8 (long)
Bonaire my first impression
Archives - 2004-08-02 to 2005-05-08
Quick Report 4/30-05/04
Just returned.....
Great first trip to Bonaire
Trp from 4-16 to 4-25
Our first Bonaire Trip!! April 2005
First Timer Trip Report - 4/19-4/25
Trip Report, The Linton's, 4/13-4/24
Trip report 4/7/05 to 4/19/05
Better late than never - report 16/01 - 31/01
LaDonna's half 4/4-4/ is LONG!!!
Trip Report 4/2-4/9
March 26 - April 2
May 15-25
Trip Report Part II....Flamingo Tipping
Dive trip May 8 - May 16
Smack's little adventure
Purple Tiaras and Flamingo Hats...
Best vacation ever ruined by burglars!
Going to bonaire on april 16
Barracuda and Boga
Eagle Ray at Invisibles Site (3/23-30)
When's a good time to go....
A couple of more pictures (last try!)
A couple of more pictures
Had a great trip Mar 21-29
Had a great tripo Mar 21-29
Buddy Dive, March 19-26
Buddy Dive, March 19-26
Chet and Jean Wood Trip Report 2005
Trip March 5-12 - BUT laptops, cameras stolen at hotel.
Bonaire Feb. 3-15th 2005-Plaza Resort,Toucan,Touch the Sea
Trip Novella Illustrated Part II
Wally & Eva - Live from Bonaire
Trip Novella Illustrated Part I
Trip Novella Illustrated (experiment)
The Love Affaire Continues-V2
The Affair Continues- Should be V
The Love Affaire Continues-IV
The Love Affair Continues- II
The Love Affair continues -I
Dana and Rod's trip to Bonaire- The love affair begins
Trip Novella Part II 3/13/05 - 3/23/05
Trip Novella Part I - 3/13/05 - 3/23/05
Dive Club's first stay in Bonaire! 3-4 to 3-12, 2005
Sandollar march1-17
Mar 14-21 (part 1)
First Trip - 03/12-19
Our first trip to Bonaire- 2/26 to 3/5
Trip Report Pic's 2/12 to 2/20
Trip Report 2-12 to 2-20
Question for Bonaire's regulars...
Got answers regarding "limited tanks"
Regarding "limited tanks" at BDA
Trip Report Bonaire March 5th to 12th
Bonaire 3/6 through 3/13 2005
2 weeks at Belmar
Trip report with pics Christmas - New Years
Feb. 27-Mar.6 visit
The Thong Days of Winter - Going Home
Sand Dollar February 19-26
The Thong Days Of Winter - Part 4 - Flying and Frying Fish
First time visit
Pictures from Jan 22nd to Feb 6th trip
Our 2 weeks at Belmar Feb 12-26
The Thong Days of Winter - Part 3 - Gibi's
Lilly's Adventure: Bearfoot in Bonaire
Hotel in San Juan for lay over
The Thong Days of Winter - Part 2 - Manic Monday
The Thong Days Of Winter - Part 1
Photo Test
Family Vacation - Sand Dollar
Help with posting a photo
First Bonaire Trip Feb. 15-22
Bonaire Feb 14 - 22, 2005
Complete trip report Fred and Karin
WOW! What a trip.
Mosquitos and Jeep/Car Rental
Our Excellent Bonaire Adventure 2/5/05-2/10/05
Part three- the food Mike & Tami
More trip- Mike and Tami 1/29-2/5
Trip report Fred and Karin incl. pictures!
Trip report Fred and Karin
2nd Trip
Feb 3 - 10th Trip Report (1st time to Bonaire)
Feb 3 - 10th (Link to pictures)
Trip report 1/29-2/5 Mike and Tami
Palm Studios trip report
Picture form 2004
Another trip report
2 weeks at the Black Durgon
Unfortunately home from Bonaire
JAN 21 - JAN 30...
Christmas trip Berlinda and Wim with u/w pictures
3rd Time Was Great!
First Bonaire Vacation…and NOT our last
Adventures in Paradise, Freddie and George's report
About the Mosquitos!
George and Judy's report
Rick's Trip Report
Quick report - More to Come - Jan 15th - Jan 23rd
First Time. Accomodations questions...
Washington Slagbaai pictorial tour
Third time charmed pt. 2
Third time charmed! Pt 1
Bonaire experience (part II)
Lillian's Trip Report: Bearfoot in Bonaire
We're there...finally...soon (but not soon enough)...
Brian & Sue Christmas 2004 Trip Report
Bonaire Trip Report and Slideshow
Dawson Family Vacation in October w/slide shows
….bob and Shirley, John and Penny’s most excellent adventure
Looking for your input for 1st time vacation
First Timers
AB Car Rental
Bonaire Trip Report, photos, December 10-19
Trip report -Sue and John from CT
Lanzarote Trip Report
Second trip to Bonaire, Wifes first trip
Thanksgiving Trip - With Video
BUDDY DIVE / stolen things
Grace, Marv and Girls
Queen Mary 2 pix as seen from Divi Flamingo
Brian & Sue in search of Santa
Diving trip Feb 9-16
More pictures posted
Larger Pictures of Dec Trip
A trip down memory lane......
Pics from Bonaire Trip Dec 4-11
Trip Report Dec 4 - 11
First visit.....whats up with the rash??
Trip report 22 Nov - 4 Dec
Dr. Doo Dive Report 2004
Alaskans in Bonaire for a wet november (long)
John & Lois trip report mid - November
Back after 33 years
Newbie with quesitons
Pre-Trip Report 12/16 thru 12/26
I found this roll of film in my hotel safe.
Darlene's Oct 2-17 trip report pics (2)
Darlene's 2-8 trip report pics (1)
Bonaire Snorkel
Bruce's Trip
Wally and Eva in China....Need BBQ Master
Pams version of Ray and Pams trip report
Susan and Geoffrey's 7th Trip to Bonaire - October 9-24
Ray and Pams 1st Bonaire trip Sept 24 - Oct 2
Darlene's Oct 2-8th's Trip Report
New address for my travel journal...
Mermaid's Trip Report
Very short report
Tripr Report page 3 Denise
Trip report page 2, Denise
Trip report intro
Bonaire photos and tips
Colorado SCUBA Bash Trip Report
New York Times "trip report"
I Owe You Trip Report
Images from Bonaire
Bill and Donna plus Gideon during coral spawning time
Scott, Wendy, Jourdan Final
Trip report Bob and family to the USA, THE END
Trip report Bob and family to the USA, part 3
Trip report Bob and family to the USA, part 2
Trip report Bob and family to the USA, part 1
Scott, Wendy, Jourdan Part 6 )
Brian & Sue's Coral Spawning trip 25th Sept to Oct 9th...
Scott, Wendy, Jourdan Part 5
Scott, Wendy, Jourdan Part 4
Scott, Wendy, Jourdan Part 3
Scott, Wendy, Jourdan Part 2
Scott, Wendy, and Jourdan's Trip Oct 6 - 13, 2004 Part I
Joedawn need shuteye trip report intro
Trip report coming soon...
ARDSC Bonaire Trip
Ed and Liz's Trip Report - Finally A Holiday!
Dave J Oct '04 -- Part 2 Staying There and Eating
Dave J Oct' 04 -- Part One (Getting There & Around)...
I said I'd never go back...but I am!
Angela and Martin's trip report
Land of Lizards - Photos
Divin' & Ivan - Part 7 (and The End)
Divin' & Ivan - Part 6
Divin' & Ivan - Part 5
Divin' & Ivan - Part 4
Divin' & Ivan - Part 3
Divin' & Ivan - Part 2
Divin' & Ivan - Part 1
Bonaire Trip Slide Show - Repost
John & Jenn's Trip September 4 - 19
Bonaire Slideshow
A Few Pictures
Meredith's Trip Report Sept 17-15
Richard and Sarah's trip report: Sept 17-25
A first timers look at Bonaire
East side diving 27/09/04
Dinner with BT'ers at Gibi's 21 Sept
Wally's Buddy in SE Asia
Will be there soon
Car rentals
Ruud and Diana' s Trip Report
At Long Last Phase 1 (Mary and Bryant Mueller's Trip Repo...
Dive conditions after Ivan
Claire and Kevin's Excellent Adventure 9/3-9/15
Mary Mueller's Non-Trip Report
Mike & Casey August 21-28
Tom & Sheila Aug 18 - 25 Pics
Scott and Gale's Trip Part Deux
Scott and Gale's 7th Bonaire Trip 18-26 August 2004
Sorobon Beach Resort Part 2
Test Picture Sorobon Trip
Sorobon Beach Resort 8/18 - 8/25
Belmar Aug 15-22
Sand Dollar August 2004
Day Trip to Harbour Village
Rick and Susie's Bonaire Pictures
Trip Report - July 24th - 31st
Kathy and Larrys July 31-Aug 8 trip report
John & Kelly's Trip Aug 2 to Aug 16
Kelly's Big Girl Adventure
Spongebob's birthday trip...
Barbara & Alison's Excellent Bon Trip July/August 04
Shut Up Wally and Show the pictures
We too spent special time with the thieves and police
Our honeymoon: not Bonaire, but Europe! (Pictures, mostly...
Rozelle's trip report July 24-July31st-2004
Photos from Lotta & Peter's trip July 23th to August 2nd...
Sand Dollar - July 28th - Aug 4th. Group of 8
Trip Report/pictures June 20th-July4th 2004
Plaza Resort July 17-24
Live from Bonaire for 3 weeks
Thank you
Rented "Villa" 2 weeks, Had GREAT time!
Archives - 2004-02-06 to 2004-07-31
Trip Report – Part 1 – Dolphins!
Lagoen Hills June 30th – July 8th 2004
We did the "Wild Side"
A dose of funny to offset the serious mood......(+cartoon...
Any new trip reports please?
Neil Godbee / Closing
Geologydave trip report
Try again - photos from Bill and Donna's July trip
Burglarized and Robbed, Vehicle Stolen and Aftermath
Pictures from Bill & Donna's 7/04 trip
Photos from Bill & Donna's 7/04 trip
Curacao & Bonaire
July 4-14 2004 trip report
Divers and Kite surfers working together
Trip report gone?
Trip Report June 16th-23rd
July 2-10, 2004 Trip Report
Kent's Dive/Snorkel Report (June 12-19) Part 1 of 2...
Slide Show Trip Report - June 2004
The Stewart's Dive Trip to Bonaire, June 21/28 '04
New link to old trip report...
Dive Trip 7/6 - 7/18/04
Dive report from last year
Bonaire...truly a "Diver's Paradise"
June 12 - 19
Trip Report June 6-14 part 2
Trip Report June 6-14 part 1
Trip Report: Assaulted and Robbed at Lagoen-Hills!!!!
June 2 - 10, Sand$ - Beth, David, Randy, Amanda
Need Information for upcoming trip re: travel with daughter
Randy and Linda's trip report 6/6 to 6/13
Trip report for May 8-22 at Divi
Trip Report - Captain Don's 5/29/2004 - 6/6/2004
Trip report
NEWBIE needs advice
Jeff's Trip/Happy Holiday Homes/Bonaire Phototours
Rob and Cindy's Trip Report
Karin finished her report
Ted & Denise trip reprot 5/15 - 5/22/04
Liz & Ed's Trip Report - Not the Normal Report!
Sue and Ken's Trip May 17 to 25
Denisemaine trip report coming soon
Carl & Patty's TR May 8-15 Part 3
Carl & Patty's TR May 8-15 Iguana
Carl & Patty's TR May 8-15 Part 2
Carl & Patty's TR May 8-15 Part 1
Departure Tax for Toddlers???
HELP! Share your Harbor Village/Portofino experience w/me!
Photo Slideshow trip report -- April 26 - May 2_04
Our favorite shore dives
Hilma Hooker
Bob's pictures
Nancy and David at the Deep Blue View
More surface memories....
Pictures worth 1000 words ?? More memories...
Pictures included this time...forgot about >50K....*doh!!...
A few photos April 26 - May 2
Mack and Carole's trip report May 2-9
Snorkeling Palau
Photos: April 11-18 honeymoon
Mike and Belinda's Trip Report - Feb 2004
Chet & Jean 2004, some miscl pictures
Mike & Pat's March 26 through April 10 Trip Report
Chet & Jean, 2004 (2 parts)
April 11-18 honeymoon trip part 2
April 11-18 Honeymoon Trip Report
Weather right now
Need a suggestion for diving Cozumel
March 17-25 Trip, Mermaid and Mike
Need photo of a sign
Need some advice
Bucky & Liz's Trip Report from 4/4 - 4/1, 2004
Bonaire in august
Sand Dollar
Police on Bonaire
Trip Re[port for March 17-24
Really late post 1st week in Feb
Bonaire...a place of dreams
Island views
We are almost there
Frank and Debbie's 1st trip to Bonaire
Sara and Sue take Bonaire - part 3
Sara and Sue take Bonaire - part two
Sara and Sue take Bonaire - part one
Snorkel Trip March 10 - 15
12th trip to Bonaire
Part 1 Dining report of trip Feb. 28-March 20
Bret & Denise's Trip Report 3/1 to 3/14, Part 3 Many Pic...
Bret & Denise's Trip Report 3/1 to 3/14, Part 2
Planning First Trip To Bonaire
Bret & Denise's Trip Report 3/1 to 3/14, Part 1
Trip report Harrison 3/3/04-3/13/04
Mike and Belinda's Trip Report Preview
Lee & Marilyn's Trip Report
Back again, after too long a time - Feb 19-29 at Habitat
Late, but not forgotten Jan 24 - Feb 1- Conclusion
Late, but not forgotten Jan 24 - Feb 1 - Part 2
Late, but not forgotten Jan 24 - Feb 1
Late, but not forgotten Jan 24 - Feb 1
Carnival Photos
Another Trip To Paradise
Would this be considered P.B.D.?????
Sand Dollar February 14-21
What's the perfect length of time to spend in Bonaire?
Trip 9th - 20th Feb
Trip report February 7 - 17
Trip Report Jan. 24-Feb 7 2004
Lighthouse Beach Resort
Carl & Patty's TR Jan 21-28
Archives - 2003-04-01 to 2004-02-05
Lea's 2004 Trip Report
Ed and Lisa at Eden
The Velvideo
Velvis dreamed in Photoshop
Velvis forgot the two best ones
Velveeticus adds photos
An Epistle From Velveeticus Maximus Obnoxious
Relatives: The anti-vacation
Dec 19 to jan 9 - people from the mountains under water
Sue & Brian's Christmas Trip More Pictures
Grace's trip report--sort of
Sue & Brian's Christmas Trip Report
In Love in Paradise, 1/4/04-1/11/04
Bookie & Don'sTrip Report 12/25/03-1/10/04
An island trip report...
Swimmer's itch, bilharzia, schistosomiasis
Dec 20--Jan 3, 2004
Diving accident
Wally and Eva’s Randomly Organized Trip PART 2
Jim and Kathi and Tim's Trip
Darlene's Trip Report- December 6th - 20th, 2003
Vegas comes to Bonaire 12/21-12/31 trip report
Wally and Eva’s Randomly Organized Trip Redeux
Josie's Back on Bonaire - Part I
Trip Report with Photos
Trip report Dec 3rd -10th
Sept'03 --- east side story
Trip report Dec 3 thru Dec 9
BSA Crew 1221 Dive Trip & Training July -Aug 03
My first (NOT my last!) trip to Bonaire! (long)...
Disabled traveler
Nov 29th - Dec 7th
Nov 20th - dec 1st
What to expect from parrot fish in Bonaire
Mary M's Oct 7 - 14 Trip Report Round 3 the other Paradise - Part II
Leaving Bonaire- Incredible Journey to the other Paradise
Dennis and Patti's trip-Nov 8-12
50 pictures, not one fish!
Mary M's October 7 - 14, 2003 Trip Report Round 2!!!
Bonaire Trip Report 10/12 to 10/20
Mary M's October 7 - October 14 Trip Report
Trip report October 21-30
Sue & Brian’s Trip Report – September 13th-27th 2003 Part...
Sue & Brian’s Trip Report – September 13th-27th 2003 Part...
March visit: Is it too windy for good diving?
Bruce's trip report October 11-18-03
Bonaire Trip Oct 11-18
Diving with a bad bruise/ knot
Finally decided to post trip report
Trouble in Paradise
Freddie and George's Trip Sept 13-20,2003
Trip Report 13 Sept- 26 Sept '03 w/ Buddy Dive Resort
Manta, sharks and a lot of other underwaterworld
Sorobon 20-27 Sept '03 pictures
Paul and Dee's Trip Report
Bob & Lor's Trip Report 9/13 - 20
Here it is, 20 - 27 Sorobon Trip report
20 - 27 Sept Trip
A few more photos from 8/23 - 8/30 (underwater)
Marvin & Donette - Sept. 12-19
Hola from Honduras!
Pdil Denton's visit and article
L&C's trip - Captain Don's Habitat (Aug 29 - Sept 8)...
HOW TO DESCRIBE IT??--Aug. 16-30
Bennett-Cachon Family Trip 8/6-8/20
Sand Dollar August 9 to 23
Photos from 8/23 - 8/30
Bonaire...truly a "Diver's Paradise"
Dean, Marie and Caylin...Aug 6 to 16
Hall's Trip Report - 07/24/03 to 07/31/03
Walsh Family Report 8/6-816/03
Sue and Cecil's Trip Report (finally)
Sperling Trip Photos
Sperling Family Vacation Part II
Sperling Trip Report July 31-Aug 10 Part I
Jims trip report Aug 9th - 16
Julia and Bob's trip part two
Photos needed!
Bonaire August 2003, still splendid!
Julia and Bob's August trip
Divers paradise and buddy dive
July 17 thru July 24
July 19-Aug 1; Happy Holiday Homes, Bonaire Photo Tours
Trip Report July 16th -23rd
Venture Crew from VA
July 19 - July 26 2003
"DONKEY" Diva Divers Trip Report Part II
Diva Divers Trip Report Part I
Greta's Trip Report: June 24-July 2, 2003, Part III
Greta's Trip Report: June 24-July 2, 2003, Part II
Reservations for BT dinner on Tuesdays?
Bruce's trip report 7/09-7/16
Tom and Bob's Trip Report, July 5-11, 2003
Greta's Trip Report: June 24-July 2, 2003, Part I
When Kelly met Cynde
PBD already set in...
Harleyanna and Cynde, II
Harleyanna and Cynde Loo Hoo's Trip Report Part I
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part VII (06/28/03)
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part VI (06/27/03)
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part V (06/26/03)
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part IV (06/25/03)
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part III (06/24/03)
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part II (06/23/03)
Lisa's Snorkel Trip Part I (06/22/03)
Belmar / Toucan - June 14 - 21
June 14 -28th...
1st timer-July 11th
Mike and Lisa's June 16th trip
Liz and Patrick's Trip Report 5/23 -- 6/ 6
Mark's report for last week in May
Renea & Chris's Trip Report 5/17 - 5/24
I want to go back to Bonaire
Betty's Trip: Windsurfing/Coco Palm
Seb & Mar April-May
Stan and Linda's Snorkel Trip May 16-23, 2003
Where to stay
Anyone stayed at Lac Bay
Another First Timer -- 5/1/03 to 5/8/03
Trip Report – 4/27 to 5/10 – very long
Bonaire Trip Report : 25/04/2003 <-> 06/05/2003 @ Windsoc...
Bonaire Trip Report : 25/04/2003 <-> 06/05/2003 @ Windsoc...
Anyone going in June?
Jason and Diana's Trip Report 4/6/03 - 4/12/03
Family Dive Trip July 31-Aug 10 - LOOKING FOR TEENS
A dream come true!
Sigh sigh sigh
Carol and Bruno's Trip Report -- 4/12 - 4/19
Trip report 4/5 to 4/12; 4 Dutch travelers
1st time in bonaire (a couple from Italy)
Confessions of a BT Reader
Trip Report 4/11 - 4/19
Jean & Chet (2/21/03 - 3/10/03)
Where is Lost Penguin and Pasa Bon Pizza located
This time tomorrow!!!
Uncanceled trip..maybe
Canceled trip
Leaving Friday from San Diego on Friday, April 11
Darlene and Tom's Trip Report- March1-March 15,2003
3/27 - 4/3...
Stef & Scott's First Bonaire Trip 3/12/03 to 3/19/03
Trip Report 3/26-4/2@Harbour Village:
Trip report Mar 22-29
Trip report 3/3/03-3/18/03
A little more Mardi Gras
Superturtle and the Toronto Super Turtle's Trip
Archives - 2002-09-26 to 2003-03-31
Trip Report 3/19-3/26
3/23 to 3/29 report
Just back (3/23/03) - first trip to Bonaire
Andrew & Beth's First Snorkeling Adventure
Bonaire Trip Report 27-10-2002 / 03-11-2002 @ Eden
Some of Hillary/Melissa wedding
Just Back - Trip Report 4 - 15 March
Snorkel trip report 2/21-3/1 and ID help wanted
Snorkeling Trip, January 18-29, 2003
Susan and Mark's trip Feb 22-Mar 3 -- Part Two
Josie's Final Episode
Graham's Report of March 1-7, 2003
Diver Debbi's Trip Report
Bonaire-2 wonderful weeks!
Susan and Mark's trip Feb 22-Mar 3
Feb 22 - Mar 1st First Trip to Bonaire
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh....two weeks in Divers' Paradise
Vote on your favorite trip report format
Sand Dollar February 2003 Trip Report
Josie's continuing excellent adventure -- Part 4
Berlinda & Wim feb 1 - 10
First Trip to Bonaire Report 2/12/03 to 2/19/03
First time to Bonaire trip report Feb. 13-18,2003
Trip Report 2/8-2/15
Josie and Alan's excellent adventure on Bonaire, Part III...
First trip to paradise and windsurf heaven!
Bonaire for the fourth time
Josie and Alan's trip report - Part 2
Back to the COLD trip report
Josie and Alan's trip report begins...
Dr. Dolittle's Trip Report (Finally)
Lea's first trip report. LOL
Bonaire In January
Way Late Trip Report...Also Long
Wally and Eva's Randomly Organized Trip Report
Engagement under water
Pics from 12/14 - 12/20
I'm Home...
Jeff's trip report Dec 21 to Jan 2
Almost a trip report?
Darlene's December 7 - 21st Trip Report... Part 1
Trip marred only by car break-in
How depressing?
Susan and Geoffrey's December Trip 2002
Renee & Steve's Do-Over Part 5
We're outta here like Vladimir!
Renee & Steve's Do Over part 4 - The Hooker
Renee & Steve's Do-Over part 3
Beware of Bonaire International Telephone Rates
Renee & Steve's Bonaire Do-Over part 2
Mom, Darlene and Angie
Renee & Steve's Do-Over Part 1
Snorkelguy & Snorkelgal, the final chapter…
Not yet a report, but some photos...
Snorkelguy & Snorkelgal Part 10
Dec 5th - dec12th...
The Continuing, Never Ending Saga of Snorkelguy and Snork...
Much overdue report from July/August 2002
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 8
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 4 (Add...
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 7 (Add...
Map and Pictures of the Road to Spelonk
Spelonk Lighthouse Addendum
Spelonk Lighthouse Addendum
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 7
A much neede vacation, November 20-30
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – BTers Dinner
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 5
First trip to Bonaire (long)
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 4
Fish / coral education while in Bon
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 3
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 2
Snorkelguy and Snorkelgal return to Bonaire – Part 1
Trip Report - Coming soon!
First Bonaire Trip Report, November 12 - 28 (Part Two)...
First Bonaire Trip Report: November 12-28 (Part One)
Last minute trip 11/15/02 - 11/22/02
Lucky us, twice in one year (Nov 16-23)
Canadians invade The Dive Inn
Mini trip report, Buddy Dive 11/6-16/2002
Trip Report November 6-16
More visions of Bonaire
Oct19-Oct26 trip
Trip Report 10/19 - 10/26 (White Hole)
Bonaire photos from 10/5-10/12/2002
Short Trip Report 9/26/02 - 10/03/02
T-Shirt Divers Trip Report: Sept. 28 - Oct. 12, 2002
Trip Pics 10/4-10/11
Trip Report 9/28-10/12
Bonaire Trip Report – 21st September – 5th October 2002
Belmar and toucan diving
Trip Report for Snorkel/Eating/Island Experiences - Long!
Trials and Tribulations of Bonaire Vacation
Long Report for a Too-Short Trip: Sept. 21 - 28, Part 3
Long Report for a Too-Short Trip: Sept. 21 - 28, Part 2
Long Report for a Too-Short Trip: Sept. 21 - 28, Part 1
Not Much Longer Now Until...
PBD sets in !! Trip report Sept.25-Oct.2, 2002
Pre Trip Oct 19th
Visions of Bonaire
Photos from Week of Sept . 7-14
Changing planes in Jamaica
Arriving this Saturday, 9/28
Archives - 2001-11-30 to 2002-09-25
Bonaire pictures from June
Bama returns to Bonaire
HRGHGB - Final Episode
PBD Big Time......We are hooked.....
HRGHGB - Part III - The Diving
How Renee Got Her Groove Back - Part II
How Renee Got Her Groove Back - Part I
Wonderful three weeks August 17 to Sept 6th: PBO
Don't make these mistakes (Just Back From September Trip)...
Bummed out over a virus.
Very long story 8/28/02 - 9/7/02
Bonaire 03-03-1997
Pictures 9/7 to 9/14
Looking for a divemaster escort
Report July 29-Aug 12 with SPECIAL THANKS!!
Just back
Trip report aug.18-aug.25
Lost Regulator
Trip Report July 31 through August 14
Sand Dollar August 2002
July 2002 Trip - Bonaire Townhomes & Bonaire Cycling Clu...
July 6-13 (Better late than...)
Ferry Bonaire to Curacau & Back Day Trip
31 July to 7 August 2002
Trip report July 17th - 31st
Why do people hate Bonaire?
Trip Report July 16-27
Gail's Addendum
Last Day: 6-11-02
Gail's Trip Report - July 6 -13
Mid June Trip Report (Michelle and Leif) Part IV
July 20 to whenever
July 9th bonaire talkers Rock
Day Eight: 06-10-02
2nd day in bonaire July 7th was in heaven ,July *th made ...
June 28 to July 14 Pictures
Trip Report July 6
June 28 to July 14 Trip Report
Want to go back soon
Day Seven: 06-09-02
Day Six: 06-08-02
Day Five: 06-07-02
THEFT problem not going away by itself
Day four missing photos
Day Four, part two 06-06-02
Mid-June Trip Report (Michelle and Leif) - Part III
Day Four, part one
Day three, part two 6/5/02
June 17th to 26th. Nah, make it to the 30th.
Trip Report for June 5-12
A great trip and Thanks!
Mid-June Trip Report (Michelle/Leif) Part 2
Day three,part one 06-05-02
Trip 6/21-6/28
July 27 to August 4
Trip Report: June 8-22 (General)
Mid June Trip Report (Leif/Michelle)
All by myself!
Promised trip report coming..Jake, here is the pipefish p...
Day 2: 6-04-02
Day One: 6-3-02
Trip report with Video -- June 8-15, 2002
Ana's Adventures June 12-19
Well, we're home. UGH! After 2 weeks in Bonaire
It's finally here.
Report: June 3-12
PBD in Texas
Jonz freediving report, May 1-15
Trip report May 22 to May 31
November Weather
Trip report may 24-31.
May 8-18, 2002
Barry and sherry's trip report
4th May to 18th May - Short
June 1-8th...
Josie on Bonaire -- FINAL episode...
Josie's adventure on Bonaire -- Part III
Josie's Trip Report - Part II
Creating permanent page with links to everyone's photos?
Josie's LATE (and long) trip report - Part I
An Innkeepers Trip Report - April 15th thru April 29th
Nice long trip!! April 3 to May 6
Belmar, Happy Holiday Homes, Shore Diving
Trip Report 4/22 to 5/1
Trip report 4.21-27 (long)
A Divi Flamingo Question
Trip Report 4/20-4/27
Trip Report
Trip Report 4/17-4/24
Reef Damage
Long Overdue
Ted and Cleens Excellent adventure
Sue and Mark's trip report 4/13-4/21
Bonaire Photo Gallery
Just back today..BAD PBD
Trip Report Highlights
Trip report 4/2-4/9...Part 2
Trip Report 4/2-4/9... part 1
Jean & Chet-Feb/Mar 2002
Trip Report 4/6 - 4/12
First Trip 4/5 Thanks to all
More pics from how I learend to love Bonaire
More pics from how I learend to love Bonaire
How I learned to love Boanire and Breathe Compressed air ...
Leaving tomorrow , its been along wait!!
The boy's and I are arriving!
CUR-BON Via Dutch Caribbean?
Trip Report 3/23-3/30 Plaza
Really Late Trip Report
Clare's March trip
Dolphins and bmp fishing regulations
Travel betwen islands and luggage limitations
A couple of questions
Dutch Caribbean Airways?
Trip report March 11, 02
Trip Report 3/4-3/23
Quick pic of our last sunset on Bonaire
What's Open on Christmas and Boxing Day?
Trip Pics, 2/22-3/1
Photos and panoramas from my trip
Pictures from my first trip to Bonaire in February
T-Shirt Divers Trip Report March 6-13,2002
Trip Report 3/7 - 3/18 (And Then Depression Set In)
Trip Report 2/23/2002 - 3/01/2002
Oil Slick Leap
Bali trip report
Here we go ..20 hrs and counting
Ken and Lisa's Ongoing Report PART 5
Disturbing trend
Trip report, 3/5-3/13
Trip report 2/28 thru 3/12
Bonaire Trip 3/2-9
Digital UW Cameras
Trip report 28 Feb to 9 March
Ken and Lisa's ongoing report PART 4. Text and Photos
Trip Report
Ken and Lisa's Trip Report.. as we go Part 3... more ph...
February in Bonaire
Who is in Bonaire 3-9-02 to 3-16-02
Ken and Lisa's Ongoing trip report chapter 2 PHOTOS
Pre-Trip Report 3/6/02 3:39 Pm 14 hrs 57 minutes
Trip report 2/24-3/4
More to add to Feb5-20
Trip report Feb5-20
Ongoing Trip Report as We Go.. Ken and Lisa
Trip Feb 23 - Mar 3..or "the Case Of The Missing Tire"...
First-timers have PBA
Port Bonaire Trip rept, 2/22-3/2
First Bonaire Trip March 18-27
Pre-Trip Report: 13 days and counting!!
Sand Dollar Condo Trip Reports 2002
Trip Summary Feb 9-16
Trip 4 for Annie..another stellar time
Trip report-Bonaire on a Budget 1/30/02
Way Fun... Feb. 7-18 Black Durgon
Underwater Pics Page
Trip Pics 1/31-2/10
Pre Trip Report :) 70+ days and counting.........
Trip Report 2/9 - 2/17
Trip 1-30-02 thru 2-09-02 Update
Trip 1-30 / 2-9
Trip Report Jan 20-27 is it??
Some pictures...
Bonaire trip Jan 23rd to Jan 30th
Trip Report: Jan 23 - Feb 1
Silent Observer
First timer - Jan 13th thru Jan 23rd
Boat Sinking
Going april 6th anyone else?
September 5-16 Trip Report
Trip report jan 12-20
Bonaire 1-30 thru 2-2
Bonaire vs Curacao
Trip Dec 26-Jan4
First Timers and their Crazy Questions!!
Happy Holiday Homes? (Chapter 15)
Honeymoon Trip Report (including Aruba) 12/22-1/6
Trip Report (Dec. 15-29)
Part Four: Dec. 26 - Jan. 2
Part Three: Dec. 26 - Jan. 2
Part Two: Dec. 26 - Jan. 2
Part One: Dec. 26 - Jan. 2
Traveling with teenagers...
In Bonaire for X-mas week and New Years
Never been before
Sulawesi Trip Pics
Three Days to Bonaire!
New Year's Eve Afternoon
Just back..BIG TIME PBD...sigh
Cayman Subprise
Feliz Navadad de la Fronteria
Hats & Headhunters (Chapter 14)
Trip Report - Curacao & Bonaire 1st to 16th Dec
Trip report: 12/7 - 12/16
Preamble To The Next Chapter
Once More Unto The Beach Dear Friends. (Chapter 12)
Trip Report:11/2-11/17.Finally
Pride goeth before the fall
The East Side (Chapter 11)
A Few Trip Pics
Tale or Tail? (Chapter 10)
Whale & Judy's 30th Anniversary trip report to Bonaire...
Mike and Sue's first trip to Bonaire
4 Ladies' Trip Report (Nov. 21-28)
Christmas/New Year's Eve
Trip Report from the Rincon Athletic Club (11/24-12/01)...
Leaving Soon - Need Advice
Trip Report - November 18-25
Return trip advice
Tim! (Chapter 9)
Windsurfing in Bonaire
Sugar & Spice & All Things Not So Nice
Chilly Bonaire? sick is this?
Archives - 2001-05-19 to 2001-11-29
Mr & Mrs Everlast
Friends In The Making (Chapter 7)
We Do It Silent. We Do It Deep. (Chapter 6)
For Josie (Chapter 5)
Chapter 5
Bonaire Thanksgiving - Feeling Welcome in Bonaire
Catch A Falling Star & Put It In Your Pocket (Chapter 4)...
Photos, photos, and more photos
Green Flash Vacation
Cat Got Your Tongue Too, Martin?
Returned 11/09/01
Planes, Veins & Automobiles (Chapter 2)
The Pants Go West (Chapter 1)
Trip Report - Nov 7th - 17th
Trip Report - 30 Oct - 03 Nov trip
Trip Report 10/31/01-11/11/01
The value of hindsight!
Tim's Birthday Trip
Trip Report 12 Sep 01
Trip Report, September 1-8, 2001
Tomboston - Barb and Tom trip
Trip report from the Nancys
Bonaire Virgin
Bonaire Trip photo-journal, 10/13 - 10/21
October 27, Should I be excited?
Trip Report 10/6 - 10/13
Annie just back
Pre-Trip Report
Trip Report: 9/22/01 - 9/29/01
First trip
Our wonderful honeymoon 9/8-9/15!!!
Belmar for 2 weeks
Trip during Sept 11 week
What about when I'm not diving???
Trip Report 9-9-01 to 9-17-01
Airport Security
Bonaire trip
Monkey Boy and Candygram report...Part I???
Shore diving
My name is Annie and I am a Bonaire Addict
Trip 8-21 - 8-30 Changing expectations...
Annie from Cape Cod still in BON
Bonaire experience
My turn
Trip Report Aug. 15th - 22nd
Trip Report August 1 through August 19
Moms,Dads,& Kids
Trip report Aug 5-12
Cool weather links
Trip Report 2-10 August
Trip Report: August 4 - 11, 2001 - Part 2
Trip Report: August 4 - 11, 2001 - Part 1
Long First Visit Report July 19-31, Part 3
Long First Visit Report July 19-31, Part 2
Long First Visit Report July19-31, Part 1
Happy hour Bars
Overdue Trip Report (4-30 to 5-13) PART 1 of 2 see firts ...
Pictures for July 21-28 trip report
Pictures for July 21-28 trip report
11 more days but who is counting
Trip report information needed on St Lucia
Trip report July 21-28
7/14-25 a shark a rainbow & lotsa turtles
Trip Report July 18-25
Eden Beach and WannaDive
Tardy trip report - URL for pictures
Filefish and flounder Bonaire May 2001
Trip Report, Bonaire & Happy Holiday Homes July1-July14
Trip Report-Jan Angier June 28-July 11
Lorraine's Long Overdue Trip Report: June 1 - June 23
Long trip report/June 19-30
AA can't find Bonaire - trip report
Trip Report--June 30-July 7---Rosemary
Trip Report Niki & Bob May 19-June 9 2001
A lobster travels to Bonaire June 2-9, 2001 Getting the...
Lion's Dive Hotel
Trip Report 6/16 - 6/23 Plaza Resort
Divi Flamingo - June 5-13, 2001
Trip Report June 13 - 20th 2001
Bama Goes To Bonaire - Part 3
Bama Goes To Bonaire - Part 2
Bama Goes to Bonaire - Part 1
Trip Report 6/16-6/24
Trip report 6/13-20/01
June 6-13 Trip Report
Trip report june 21st thru june 28th...
Beaches and swimming
Trip Photos May 12 - 19
1st Trip to Bonaire - 24hrs and counting
My trip to Bonaire - conclusion, thanks for your patience
My trip to Bonaire - part two
My trip to Bonaire, part one
Bonaire Kids on Cape Cod
My trip report (goes along with the photos)
Just returned from "paradise"...Update May26-June 2, 2001...
Not actually a trip report... yet...
Bonaire Trip Report May 13 - 19 (long version …. Short ve...
Trip Report May 18-25
May 5 through May 19
Bonaire trip - April 25 to May 9, 2001 - freediving
Archives - 2000-07-13 to 2001-05-18
First Trip Info
Trip Report - April 28-May 12
UpComing Trip
Trip Report, April 22-May 3rd
Divemaster Dara
A Beach to Remenber
Sea Sleuths - 9 Newbies Invading Bonaire 5/23
Trip Report April 14-21 Sand Dollar
Dead Dolphin Report Dated March 29th 2001
March 2001 Visit
Trip Report - April 10 - 21
Hazel's report, March 10 - March 17, Belmar, focus on sno...
April 6 - 16 Trip Report
Trip Report - 1st. Visit - Divi Flamingo - Mar. 26 - Apr....
Trip Report- March 16-30, 2001
Partial report from trip march 26-april 4, oops april 5
Trip Report 3/21 through 3/28 (long!!)
Another trip report
1st Trip Trip-Report - Lawwng
2 Weeks in Divers Paradise March 10-24
Dead Dolphin at National Park (TR March 21-28, BelMar Bon...
Tardy trip report 3/11-3/18/2001
Trip report
This might be a help
Trip report March 3-18
Trip Report 2/22 - 3/9/01
Recommendation: Avoid Highway Car Rentals
What to expect during late August as opposed to December
Trip Report - 02/23 - 03/03-Basso
Harbour Village stay
Follw-up to trouble with Buddy Dive
Jen and Arik trip report 2/25-3/5
Trouble with Buddy Dive
Snorkelling Bonaire - our first visit
Trip Report Feb 10 - March 3, 2001 Peggy and Ed
Wonderful trip, as usual.....(2/9-2/17)
Trip Report Feb. 18-25
Sand Dollar
Six Days, Seven Nights...
Trip Report- 2/17-2/24 - Dews Family
Perfect Seven Days
Can't wait to come back
Air Jamaica Trip Report
Josie & Alan's Feb 5-19 Report - LONG
First Impressions Feb 9-16
Long Trip Report - Bob - Jan 27,2001-Feb6,2001
Long Trip Report 1/31 - 2/7 -- Manta Rays, Seahorses & Tu...
Trip Report by Jessica - 1/20-2/3/2001-also long and ramb...
Trip Report- 1/20-2/3/2000 - Long and rambling - part 2
Trip Report- 1/20-2/3/2000 - Long and rambling - part 1
Cruise ships?
Philadelhia Inquier
Trip Report: First Visit... Jan 22 - 29, 2001
Jean/Chet 14-25 January 2001
Trip report--focus on snorkelers
BJ and E's trip 12/27 - 01/03
Trip Report 12-19 to12-28, 2000
Bonaire & "the rainy season"
The Rythms of Bonaire- Islands Mag article Jan-Feb issue
Trip Report - Christmas 2000
Thanksgiving Trip 11/18 - 11/24
Thanksgiving: MissAdventure in Paradise
Thanksgiving Week 2000 (part 2 - diving)
Trip Report - 11/8-11/15
Trip Report:10/21-11/4
Trip Report 10/18-10/28
Trip report for 10/4 - 10/14, long
Trip Report Bonaire - ABC Island Tour Part I (loooooong.)...
Trip Report Bonaire - ABC Island Tour Part II (also looon...
Joanne Panizzera's Trip Report
Trip Report Niki & Bob July 29-Aug 12.
Trip Report 8/5 - 8/12
Trip Report (23 --31 July)
Trip Report (23-31 July)
Trip Report July 15 - July 22
Trip Report
Trip Report June 17 to June 24
Trip Report - June 9 to June 16
Bonaire Trip Report - Captain Don's Habitat May 2000
Trip Report 5/8 to 5/18...LONG REPORT!
Trip Report May 4 thru May 11(12)
Trip report - April 8th -16th
Trip Report: Buddy Dive, Bonaire
Trip Report, Buddy Dive (3-18 to 3-25)
Snorkel Trip Report 3/4 -3/11
Trip Report 2-12 to 3-11
Trip Report: 2/26/-3/18/00
Trip Report February 26th - March 4th
Trip Report 2/19-26
Trip Report @ Plaza Resort
TRIP REPORT (1/10-1-17)
Several Trip Reports Here
Trip Report - Sept. 18-25, 1999 - PART 1
Trip Report - Sept. 18-25, 1999 - PART 2
Trip report!
Sept 99 First-Trip
Trip Report (9/3/99 - 9/12/99) - Long
Naturist Divers Return to Sorobon (A Long, General-Intere...
Naturist Divers Return to Sorobon (A Long, General-Intere...
Trip Report
Trip Report
Archives 2006-2008
Archives 2008-08-01 to 2008-12-31
Bon trip report 12/6 to 12/13/no thanks to Delta
Dove with Bas today
Finally, Trip report October 4-11
Divi Flamingo 12/6 - 13th... Wow +
Mosquito report?
Niki's trip report Dec. 6-13, 2008
Trip report from Dec. 6-13
Just back from SUNNY BON
Cheeze in Da Rain November 15-22
Lost weight belt
Trip Report November 4 - 19th
Nov 8-15 Trip Report
Debbie's rainy day adventure
Short trip report – Mid vacation
Watchout for Flying Gouda
Bonaire November 2008
Flying Bright
Sunday's Trip Report
On Bon trip report
Trip report Oct 10-27, 2008
Krispi's Much anticipated trip report...hehe, by me anywa...
Trip report Oct 26-Nov 1
09 visit
12-26 October: A few quick thoughts
Babs week one, pics to follow, reef report
Trip report September 26 thru October 4 2008
T-Shirt Divers John & Sue - Sep 29 - Oct 12
Oops Two trips in 2007 should be 2008
Mini hurricain
Two trips in 2007
Bubblicioius: 40-Hours Under Water
Bonaire Dreaming
Need to escape the real world, advise please.
Caribbean Virgin !...
South Dakota Divers!
Sept 20-28
Kathy and Larry - 2nd two weeks of September 08
A pictorial from our trip
Timmmy - 1st 2 weeks of September ><((((º> ...
Thanks for support with the Wound Warriors!
First trip, good diving and a police report
By don/ My 1st trip to Rincon
Rain, No Wind, and our Final Dives – Days 13 & 14
Finally, after 4 months
I am not Worthy – Day 12
It was Bound to Happen; Double Digits- Days 10& 11
How To Post Photos?
I’m Not Your Dive Buddy – Days 8 & 9
Earth, but no Wind or Fire – Day 6
It all comes down to this...
I am one of the lucky ones...
Priceless – Day 6
What is a Squid Whisperer Anyway? – Day 5
Missing Bonaire lots
It’s Getting Dangerous Out Here - Day 4
Aug 16-30
Party or Dive? – Day 3
The First One Is Out Of The Way – Day 2
Squid Whisperer's Trip Report
Flight Attendants, Prepare for Arrival - Day 1
The wonder of it all.....
The wonder of it all.....
Miles to go before I sleep – Day 0
Acommendations at Flamingo Divi Resort
Trip Report - August 16 - 23 - Part Four (End)
Trip Report - August 16 - 23 - Part Three
Trip Report - August 16 - 23 - Part Two
Trip Report - August 16 - 23 - Part One
Trip Report - Aug 17- 24
Photos from 8/17-24
Aug 9 to 16
Wounded Warrior Trip
5th trip to the beautiful Bonaire
So Far This Week...continued.
I'm at home now, and still want to be at buddy!!
Trip Report 8/9-8/16 - Photos
Trip Report 8/9-8/16
Great Time in Bonaire
Request for Divi Resort Information.
Boka Slagbaai building
2 week home exchange on Bonaire from July 18th (Pictures)...
2 week home exchange on Bonaire from July 18th
Two Weeks is Not Enough
So far this week...
First Bonaire Trip Aug 2-9
Ed and Carolyn July 27 to Aug 10
Divi August 2-9
Divi Aruba/BDI Bonaire - In a Week!
More Car Rental Fun
Bonaire: impressions of a first timer
Trip Report 6/2 – 6/16 Bel Mar
PBA - Pre Bonaire Anticipation
So far so good -- minor turn offs
Amazing Day With Bas Noij
First Trip to Bonaire 6/28-7/12 Report
Archives - 2008-03-01 to 2008-07-31
Thank You Bonaire
Trip Report June 29-July 6
To post, or not to post....I guess I have to!
June 28 thru July 12
Please Help I am suffering from severe PBS
Black Durgon Inn June 28-July 12
Black Durgon, Jun28-Jul09 Loooonnnggg
Advice for first trip
The One The Best Resource Bonaire Talk
Sorobon beach-first time
Bonaire "Diver's Paradise"
June 20-28 Mother Daughter Trip
Trip Report - June 26 - July 3
Picture Report
Bonaire on a Budget-What to Bring
Bonaire on a Budget
Lighthouse Beach Resort #13 6/1 to 6/15/2008
May 25 to June 15 - Life Was Good!!
First trip to Bonaire (May 3-10) - Divi Flamingo
Our Adventure Pictures
Trip Report Days 10, 11 and 12 with pictures
1st Time to Bonaire
Our Bonaire Adventure : June 7-14
Late trip Report from April
Trip Report via Photos (5-25 thru 6-8-08)
Trip Report Day Eight with pics
Trip Report Days Five, Six and Seven with pics
Trip Report Third Visit
Kimo's Trip Report
Trip Report Day Six with pics
Trip Report Day Five with pics
Trip Report Day Four with pics
Trip Report Day Three with Dive Pics
Trip Report Day Two
Trip Report Day One
Bon Dia!
One week is NOT long enough!
Is a passport really required to dive the reef?
Trip report May 17-24
Belated trip report from April 07!
Report: May 6-13
Trip #3 - April 27 to May 7
Divi Flamingo 5/10-17
Just got home last night
4/27-5/5/08 Sorobon
Going Next Week, Anyone Else?
Trip report Jan 5-13, 2008
First trip report - April 25-May 3
I Need Another Week
Not enough time, April 20-27
On the Reef - April 2008
Trip April 5 -19 report
Trip report 4-15 thorugh 4-24.
Securing dive gear for flight home !
Our fifth trip...April 5-19
The final installment :-(...
Random Observations from our Recent Trip to Bonaire
Trip Report: 4/13 - 4/42 Plaza Resort
Ron & Ellens Dive Report Part 2
Ron & Ellen's Dive Report
Chet & Jean Feb/Mar 08
Trip Report - Mar 29th-Apr 5th - 2nd trip to Bonaire...
2nd BONAIRE TRIP REPORT march 29-april 12
Trip report March 30-April 6
Trip Report March 22-29
A Trip of Firsts - Part 4, Still More Pictures